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  1. Diamond

    Host Special $25

    How do you apply the $25 host special for my host this month? She had a party well over $200 but I don't see it crediting her final shopping cart?
  2. R

    Ordering Host Special

    I have heard a few people talk about ordering the host's special when they don't want it? How do you do that? I mean, I did that with my mom's party by telling her I was doing it... How else would you do it??
  3. P

    December Host Special

    Has anyone heard what the December Host and Guest specials are yet???? :confused: I'd like to start and use them for bookings. Thanks
  4. K

    October Guest Special

    I'm trying to add the October guest special (the jar opener) to my current personal order and PP won't take the item # G106. My order is over $50, and I've made sure I have the current version of PP. Any thoughts as to why this isn't showing up? Thanks!
  5. T

    Host Special

    A couple of weeks ago I read in one of the threads that we (consultants) could take advantage of the monthy host specials in the month prior to the special (ex. we could purchase the September special (a stone for 60% off) this month). Is there any truth to this and if it is how do we order...
  6. P

    Host special

    I know that we dont earn commission on the host specials but when a past host purchases a host special at her friends show does that amount she pays goes towards the guest sales for host of the show?? I hope that makes sense.
  7. I

    Quick Aug. cookbook special Question

    With the August Cookbook special, can they pick *any* PC cookbook, or just those listed on the flyer? I have a catalog party guest who spent $30 plus the $14.95 for a cookbook (TPC LET'S EAT! COOKBOOK)... I want to suggest to the host that they encourage the guest to spend $20 more to get...
  8. PampMomof3

    Host getting guest special?

    I just closed a show and wondered if the host gets the guest special if she didn't actually spend $50 out of her pocket? My party was in August and the host had $60 in free product value to spend. She spent exactly that, the $60 in free product value, didn't spend any money out of pocket to...
  9. P

    Sept. Special

    Does anyone know if there is a sheet posting on Consultants Corner what the 20% off Stone special price would be after the 20% off??
  10. C

    Host getting guest special?

    I was reading the weekly bites and saw that they said in Sept. the host can get the guest special and apply it toward her free and 1/2 price items. How do you do that in Pampered Partner. Sorry it that is a stupit question I haven't done many shows lately and a bit out of touch. Thanks for...
  11. B

    What is the host special for September ?

    I am booking shows for September and I don't know what the host specials are for September. I saw the one for the consultants but that is all. Thanks for the help.
  12. P

    I just rec'd a call from HO. My special shipping orders did not go

    I just rec'd a call from HO. My special shipping orders did not go thru. They told me to download PP13.1. I rec'd my fall paperwork/disc. I downloaded it and then did the updates. I still have 13.0. How do I get the 13.1 download???? My disc just downloads 13.0, and after the updates it tells...
  13. Jennie4PC

    Aug Special

    I have called a lady who said she wanted to host a show in Aug and be a possible recruite, i have left about 3 mesages on her phone and last night i told her this would probably be the last call i did, but here is my problem the girl she wanted to book the show off held off getting the stainless...
  14. C

    Special Bonus? June Sell-A-Thon

    Just curious...did anyone receive the special bonus for holding and submitting two shows June 1-15 yet? I can't wait to see what it is!
  15. P

    Intro Special

    I have a flyer that says that Host recieve free samples-coffee/spices during my introductory period. I do not have an order # for this. Does anyone have the item/order# for this??
  16. N

    June Guest/Host Special

    Hi Everyone, I was curious about how the June specials worked out for you. I didn't have a single guest order the guest special, and I just had one past host who ordered both host specials (two people had booked off of her show)- no one else. How did things work out for you? Nora
  17. P

    Ordering Host Special

    I am a new consultant. I had a party,got the bookings,and my first show is July. I want to order the July Host Special for myself. When I enter the item number..it tells me that it is for host only. What am I doing wrong?? It doesn't ask me for my Host number.
  18. K

    Need recipes for special diets

    Hey guys. I was wondering if you can suggest some PC recipes for the following special diets. I am gluten intolerant, so I would like a couple recipes without: wheat, rye, oats, barley, or spelt, or anything made from them (no flour, etc...). I am strict vegetarian, and I have at least...
  19. PampMomof3

    Guest Special?

    Hey guys! I think that I read in Recipe for Success that you can purchase the guest special the month prior so you can purchase it and bring it to your shows the following month? Did I misread that or is there somewhere in PP that I am missing? I tried purchasing the mini-bowl for July and I...
  20. P

    Special Message About Conference

    Did anyone listen to the special message? I totally forgot until 15 minutes after it was over. :confused:
  21. N

    April Guest Special

    Hi Everyone! I'm curious on how April's Guest Special sold for the rest of you. I had 6 shows totaling about $3500 in sales, and didn't sell a single one. I didn't have a display caddy, but I did pass around a soap sample so people could smell it. How did the April Guest Special do for...
  22. K

    Host Special Displays

    Hi Everyone! I was thinking for my next show, I wanted to display the upcoming monthly host specials in a way that they catch the eyes of all potential hosts (and even people who didn't THINK they would host a show :eek: )!! How does everyone else display their flyers? I appreciate eveyone's...
  23. DebPC

    Promoting January Guest Special

    Almost all my customers are spending $50 or more this month to get the freebies offered by Pampered Chef. I mention it at the beginning of my demo and at the end. When I am adding up their order if they are closer than $15 away I bring it to their attention and see if they'd like to add on. I am...
  24. DebPC

    Attendence Special

    Pampered Chef Attendence Special Some consultants offer an attendence special. I do during the slower months. This is only for people tho attend the show- not outside orders.Heavily promote with the host ahead of time! You can make it anything. In fact sometimes I tie it in with the special for...
  25. DebPC

    Special Sale Promo!

    Friday Night Phone Sale- April 26th! Pick up or get out your Pampered Chef® catalog to participate in my famous Friday phone sale. HERE'S HOW IT WORKS-- AND WHY ITS FAMOUS! I sit by the phone all day, and you call in your orders. There will be HOURLY SPECIALS, RANDOM FREEBIES, and SHOPPING...