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What is cancer: Definition and 200 Discussions

  1. K

    May 2017 Help Whip Cancer Items. Flyer?

    I can not find a flyer for May 2017 Help whip cancer items. Does anyone have one?
  2. C

    forSale: Help Whip Cancer Table Cloth

    I have a Help Whip Cancer Table Cloth for sale. I am asking $12 for it plus shipping. It fits a 4 ft long table. Its in great condition.
  3. C

    forSale: Help Whip Cancer Triple Bowl

    Sorry, I can't remember what this was called. I'm asking $20 plus shipping. I do paypal.
  4. C

    forSale: Help Whip Cancer Lapel Pins

    I have 73 of the Help Whip Cancer pink lapel pins for sale. I am asking $15.00 for all of them. They sold for $2.50 for 10 of them when they were available. Shipping should be minimal because they are so light weight. Let me know!!
  5. C

    Limited Edition "Help Whip Cancer!" Pink Zebra Ceramic Spreader

    Limited Edition "Help Whip Cancer!" Pink Zebra Ceramic Spreader Originally available for sale during "Help Whip Cancer!" month, this Pink Zebra Ceramic Spreader is a fantastic find! This is not available in the catalog. Makes great gifts for survivors and hostesses.I have several items for...
  6. ChefBevShu

    October Help Whip Cancer Products

    Does anyone have a flyer and order form made up for the October Help Whip Cancer Products? I have a school that would like to promote them and thought if there was one done, I wouldn't have to re-invent the wheel...and as slow as I am with the computer, October may be over before I complete it...
  7. S

    **Help Whip Cancer Order Form**

    I am in need of the 2013 Help Whip Cancer products order form. Does anyone have one made up that I could borrow? Thank you,
  8. D

    Iso Help Whip Cancer (Hwc) Tablecloth

    Received my HWC box and was given a HAT instead of an apron or tablecloth.. If you have a tablecloth you won't be using (for whatever reason) and would like to sell for a reasonable price - please let me know! I have a few events coming up that I would love to have one at! :chef: TIA!
  9. B

    Find the Perfect Help Whip Cancer Pin for a Great Cause - Shop Now!

    I have a customer looking for the help whip cancer pin (the one with the whip, not the hat). Would anyone happen to have a new one laying around? If so how much, shipping to 63052.
  10. pampered1224

    Have You Helped Fight Breast Cancer Today?

    I click on all of the tabs and click on all of the "give now"s. It is FREE to click and each click gives a donation to which ever cause the click me button is in. From Breast Cancer to Autism to Children's literacy and more. You gotta do this daily. You gotta read the stories of adoptions in the...
  11. P

    Iso: Help Whip Cancer Reusable Shopping Bags

    Looking for 6 of these bags ASAP. Please reply here or email me at [email protected] - thank you!!!
  12. P

    **Help Whip Cancer Reusable Bags Needed**

    Hi! I completely forgot to add 6 bags to my samples order at the end of the month and I could really use them as I wanted to give to my October hosts. If anyone has any that they would be willing to sell I would greatly appreciate it if you would let me know!! Thank you!!:chef:
  13. K

    Easy Pink Recipe for Breast Cancer Event!

    Made a "pink" recipe last night to bring into my hair salon, as they are doing a catalog show all this month for me AND have me coming to their annual breast cancer event in October. Using the mini-muffin pan, I made little strawberry cakes. I used one box of strawberry cake mix, a handful of...
  14. Y

    Searching for Logowear: Help Whip Cancer Fleece 30101

    I'm in search of logowear. In particular: ball caps (preferably black), fleece sweatshirts or jackets and/or t-shirts. I would like size medium shirts, and large sweatshirts or fleece. I am really interested in the pink Help Whip Cancer fleece that came out about 5 years ago. Anyone want to...
  15. chefsteph07

    Cancer Products Evaluation....

    I haven't seen anyone post on this yet, but I was just wondering, how did everyone do w/ cancer items for May? I didn't sell ONE thing, other than the free scrapers...:( Most of my hosts voiced their displeasure at the paisly oven mits and the overpriced cake tester...I was almost embarrassed...
  16. T

    Help Whip Cancer Organization Name

    Hi! I am very excited! What started out as a possible cancelation, had turned into a Help Whip Cancer catalog fundraiser...Then my host will reschedule a party with the new products in the fall. I went to set it up on the website...then synch it with Pampered Plus...all went well, except it...
  17. ChefPeg

    Reminder, Men Can Get Breast Cancer Too

    AP-Breast Cancer-Men Breast cancer is rare in men, but they fare worse CHICAGO (AP) - Men rarely get breast cancer but new research says when they do, they often don't fare as well as women. The findings come in the largest study yet on a male breast cancer - a disease many men have no...
  18. C

    Free Breast Cancer Printables for Use at Your Fundraising Shows

    Free coordinating printables and decorating ideas can be found here FREE breast cancer awareness printables | Chickabug We used this company's printables for our son's birthday party. It takes a little bit of work printing and cutting everything out, but the results are well worth it...
  19. R

    May Cancer Awareness Items: Photos and Info

    Hi there, Does anyone have the actual pictures of the items that are for sale in May?? I am trying to make up a flier showing them but I have not been able to find the actual pictures to copy and paste... Thanks!
  20. DebinIA

    Can Anyone Provide Facts on The Pampered Chef's Help Whip Cancer Program?

    Can you help me? Last year, HO had a flyer on their website that had some facts about our HWC program - what the money is used for etc. I can't find it this year... Did anyone save it to their hard drive?? Thanks! D
  21. K

    Raise Funds for the American Cancer Society - May Fundraisers!

    Ok ladies and gentleman! I've got 2 businesses lined up for May fundraisers...who wouldn't want the opportunity to help raise 25% for the American Cancer Society?! Just think...take a little PINK display to a business and leave it for a day and have them collect the orders...its a win win! :)
  22. T

    Help Whip Cancer: Planning a Huge Pampered Chef Show

    So I have this great idea to have a huge Help Whip Cancer Pampered Chef show in May. I have 5 shows this month, so I will get all of the pink products for free to have on display for this show. I'm looking at oriental trade and they have a ton of stuff I can decorate with and get little party...
  23. cookinforyou

    Interested in Joining the Pittsburgh Breast Cancer Walk?

    Hi Folks I have started a team for the Pittsburgh, PA walk on October 29, 2011 on the North shore. If anyone would like to walk with us we would love to have you join us, our team name is Pampered Peeps and as folks join we will have more information If you have a HWC t-shirt be sure to wear...
  24. D

    Iso: Help Whip Cancer Pink Zebra High Heel Cake Server

    I have a customer who would like two of these, but I would be interested if you only have one too! Thanks!
  25. wadesgirl

    Keep Mom In Your Thoughts: A Story of Cancer and a PSA

    Keep my mom in your thoughts and prayers today. She goes in for her trial run for radiation today and also gets her feeding tube and port put in for chemo. She will start radiation and chemo tomorrow for 7 weeks. We discovered in March that she has back of the mouth cancer that luckily had...
  26. A

    Help Whip Cancer & Cystic Fibrosis Combo! Looking for Ideas!

    Ok... Looking for ideas here... I personally am a Breast Cancer and Ovarian Cancer Survivor so the Help Whip Cancer is right up my alley! LOVE working with it... My 18 month old grandson has Cystic Fibrosis and this is the month for raising funds for that... I have a multi vendor event set up...
  27. T

    Iso: Pampered Chef Consultants Who Are Also Breast Cancer Survivors

    Hello, I work for the American Cancer Society national home office in Atlanta, GA as my day job and I am hosting the Help Whip Cancer Show here May 25th. I am looking for at least 3 breast cancer survivors who would like to come to ACS to share your story about your breast cancer journey and...
  28. M

    Help Whip Cancer Open House w/ Pampered Chef, Scentsy & Thirty-One!

    Pampered chef and Scentsy Thirty-one open house Hi we are doing an open house for help whip cancer but we will also have Scentsy and Thirty-one here and trying to get flyer ideas.. Anyone have any suggestions? I am also trying to get neighbors all to attend.... We are really excited to do the...
  29. brandynichoal

    Pancreatic Cancer / Mystery Host

    My stepmom has been diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. This is all sudden and of course its not looking good. She has started chemo and of course the bills keep piling up. Now, while i have never been close to my dad or his wife, this is of course heart breaking. Not only did his dad...
  30. K

    Help Whip Cancer Incentive Form

    I got this last year from Chef Success. Robin Grossmam posted this flyer on here. It's a great flyer and was hoping someone could update this with the current products. I would if I could but don't have the computor skills to take the pictures off and put the new ones on. Any help out there...