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  1. tlmcunning

    Here is my October newsletter

    In September I used constant contact to send out my first newsletter this month I decided to send it out myself. Let me know what you think. I still need to add info about the spree for all. Thanks Tracy
  2. W

    October Host Sub-special

    This is a question about the Celebrate plate that October hosts get when they have 15 orders. Does that ship automatically (like the coffee samples for your first hosts) or do we need to add it? (I'm going to go piddle around with Pampered Partner and see if I can find an answer for myself...
  3. W

    October Show Incentive

    Did y'all see this? It's so cool!! Pampered Chef is giving away $100 gift certicates to 25 random hosts every week in October!! With just a few calls, my calendar is almost full. Plus I got a booking on October 15. She wanted it because it's payday but I am so excited to be able to tie in...
  4. C

    Changing SS1 to October

    I searched to see if there was already an answer to my specific question but I did not seem to find one... I just sent a request to change my SS1 from September to October. I have one late September show (the 28th) and a couple catalog shows closing next week...my question is if I can still...
  5. P

    October show help

    Hi Guys I'm having an October show with about 12 people coming. Does anyone have any receipes for anything that I can basically make ahead of time and bring to the party. I don't want to be actually cooking infront of the guest or if I am as little as possible. Thanks
  6. P

    October Show

    I'm having an October show. Any ideas for the receipe I should use?
  7. K

    October Guest Special

    I'm trying to add the October guest special (the jar opener) to my current personal order and PP won't take the item # G106. My order is over $50, and I've made sure I have the current version of PP. Any thoughts as to why this isn't showing up? Thanks!
  8. pamperedmom2owen

    I'm doing a fair next month (and one in October) and am interested to

    I'm doing a fair next month (and one in October) and am interested to know, how many booking and recruiting leads you really get from them. Anyone you does/has done fairs before, please tell me how it went! Thanks! ;)