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What is october: Definition and 182 Discussions

  1. J

    Has Anyone Made the Flyers With October 21 Specials

    Has anyone made the flyers with October 21 specials
  2. chefjeanine

    October 2020 Host & Guest Specials

    Here are the specials for October.
  3. kam

    What Are the October Specials on Our Updated Flyers?

    Here are the flyers updated with October Specials.Updated 8/14/19: The mini-catty has been uploaded.
  4. chefjeanine

    Discover the Best October Specials from Kathleen - Limited Time Offer!

    Kathleen, Here are the October Specials.
  5. kam

    What specials are included in these October flyers?

    Here are the flyers updated with October specials.
  6. kam

    October Specials: Get Updated Flyers for Your Business!

    Here are the flyers updated with October specials.
  7. Gail Berry

    Pampered Chef Independent Consultant Show Since October 2016

    Hi I am Gail. I'm a single Mom of a 17 year old daughter & a 2 1/2 year old son I love to cook but with our crazy schedules it's hard. Working for PC gives me flexibility, cash and great kitchen toys. I have many years of experience cooking professionally but this is a whole lot easier and more...
  8. kam

    Need Help Filling Your October Flyers?

    Here are the flyers with October:Just added the mini-catty!
  9. kam

    October Guest Special: Get Your Free Flyer Copy Today!

    Can anyone post the pdf of the Oct Guest special so I can create the flyers? (I have the host and New Consultant ones.)Thanks, Kathleen
  10. kam

    October's Latest Flyers: Discover Fresh Deals & Promos!

    Here are my flyers updated with October!
  11. kam

    October Specials: Download PDFs Here!

    Could someone please post the pdfs of the October specials so I can update my flyers?Thanks!!
  12. MissChef

    Flyers With Just October and November?

    I can't find any flyers with just October and November.. are there any in here? I don't need September's specials for an October host pack.. that's my dilemma :confused:
  13. raebates

    Fast & Easy Freezer Dinners Workshop - October 23

    I've got my first Freezer Dinners Done Workshop scheduled for October 23. I'm marketing it to our local Chamber of Commerce (of which I'm a member) and my local networking group. These are busy business people, so I feel like it's my target market for this. I'll let you know how it goes. I've...
  14. MissChef

    Is There a Flyer That Has Just September and October on It?

    I'm looking for flyers that no longer have August's specials on it? Have any of you talented computer people made any yet?! LOL! I'd love to have a September and October flyer, or even Sept, Oct & Nov. Thank you in advance!:love::)
  15. kam

    October Specials: Flyers with Bonus Available in 3 and 4-Up Versions

    Here are the flyers with October specials added. The 3 month has 2 versions, one with the Aug bonus and one without. Same thing for the 4-up version.
  16. DebPC

    Get a FREE 3-Minute Dip Set or $25 in PC dollars with October Show Submissions!

    Submit Shows and Get the 3-Minute Dip Set - FREE! Supplement your sales with a quick add-on Show demo. Submit 2 Shows Oct. 1-15 or 3 Shows Oct. 1-31 and you'll receive the 3-Minute Dip Set - a $58 value - FREE! This fantastic set includes the Garlic & Brie Baker and six delicious rubs. Your...
  17. ChefBevShu

    October Help Whip Cancer Products

    Does anyone have a flyer and order form made up for the October Help Whip Cancer Products? I have a school that would like to promote them and thought if there was one done, I wouldn't have to re-invent the wheel...and as slow as I am with the computer, October may be over before I complete it...
  18. DebPC

    September and October 1K Club!

    Who's had a $1,000 show already this month??? Kudos to you!
  19. H

    Should I Use September or October Specials for My First Month as a Consultant?

    This is my first month as a consultant and have booked a few shows! I have a hostess that wants to take pass around catalogs and get orders and get some orders beforehand so we can close the show that night....do I consider the specials September or October??
  20. kam

    Get the Latest October Specials on Updated Flyers - Chef Success

    Here are my flyers updated with the October Specials. If you are looking for these with the August early bonus, they can be found here: http://www.chefsuccess.com/f20/flyers-aug-1-15-bonus-80872/
  21. P

    October Guest Special: Spend $75 to Get a FREE Item - Limited Time Offer!

    Did anyone else notice that the October guest special is going back to "spending $75" to get the FREE item? :cry:
  22. K

    October Special Not Showing up on Online Order

    A customer placed an online order for my show next Friday. She was not given the opportunity to order a cook book however an outside order for tomorrow's show was. Anyone have this happen? When I pull the orders into P3, can I add One for the customer who doesn't have one? Thanks.
  23. K

    October Outside Order Form - Create in Word | SEO-Friendly

    Does anyone have an October Outside Order form that you created in Word. thanks, Karen
  24. esavvymom

    What HWC products are available for October '12?

    So, they are down to just TWO Pink items for this year's October HWC? wow. At least the grocery bags are nice! But not something I'll be pushing at shows. They make good host gifts though. :D
  25. ChefPeg

    October 2012 Hwc Items Order Form

    It's not fillable, because I don't have that capability, but here's one I designed last night based on the one PC put out last year. eta: removed order form because gloves are no longer being sold. Will update and post a new one.
  26. ChefPeg

    October Wallpaper: Let's Get Ready for Fall!

    I uploaded a September one a while back. Here's one for October.
  27. F

    October and November 2012 Host Special

    Does anyone know what the October and November Host specials are? I am not at home and have ran into someone wanting to have a party in one of those months. I can't remember.
  28. lt1jane

    September, October, November Specials Jpgs

    I have a photo album (click on my name) titlled "Monthly Specials" If you need .JPG images of the montly specials to upload to Facebook or other social media, you can dowload these. All I did was scan in my flyers from the fall marketing guide. I would suggest editing in your contact...
  29. kam

    Flyers With October (And Sept)

    Here are my flyers updated with Sept/October 2012: **Updated: Added Sept Oct MiniCatty and 2 month flyers