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What is special: Definition and 200 Discussions

  1. mbranham

    November 2018 Consultant Sign up Special

    Does anyone happen to know if there will be a special for new consultants that sign up in November, 2018? If so, what will it be?
  2. brennan1265

    May Sign up Special for New Consultants

    Would anyone happen to know what the promotion will be for new consultants who signed up in May?
  3. kam

    Does Anyone Have the June Special Pdfs?

    I was wondering if someone could post the pdfs of the Host and Guest specials as provided by PC? I can't make the 3-month flyer without them. Thanks!
  4. V

    3 Month of Special With January

    anyone working on the new 3 months of specials insert with January? I can send you the January specials if you need them.
  5. C

    Has Anyone Created the 3 Month Host/Guest Special Flyer Yet?

    Has anyone made the 3 month at a glance host/guest special flyer yet with April, May and June? If so could you please share. Thanks!
  6. kam

    June Host and Guest Special Pdfs

    Can someone post the June Host and Guest special pdfs so I can create the 3-month and mini-catty flyers?Thanks!
  7. kam

    October Guest Special: Get Your Free Flyer Copy Today!

    Can anyone post the pdf of the Oct Guest special so I can create the flyers? (I have the host and New Consultant ones.)Thanks, Kathleen
  8. Diamond

    Applying the $25 Host Special for My Host this Month

    How do you apply the $25 host special for my host this month? She had a party well over $200 but I don't see it crediting her final shopping cart?
  9. W

    Oct Host Special: Get Help & Answers Here!

    Help!! I am really confused about the Oct host special!! Can someone help?? Is it just $35.00 in additional free products??? HELP!!!
  10. DebPC

    Guest Special With Outlet Order?

    Does anyone know... Do online orders get the guest special when they order just outlet items to get to the minimum required? When they order a combo of regular products and online orders to get to the minimum required? Only when they order only regular products to get to the minimum required...
  11. jpanzenhagen

    December Host Special: Is It Underwhelming? | Check Out the Latest Offers

    Does the December host special seem rather 'light' to anyone else? After coming off of 2 60% off items in November, one additional half-price item is somewhat of a yawner. There is the new piece of stoneware but it isn't being discounted and will be available in January anyway. Am I missing...
  12. MissChef

    Trouble Ordering April Grow With Love Special on Beta Site

    On the April Grow With Love Special, it says at the very bottom that it can be ordered as a future party pick and even gives numbers, but in the Beta Site, when I try to enter that number it won't take it. And when I do it by the description and the picture, it only brings up one picture to...
  13. kam

    May Specials: Host/Guest & Gear Up Deals on Mini Catty Flyers

    Here is a mini catty flyer with just May Host/guest and May Gear up special.
  14. kam

    Flyers With the April Gardening Special Included

    Here are some flyers that include the April gardening special.
  15. leshelman

    February/Valentine's Day Special

    Here is an idea for Valentine's Day Special: I am offering a special on Facebook to all my PC contacts... Brownie Pan and Nylon Mini for $23 OR Ice Cream Scoop, Choice of Dessert Sauce, Brownie Pan, and Nylon Mini for $42. (you would have to add tax but I am also offering free shipping - just...
  16. byrd1956

    Help!! Host Special "Not' Ordered???

    I am using p3 and never had this happen before. I have put in the Manual Food Processor for the host special, but I am still getting the yellow explanation point saying "An eligible FREE Host Bonus/Special has not been ordered". It says this no matter which host special choice I put in. I...
  17. A

    Monthly Host Special Used Twice?

    So I screwed up on my first party order. The host gave me her wishlist and I thought I had put everything in but I missed one item. This was a host that really could care less about the product, she only had a party to help me out. She received the double benefits for January but chose not to...
  18. A

    Can I book a show and give the host special to my consultant?

    Can I book a show from a host so she would get the host special at my show? I just gave it a try in p3 and put her name in with a 60% off host item and I'm not getting an error. Thought I remembered seeing somewhere that I couldn't do that though.
  19. R

    Host Special: Is 6 Months Strict? - Get Answers Here

    Hi, I am trying to figure out just how strict the six month window is for the past host to get the host special. Is it exactly six months? I have a host who booked off a show that was on June 1st and would like to host a show in December, but doesn't want to screw the past host out of the...
  20. babywings76

    Kam, September Guest Special Only?

    Hey Kam, I have a favor to ask...not sure if you are able to do this or will see it in time. I have a host doing a catalog show and she wants me to send her the guest special, but for it to be a list of all the items that are included in the Sept. guest special, and maybe 2 to a page, or 4 even...
  21. H

    Should I Use September or October Specials for My First Month as a Consultant?

    This is my first month as a consultant and have booked a few shows! I have a hostess that wants to take pass around catalogs and get orders and get some orders beforehand so we can close the show that night....do I consider the specials September or October??
  22. P

    October Guest Special: Spend $75 to Get a FREE Item - Limited Time Offer!

    Did anyone else notice that the October guest special is going back to "spending $75" to get the FREE item? :cry:
  23. A

    August Newsletter: Upped Special Amount, Looking Forward to New Products

    Just got the August newsletter in the mail. I'm glad to already have October's specials, since I have customers looking to book then. But...I have to say, I'm unhappy that they upped the guest special amount to $75 again. :( I know they don't have to give away anything for free, but $75 to get...
  24. M

    Unlock Savings: Enter Host Only Special for P3 Orders | Host FAQs

    How do I enter the host only special for this month? I am using P3, and when I am under the Hosts order, and I choose Host Only, there is nothing to choose from. How do our hosts get their free cool and serve tray for a show submitted before the 15th?
  25. K

    May Host & Guest Special: Get the Flyer Now!

    Does anybody have a flyer that has only the May Host and Guest special on it? Thank you!
  26. M

    What Am I Doing Wrong? Past Host Special

    I am trying to add a host special (DCB) for a past host on the party I booked from her show and I keep getting and error that reads Past Host Discount code must be entered for a guest to purchase a host special. I called customer service and all they could tell me was that the code I was using...
  27. K

    Fundraiser in Different Months, Which Guest Special?

    I'm hosting a cooking fundraiser for a group this upcoming weekend. They wanted a 4 week show since the girls in the group will be trying to sell more. All of the orders are suppose to be in by the middle of May to close it out. Will the guest get the April Guest Special or the May Special?
  28. M

    Guest Special Flyers in Spanish?

    I have a fundraiser coming up in a couple of weeks and expect it to be about half Spanish speakers. I am providing Spanish order forms but wondered if the Guest Special flyers are available in Spanish as well. It seems like they should be but I'm not finding them on the website. Thanks for any...
  29. kam

    April May Flyers Updated With Md Special

    Here are a few flyers with April/May specials that I add the Mother's Day Special. 4/2/13: Added another version of the 2month April/May with MD special.
  30. N

    March Host Special: Get Excited for Our Upcoming Spring Launch!

    so for my monthly meeting with my team (im a team leader going to director real soon) i go to print the host and guest special for MArch to talk bookings, and notice that the host special file name is...