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What is runner: Definition and 34 Discussions

  1. S

    Buying Tablecloth or Runner

    Hello, I am looking to purchase a Pampered Chef tablecloth or runner. Please let me know if you have one that I can buy. Thanks! Suzy
  2. K

    Pc Logo Tablecloth Wanted

    Looking to buy a PC logo tablecloth or runner.
  3. pmprdprettyinsnj

    Desperately Seeking Table Runner or Tablecloths

    I am a consultant of many years and unfortunately in our last move some of our PC things were lost. We are thinking they were stolen from where they were stored, (family friend's house) so now we desperately need to find something to use for upcoming vendor shows. I have nothing but our...
  4. M

    Tablecloth or Runner With Logo

    I'm in search of either tablecloth or runner with the PC logo for vendor events. Thank you!
  5. Mcarlsen49079

    Iso Table Runner or Table Cloth and Banner

    If anyone has any they are looking to sell please email me [email protected] thanks!
  6. R

    VJ's Seeking Black PC Table Runner - Contact at [email protected]

    I just started my business in August and looking to do more vendor events. I'm looking for the black PC table runner. If you have one to part with please message me at [email protected]
  7. K

    Bags, Beach Blanket, Table Cloth and Runner

    Ipad case never used shown at shows $10.00 Picni/beach blanket paisley inside zips closed. $35.00 new in bag $20.00 each item new in bag Plus shipping.
  8. Toni Monsen

    Table Runner or Tablecloth

    Anyone have any they want to part with? Picture please. I'm at zip code 65265 for shipping estimates.
  9. C

    Iso Pampered Chef Table Cloth, Runner or Banner

    New Consultant ISO table cloth, runner or banner to use for vendor shows. Really like the one pictured here. I'm located in Central VA. Thank you! Catherine
  10. Michelle Hebert-Voudren

    Iso Tablecloth, Banner, Runner, Etc

    I am new to TPC and am looking to start vendor events. Does anyone have items for sale to create a great looking table?
  11. encw92500

    Iso Black Pc Runner or Tablecloth

    Hi! I'm in need of a black runner or PC Tablecloth for vendor shows... Thanks!
  12. M

    Iso for Tablecloth or Runner

    I am doing a vendor event in May and looking for a table runner or table cloth also any help whip cancer items especially the mini mix and chops. You can also email me at [email protected]..
  13. N

    Iso Tablecloth and Runner

    If anyone has a tablecloth and/or table runner for sale please contact me. I am in desperate need for an upcoming event. Thanks in advance!:)
  14. hampsonj

    Pc Tablecloth or Table Runner

    I've been doing a lot of vendor shows and I'm looking for a tablecloth or table runner. Paypal only please.
  15. P

    Reversible B/W Table Runner

    Reversible black and white table runner. One side talks about hosting the other about recruiting $20 plus shipping. Prefer Paypal. from a smoke free home! I'm hanging up my apron - would love this to go to someone who can use it! PM me with questions. Thanks Lisa
  16. S

    Fs Consultant Demonstration Runner - Black With 2 Logo Statements

    Demonstration Runner $20 plus shipping. it weighs 1 lb 3 oz from 74008 Paypal or US Postal money order only!
  17. M

    Host & Recruit: Get Your Black Table Runner!

    Iso: Black table runner that was a promotion last year or the year before. One side is hosting and the other side is recruting
  18. tasoula76

    Ios of Runner and Tablecloths

    Does anyone have any runners or tablecloths? Thank you!
  19. L

    F/S: Black & White Table Runner & Apron

    I'm selling the black & white table runner we earned as a promotion last year. It was used at one vendor show and has been washed once. $20 plus shipping. I'm also selling my black & white apron. I just don't wear it. $10 plus shipping.
  20. A

    Black and White Table Runner

    I don't remember when we earned it... but I would LOVE to purchase one of the black and white table runners that have the Pampered Chef on both ends and hosting on one end and recruiting on the other! Anyone have one they are not using?
  21. P

    Director Black Table Runner

    Is it just me, or are these things a huge lint-magnent? Thankfully, they wash beautifully, but I feel like I need to carry a lint-roller in my bag now! I do love it, but am kind of dissappointed in it. Been thinking about going back to my cranberry striped table cloth.
  22. doughmama

    Fs: New Runner & Sept Incentive Bag

    while they are both nice, I really don't need either. PM if interested in either.
  23. F

    Got My Table Runner!

    SO EXCITED!!! just got my November table runner last night!! It will be perfect for the two upcoming booth events I have!! So glad it came in before the end of the month!
  24. DebPC

    Director Demonstration Runner

    Just got mine. Looks really nice! Can hardly wait to use it at my shows.
  25. bridedream

    Iso Cranberry and Sage Table Runner

    Ackkk! I have a customer who wanted to put this outlet item on her order. I was going to order it for her and now it's gone. Anybody have one?
  26. deanna_g

    Table Runner, Placemats, Napkins and Rings...

    What did you all think of getting these today for doing the scavenger hunt? I hate them. I think they are so ugly! They would go with very few dining rooms. I was so sad to see that the pattern was tiles with the main color being purple. Any other input?
  27. K

    Wanted: Table Runner, Place Mats, and Napkins - Unused

    My youngest sister has decided she wants more of these...so I'm looking for a table runner, 4 place mats, and 4 napkins. Unused, except for display. If you have some that you want to part with, please PM me with price, including shipping to 70817. I can either send you a check, or pay...
  28. DebPC

    Kite Runner Being Made as Movie

    Just had this happen. A member of my team did a show to reactivate Just had this happen. A member of my team did a show to reactivate 10/28. She knew there was someone attending that wanted to sign . So she talked with her, and gave her info. The possible recruit tried to sign up online under...
  29. cookingwithlove

    Iso Table Runner and Napkins - Fall 2004

    I am looking for the table runner and at least 4 napkins from Fall 2004. They were burgandy, green and mustard sqaures with leaves. Let me know cost and shipping to 97222. Thanks!
  30. L

    Can I Wash the Table Runner????

    I got the 2005 Striped reversible Table Runner in my surprise box at conference. Are they washable??? Or should I take it to the dry cleaners?