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What is guest: Definition and 200 Discussions

  1. chefjeanine

    October 2020 Host & Guest Specials

    Here are the specials for October.
  2. chefjeanine

    September 2020 Host & Guest Specials

    Kathleen,Here are the specials for next month.Thanks for all you do for us!!!!
  3. chefjeanine

    July 2020 Guest & Host Specials

    Kathleen,How can I be behind when I'm not leaving the house???? :eek:
  4. chefjeanine

    April 2020 Host & Guest Specials

    Kathleen,Sorry I'm so late with posting this.Thanks for all your efforts in making me and others look great!Jeanine
  5. R

    Does a Host Receive Benefits if a Guest Joins as a Consultant?

    Hi, I’m new as a consultant. I sold about 15 years ago and still have so many products in GREAT condition because of the quality of P. Chef. Happy to be back. Question: Does a host get any benifit if one of her guests decides to not order product but signs up with a consultants kit instead...
  6. kam

    June Host and Guest Special Pdfs

    Can someone post the June Host and Guest special pdfs so I can create the 3-month and mini-catty flyers?Thanks!
  7. baychef

    What are the March Host and Guest Specials?

    There is a note on the Host Specials that the flyer will be updated in early February after the Spring product introduction! And as always....THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH KAM!!
  8. dannyzmom

    Kam - Here Are the Feb 2017 Host and Guest Specials

    Thank you for working your magic each month <3
  9. dannyzmom

    Kam - Here Are the Nov 2016 Guest & Host Specials

    They were just posted the other day so here they are :) Thanks, as always, for all that you do!
  10. kam

    October Guest Special: Get Your Free Flyer Copy Today!

    Can anyone post the pdf of the Oct Guest special so I can create the flyers? (I have the host and New Consultant ones.)Thanks, Kathleen
  11. dannyzmom

    Kam - Here Are the Feb 2016 Guest & Host Specials

    Kam - here are the host & guest specials flyers for Feb
  12. DebPC

    Guest Special With Outlet Order?

    Does anyone know... Do online orders get the guest special when they order just outlet items to get to the minimum required? When they order a combo of regular products and online orders to get to the minimum required? Only when they order only regular products to get to the minimum required...
  13. byrd1956

    Unbooking a Party Guest: Help Needed!

    I have a guest as booking from a party and they now do not want to. I cannot find where to un-book them. Can anyone help?
  14. esavvymom

    Can a Host Also Be a Guest? Exploring Dual Roles on Catalog Shows

    I haven't head enough shows in the new web yet, so not sure how to do this- or IF I can do this. Is it possible to have a host of a catalog show also be entered as a GUEST on the same show? I have a customer who was placing a large order....so I wanted to put her as the host to get the...
  15. aPamperedBride

    File Request for June Guest Flyer or Oof

    Hi! I'm hoping that someone with experience could create a June Guest flyer or OOF that includes a picture of the Small Cool N Serve Tray, the Help Fight Hunger Trivets and the Free gift with purchase ($70 for choice of grilling tools) The one from PC only shows the Grilling tools and I only...
  16. leshelman

    Maximizing Bookings with Host and Guest Specials | Seasonal Catalog Ideas

    Host and Guest Specials are a great way to get more bookings and to sell more! (This is something that WE ALL know, or at least we should...) I have recently submitted (to the Home Office) an idea for next season's catalogs. I think that they should include 6 more pages in our catalogs... one...
  17. Roadtripray

    Urgent Guest Placed Order Under Wrong Show - Can It Be Moved?

    A host of mine had a guest post an order online, but posted it under my show, rather than my host's. Is there a way to move this order myself? I sent a message to HO just now ... hoping to be able to close out my host's show Monday night. I would just delete it and re-enter it, except the...
  18. KimoMakano

    Adding a Guest From Contacts in Beta

    Okay, someone may have asked this but I cannot find it. I am thinking of moving to Beta and was playing around with adding a show. When I went to add guests, I couldn't find a way to add them from my Contacts list. Is that possible? It seems like it should be but I cannot figure it out. Thanks.
  19. babywings76

    Kam, September Guest Special Only?

    Hey Kam, I have a favor to ask...not sure if you are able to do this or will see it in time. I have a host doing a catalog show and she wants me to send her the guest special, but for it to be a list of all the items that are included in the Sept. guest special, and maybe 2 to a page, or 4 even...
  20. P

    October Guest Special: Spend $75 to Get a FREE Item - Limited Time Offer!

    Did anyone else notice that the October guest special is going back to "spending $75" to get the FREE item? :cry:
  21. K

    Looking for an August Guest and Host Flyer?

    Hey everyone! Does anyone have a flyer that has just the August Guest and Host special on one? Thanks!
  22. T

    June Guest Promo Not Available?

    I am trying to enter a show and it is telling me the RG33 quick stir pitcher is not available yet? What am I missing - this is the June promo for guests. Also, I have a customer shipping to her sister in GA. Why is shipping and handling $15?
  23. K

    May Host & Guest Special: Get the Flyer Now!

    Does anybody have a flyer that has only the May Host and Guest special on it? Thank you!
  24. K

    Fundraiser in Different Months, Which Guest Special?

    I'm hosting a cooking fundraiser for a group this upcoming weekend. They wanted a 4 week show since the girls in the group will be trying to sell more. All of the orders are suppose to be in by the middle of May to close it out. Will the guest get the April Guest Special or the May Special?
  25. M

    Guest Special Flyers in Spanish?

    I have a fundraiser coming up in a couple of weeks and expect it to be about half Spanish speakers. I am providing Spanish order forms but wondered if the Guest Special flyers are available in Spanish as well. It seems like they should be but I'm not finding them on the website. Thanks for any...
  26. T

    Urgent Used the Fake Email for a Guest at a Party

    Question... I used the fake email for a guest at a party and she wanted to have a party so I scheduled it online before I closed the show. Now, I am setting up her party and did a search on her name and it comes up with the fake email (of course). My question is, should I change the email now...
  27. B

    Consultant Coupon for Guest Incentive

    I am trying to increase bookings and I would like ideas for some sort of coupon to hand out with catalogs or cards to encourage hosts. something like additonal product, or "free cooking show" (I bring the food) or a percent off. Anything fairly cheap to get bookings going.
  28. DebPC

    When Does Host Get the Guest Special?

    It used to be they had to order the amount nec. without host special and half price items, and after their host discount to get the special. Then it kept popping up that they got one even if they were below the above, when I'd be finalizing the show. Please what's the scoop?
  29. L

    What if Guest Doesn't Have an Email?

    I am a returning consultant so I am learning to use the new website for submitting shows. When you add a guest to the show page the email is marked as necessary, but what if a guest doesn't have an email?
  30. M

    Can You Get the Recipe for Sweetheart Brownie Batter Bowl Layered Mix?

    Does anyone know the recipe for Sweetheart Brownie Batter Bowl layered mix that is shown on the guest special flyer?