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What is incentive: Definition and 200 Discussions

  1. WestCoastPC

    September Sign-Up Incentives for New Consultants

    Are there any incentives for a new consultant that signs up in September?
  2. Stephanie78

    Who Has a Pampered Chef March Incentive Umbrella for Sale?

    I am ISO the Pampered Chef umbrella that was offered to Consultants in March. Unfortunately I did not meet my monthly quota. If you earned and wish to part with, please contact me with price and shipping to 45011. Thank you in advance! Have a blessed day! :)
  3. jcsmilez

    Team Activity: Recognition and Incentive

    So, I just qualified as director! Wahoo! It's still so new that I'm waiting for it to reflect on Consultant's Corner. My team basically carried me to this point (it's been a difficult year and I've hardly been active with my business - except to support my team however I can). My team is small...
  4. R

    Past Incentive Trips: 2013-2017 Travel Destinations and Highlights

    Hey all, So ive been around the block for 5 years...and im curious what were some past incentive trips are.... All I Know is thisEarn in/Travel in-------------Destination 2013-2014------San Diego / Punta Cuna 2014-2015--------Disney in CA 2015-2016-------Austin TX/Atlantis 2016-2017.......Cruise...
  5. VictoriaH

    Iso: Tervis Tumbler - Consultant Incentive Item

    ISO: The Tervis Tumbler we can get this month. I would like another one. Male or Female is fine. Thanks! Email is: [email protected]
  6. A

    What Was the Hotel for the 2004 Rome Italy Incentive Trip?

    Hello. I am a former pampered chef consultant and I am trying to find the name of the hotel from the 2004 Rome Italy incentive trip. Any help is appreciated. I am planning a trip.
  7. naekelsey

    How Can I Successfully Execute an In-Stock Sale with Incentives?

    Does anyone have any ideas how to have a successful in stock sale? I want to offer it to my customers. I have tried 2 different times with 0 results, even with offering 30% off. Also wanted to do an incentive if they had 3 or 4 people buy from the sale just not sure what a good incentive...
  8. C

    June Recruiting Incentive Flyer PDF for Facebook

    Hi, has anyone created a June recruiting incentive flyer in PDF that I can add to Facebook?
  9. B

    Consultant Coupon for Guest Incentive

    I am trying to increase bookings and I would like ideas for some sort of coupon to hand out with catalogs or cards to encourage hosts. something like additonal product, or "free cooking show" (I bring the food) or a percent off. Anything fairly cheap to get bookings going.
  10. C

    Director Did You Receive Your 2014 Incentive Trip Package Yet?

    Spoiler Alert!!! Please don't read if you haven't gotten your package or had a chance to open it. Who got their package? What do you think?
  11. L

    Earn Your US Incentive Trip: Find Out Where & How!

    Was just wondering where the US incentive trip is this year and what you have to do to earn it.
  12. A

    Iso Paisly Apron- April Incentive

    I am looking for a Paisly Apron someone is willing to part with. Please email at [email protected] Thanks!:)
  13. C

    Iso - Cool & Serve Tote-May Incentive

    I would love to have a Cool & Serve Tote that we earned in May - anyone willing to part with theirs? How much?
  14. lisaterwilliger

    forSale-Cool & Serve Tote-May Incentive

    Just got this in the mail yesterday and don't need it. I'm asking $25, plus shipping. So let me know if you want it and your zip code so I can get you a total. Paypal only please. Thanks.
  15. P

    Fs-Cool & Serve Tote-May Incentive

    I'm selling the new insulated tote that we were able to earn in May. I just received mine yesterday. Brand new, didn't even open the package! All ready to go to the post office. $28 (includes the shipping).
  16. baychef

    Director Umbrella Incentive: New Apron and Umbrella Unboxing Experience

    Just received my BEAUTIFUL new apron and can not wait to wear it tomorrow! I also received my umbrella and wanted to ask a question before I called HO. When I extend it up it will not stay up. There seems like there is nothing to latch the umbrella when it is in the up position. Hoping that...
  17. K

    Director Revamping Bookings: What Incentives Do Consultants Want?

    If you could change our booking incentive program, what would you like to see changed? Something different than the 60% off bonus specials to host. What about the past host? Should she/he have something different. What incentive do other direct sales companies offer that you have seen and...
  18. kristina16marie

    Ready to Track Your Incentives for 2012 Trips?

    FYI - our incentive tracker is finally up & running for 2012 trips!
  19. doughmama

    Fs: August Incentive Bag and Bonus Pretty in Pleats Bags

    For Sale if anyone is interested. Never used, just taken out of plastic to look at. PM if interested. $40 each, does not include shipping.
  20. deanna_g

    Getaway Bag (August '11 Incentive)

    I was supposed to make a trade for another bag in the series but after several communications between myself and the other party, I never heard from them again. :grumpy: SO it's now for sale. It's out of the plastic, but has never been used. Just sitting on my desk in my office. PM me or...
  21. B

    Consultant News Spoiled Incentive Trip Suspense

    Did anyone else receive their January Consultant News before their Back to Business meeting? I did! I was surprised to even get my CN news before the end of the month like I usually do, but to see the incentive trips listed on the front cover made my meeting last night just so, so. On the...
  22. J

    Will My Host's November Party Count Towards December Sales Incentive?

    I have a Nov party closing Monday. I know that it will not count toward the 2 shows in December incentive, but since the commission will be added in this month does it count toward the $1500 in sales incentive? Just curious. Thanks The host hosted specifically to get 60% off cookware so...
  23. A

    F/S August and October Incentive Bags Including Pretty in Pleats

    I have the October Duffel Bag and the Pretty in Pleats bag for sale - $45 each plus shipping. PM me if interested! Bags are out of plastic but never used. I also have the first bag from August, also $45
  24. doughmama

    Fs: New Runner & Sept Incentive Bag

    while they are both nice, I really don't need either. PM if interested in either.
  25. A

    Is There an Incentive for Hosting a $1000 Show?

    Wondering if anyone rewards a host for reaching a $1000.00 show? If so, what kind of things do you do?
  26. C

    Interested in October Incentive and Bonus Bag? PM me for details!

    I earned all the incentives and really only want to keep the Aug/Sep ones. So I have the Duffel and am expecting the bonus bag (not really sure what it looks like, I haven't gotten it yet.) Anywhoo...if you'd like to buy one or both, feel free to PM me. shipping from 92563. :p
  27. K

    Director Looking Ahead for January & February Team Incentive

    Okay, I know I'm looking ahead but I want to announce a special incentive at my next meeting in November for January & February. We did a booking blitz a few weeks ago and those that participated did good. And they did learn the importance of picking up the phone. I know their commission...
  28. doughmama

    Interested in Buying My September Incentive Bag?

    I earned the September bag but really don't need it. If you are interested in purchasing it, send me a message. Thx.
  29. kristina16marie

    Celebrating My First Pampered Chef Incentive Trip: Bronze Cruise!

    I've earned my very first PC Incentive trip!!!! My shows this weekend have put me over the top for the Bronze Cruise!!! WAHOO!!!
  30. W

    Get the August Incentive Bag - Sign Up Now!

    I would still love to buy the August incentive bag. I signed up in Sept. so I missed the August bag.