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What is napkins: Definition and 11 Discussions

  1. J

    Iso Cranberry Windowpane Napkins

    I have a customer looking for a few sets of the Cranberry Windowpane Napkins, preferably new. I saw the white was being sold in the Outlet, but not the cranberry. Please email me at [email protected] if you have any to sell, and let me know how much you're asking. Thank you! Jill
  2. deanna_g

    Table Runner, Placemats, Napkins and Rings...

    What did you all think of getting these today for doing the scavenger hunt? I hate them. I think they are so ugly! They would go with very few dining rooms. I was so sad to see that the pattern was tiles with the main color being purple. Any other input?

    Where Can I Find Iso Leaf Napkins & Rings from F/W 2005?

    I have a host that needs one or two sets of the Leaf napkins & matching rings. She would be happy with a least one more set - but really wants 2 more. I think they were from F/W 2005 - can't remember. I told her then to order a complete set of 12 or she would regret it.... ;) I gave her...
  4. PamperChefCarol

    Swapping Mystery Box Items - Need Cranberry Napkins!

    Anyone want to continue to swap their mystery box stuff???? I need to inventory mine, but I am sure there might be something that someone is looking for. I need cranberry napkins.
  5. K

    Wanted: Table Runner, Place Mats, and Napkins - Unused

    My youngest sister has decided she wants more of these...so I'm looking for a table runner, 4 place mats, and 4 napkins. Unused, except for display. If you have some that you want to part with, please PM me with price, including shipping to 70817. I can either send you a check, or pay...
  6. cookingwithlove

    Iso Table Runner and Napkins - Fall 2004

    I am looking for the table runner and at least 4 napkins from Fall 2004. They were burgandy, green and mustard sqaures with leaves. Let me know cost and shipping to 97222. Thanks!
  7. T

    Enduring Products: Paper Napkins & Dessert Plates with Gold Trim

    Which products do you think are still around only because they can't get rid of enough to clear the warehouse? Paper Napkins and dessert plates with gold trim are 2 of my thoughts
  8. S

    Have You Sold the New Tiles Paper Napkins?

    I just wanted to check and see if any of you have sold the new Tiles Paper Napkins. I have not. I personally think they are very silly, but they might work for someone. Thanks!
  9. S

    Tile Paper Napkins Are Dishwasher Safe!

    I was just looking through my Quick reference guide that came in my recipe for success and it says that the paper napkins are dishwasher safe! Who would have guessed! hmmmmm *puts index finger on chin and looks at ceiling in deep thought* i wonder if you can then reuse the half disolved shreds...
  10. rennea

    Pros and Cons of Paper Napkins - Debate Weighed In On!

    Alright everyone seems upset/unhappy about the paper napkins and I'd like to weigh in on this one. Yes I think cloth napkins are much, much nicer;) But I think the paper napkins are good for our demo's I wish that we were able to get them at a much lower price. It would be nice to be able to...
  11. S

    Looking for Fall 2004 SA Entertaining Set Napkins and Table Runner

    Does anyone out there have a set of the Fall 2004 Napkins and table runner in the colors of the SA Entertaining set they want to sell. Have a host that fell in love with the colors and would like a set.