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  1. P

    I am trying to put in host order. I have the #'s for the guest

    I am trying to put in host order. I have the #'s for the guest stoneware. Where do I get the #'s to enter the host 60% off one piece of stoneware???
  2. B

    Guest wants order before party..help...

    Okay I just got an email from one of my hosts who is having a party 10/7, anyways one of her guests wants to put their order in early and have it as soon as possible. So here are my questions: Will pampered partner let me start the hosts show and have the one item shipped and then put the rest...
  3. T

    Guest Specials

    Has anyone figured out how we can take advantage of the Guest Special for October? I am placing a personal order of $75.00 (out of pocket after my discounts) and have been unable to add the Jar Opener to my order (G106). I remember reading a couple of weeks ago someone else was having this...
  4. tlmcunning

    Guest Thank You Letter

    Does anyone have a letter that you send to your guests after a show thanking them for coming and placing an order? I am trying to come up with one, but am not sure what exactly I want to say. I am trying to work in the letter that if they had been the host they would have received ****in...
  5. K

    October Guest Special

    I'm trying to add the October guest special (the jar opener) to my current personal order and PP won't take the item # G106. My order is over $50, and I've made sure I have the current version of PP. Any thoughts as to why this isn't showing up? Thanks!
  6. F

    Stoneware guest sale

    I have a question: I have a guest who wishes to purchase the lid (stoneware), but I can't find the discounted (20%) lid on the PP. Is the lid not on sale or what??!! I am pretty confused, I thought the only items not for sale are the plate and the heart stones. :confused:
  7. PampMomof3

    Host getting guest special?

    I just closed a show and wondered if the host gets the guest special if she didn't actually spend $50 out of her pocket? My party was in August and the host had $60 in free product value to spend. She spent exactly that, the $60 in free product value, didn't spend any money out of pocket to...
  8. C

    Host getting guest special?

    I was reading the weekly bites and saw that they said in Sept. the host can get the guest special and apply it toward her free and 1/2 price items. How do you do that in Pampered Partner. Sorry it that is a stupit question I haven't done many shows lately and a bit out of touch. Thanks for...
  9. P

    Increasing attendance with a guest only drawing

    I heard this idea on a PC Audio CD. Whenever you place a paperwork order, be sure to order at least one (they're $2 each) to build your library. They're great learning & training tools :) Anyway, the idea I heard and have been using is this: Offer to hold a Stoneware Drawing when there...
  10. PampMomof3

    Guest Special?

    Hey guys! I think that I read in Recipe for Success that you can purchase the guest special the month prior so you can purchase it and bring it to your shows the following month? Did I misread that or is there somewhere in PP that I am missing? I tried purchasing the mini-bowl for July and I...
  11. B

    Comparing guest vs host vs consultant

    Here is a comparison of what a guest, host and new recruit would get for $100. The original was created by Director Jacque Ruddy. Thanks Jacque! PS: Jacque has recruited 43 consultants in the last 2 years!
  12. plichte

    Party Guest Interested in the Business but...

    I was making some customer care calls the other day and was speaking with one of my past party guests about the business opportunity. She said that she has thought about it a lot and would love to do it but she is unable to do heavy lifting due to a permanent back injury. I am fairly new to...
  13. S

    Guest Folders/ Lapboards

    I was wondering what everyone uses for lapboards/ guest folders at shows. Since i have been doing PC, i stole this idea from my director, and i give full credit to her for this: I use the view-all binders, but cut off the spine so i have two lapboards, both with a pocket to put everything, and...
  14. N

    April Guest Special

    Hi Everyone! I'm curious on how April's Guest Special sold for the rest of you. I had 6 shows totaling about $3500 in sales, and didn't sell a single one. I didn't have a display caddy, but I did pass around a soap sample so people could smell it. How did the April Guest Special do for...
  15. DebPC

    Encouraging your consultants to bring a guest.

    Some directors do a drawing for a $20 product at their meeting. Everyone puts their name in but only consultants who brought a guest can win. They get one entry for each guest they brought. The name pulled only wins if they brought a guest. Otherwise the prize is held over to the next meeting...
  16. DebPC

    Promoting January Guest Special

    Almost all my customers are spending $50 or more this month to get the freebies offered by Pampered Chef. I mention it at the beginning of my demo and at the end. When I am adding up their order if they are closer than $15 away I bring it to their attention and see if they'd like to add on. I am...