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  1. C

    Need ideas on a fundraiser for a friend with cancer

    Hi...I want to see if any of you have any suggestions or formats on organizing a community fundraiser to help raise money for a Pampered Chef friend that just learned she has stage 4 cancer. I'm hoping to help raise money for her living expenses since she will be flying back and forth to NY from...
  2. F

    Help Whip Cancer Pins needed

    I am in need of 200 to 400 Help Whip Cancer pins for a friend for her daughers wedding. I need to have them in her pocession by 7 July. If anyone has some that I can purchase please assist in my mission. Please email me at [email protected] with Help Whip Cancer pins in the subject line or call me...
  3. D

    Failed Help Whip Cancer Fundraiser

    Last night was my Help Whip Cancer Community Fundraiser. Flyers were posted all over town, donations were made by several local businesses (gift certificates to be raffled off at the event), announcements were made on the radio and in the local paper and our local Coca Cola bottling company made...
  4. L

    Help Whip Cancer Catalog Show

    Hi Everyone, I have a host who is having a number of long distance friends and family over for a family get-together Memorial Day weekend. She is planning on having catalogs and order forms out for people to place orders, as none of these people would be able to attend a Kitchen Show...
  5. P

    Help Whip Cancer Flier

    I know you all have tons of HWC fliers, but I found this one from last year and updated it. I think it is great and had success with it last year. I also attached a truth/myth page.
  6. J

    Breast Cancer Walk-a-thon

    I have a question I hope someone can give me some advise. I have a friend who is the chairperson for the American Cancer Society. They are having a walk-a-thon on 5-13 from 6PM to 6AM. She is wanting me to have a booth up there to keep people awake and raise money. They are not allowing me...
  7. C

    Whip Cancer Fundraisers

    Hi...I'm new with Pampered Chef. I want to have a fundraiser for Whip Cancer. I'd like to do an open house. Can anyone give me suggestions or a invite that they have use in the past plus ideas on how to organize the open house? Thanks! :)
  8. D

    Help Whip Cancer Cake?

    I'm looking for a recipe that I've heard about, that I believe is called the Help Whip Cancer Cake. I think it's a pink microwave cake, made in the stoneware fluted pan. If anyone has heard of this and could pass along the recipe, I would greatly appreciate it. I would like to demo it next...
  9. N

    Whip cancer open house

    Hi all- I was thinking about doing a help whip cancer open house in May so I can reap some hostess benifits and up my kit since I just started. Any ideas? Does anyone know if I can advertise this as a fundraiser for cancer in the local newspaper- not one of the top 100. Ideas as to what I...
  10. Admin Greg

    Help Whip Cancer Flyer

    Enjoy! Submitter credit to be added shortly.
  11. rwesterpchef

    Help Whip Cancer flyer to accompany American Cancer Society Flyer

    In one of the March editions of weekly bites, it gave an 800 number that consultants can call and order up to 100 American Cancer Society flyers for free. It has a HWC paragraph on the back. I have customized a Word flyer to cut into 3 pieces, staple to the inside of the ACS flyer, stamp my...
  12. Ann F

    Help Whip Cancer

    Someone posted a suggestion re: Relay for Life. How does that work? We have a Relay here in June, but I haven't been in a while and don't know about booths. What can we do? This is my first May with the PC, so I'm completely ignorant. Educate me, please!
  13. B

    Help Whip Cancer 2005 flyer

    This is revised from one on this site for last year's promotion.
  14. S

    Help Whip Cancer

    Does anyone have a template for getting a fundraiser up and running with a local area chapter of the American Cancer Society? I would love to do something like that to really make an impact on cacer awareness. Thanks in advance, Shell