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What is cranberry: Definition and 138 Discussions

  1. E

    Iso Pampered Chef Retired Cloth Oven Mitts (Cranberry)

    I'm looking for the retired Pampered Chef Cloth Oven Mitts (pair in Cranberry) #1329.
  2. K

    13X9 Cranberry Stoneware Baker, Small Oval Cranberry Stoneware...

    I'm moving from southeast Michigan to Tennessee soon and would like to find new homes for several PC items, many of which are in original boxes. Please PM me. Zip code is 48124. Some items are 13x9 cranberry stoneware baker, small oval cranberry stoneware, four sectioned mini loaf stoneware...
  3. J

    Iso Cranberry Windowpane Napkins

    I have a customer looking for a few sets of the Cranberry Windowpane Napkins, preferably new. I saw the white was being sold in the Outlet, but not the cranberry. Please email me at [email protected] if you have any to sell, and let me know how much you're asking. Thank you! Jill
  4. K

    Medium & Small Cranberry Rectangular Bakers $40 for Both

    Selling almost new (used twice) cranberry bakers. Small is 9" x 6" and Medium is 11" x 7". $40 for both, firm, plus $10 shipping. Will be shipped in original box for Med Rect. Baker from Valencia, California. Thanks!
  5. C

    Cranberry Dcb Lid - Only $25 + Shipping | Shop Now at Fs

    Asking $25 plus shipping.
  6. T

    inSearch of 10" Cranberry Edged Simple Addition Squares

    I am hoping one of you would be willing to part with 4 of the Simple Additions cranberry edged medium squares. Used in good condition is perfectly fine. I just need four more. PLEASE! Thanks in advance, Tcrawley2 Consultant since 1999
  7. S

    Replacing the Lid of a Cranberry DCB Maining Box

    Droped the box at the show and the lid broke, would like to replace just the lid if possible(realizing it won"t be an exact fit) but I use the cranberry DCB maining for show not for demo.
  8. C

    Cranberry Shortbread Streusel Bars

    Anyone have this recipe?! It looks delicious!!!! I have a show this weekend and I would love to bring these along!! Thanks!!!
  9. prepchef

    Iso Cranberry Striped Tablecloth

    A few years ago HO had a consultant special in which we could earn a striped cranberry tablecloth. Is anyone have one? Used or new?
  10. pcsharon1

    Looking for a Lid for a Cranberry Baker

    If you have one how much do you want for it including shipping to 80902? My recruit has a host who's lid got broken during a move. Thanks so much!
  11. P

    Help Needed: Oval Bakers & Cranberry Glazed Pieces!

    I have a great host that just had a great show for me. She is asking about the Oval Baker. She had a Cranberry glazed one that she said broke last Thanksgiving. Her white glazed one is now cracking. She says it's her favorite piece and was bummed when it wasn't one of the host specials this...
  12. husbandwifepcteam

    Cranberry 3/4 Sleeve Pampered Chef Polo Shirt for Sale

    I have a 3/4 sleeve cranberry PC polo shirt for sale size xxl but IMO fits more like an XL. I am asking $8 plus shipping . If you are interested I can email you a pic if you like. Thanks!
  13. DebPC

    Director Change in Cranberry Glaze on Stoneware?

    I finally got the 9 inch square baker in cranberry. The color is definately a shade lighter than my original cranberry rect. baker from when they first came out. Still cranberry but not the deep rich color. Was wondering is this a flaw or are all the new ones this way?
  14. jbondr

    Looking for a Cranberry DCB Lid? Contact me!

    I have a cranberry DCB lid for sale. I am asking $15.00 plus shipping. PM or e-mail if interested. [email protected]
  15. suzipooh

    Looking for a Cranberry DCB Lid - Please Email Suz!

    Hi :) I have a customer in need of a cranberry DCB lid ~ anyone have one? If you do, please email me at: [email protected] Thanks! Suz
  16. C

    Iso: Lid Only for Cranberry Deep Covered Baker

    I have a customer who broke hers. Anyone happen to have one needing a home?
  17. ChefCKHall

    Does anyone have a cranberry lid for an Iso Dcb?

    Hello, a host just dropped the lid of her new DCB and is in tears. She would love to know if anyone happens to have a cranberry lid knocking around that she can buy! Your chance to make someone's day! Blessings, CK
  18. luvtocook868

    Fs: Cranberry Pampered Chef Beach Bag

    Pampered Chef Bag for Sale, also included is a matching money bag. (money not included..haha) Asking $40 (not including shipping). I think i can ship it for $9.99. Please PM me. Karen Thanks! The Money Bag is Sold! But the Beach Bag is still available for $35 (not including shipping)!!
  19. P

    Medium Square Cranberry Accent Plates

    I am looking for new Medium Square Cranberry Accent Plates. If anyone has any they are willing to part with, I'm interested. Thanks
  20. ShellBeach

    Rant Why Did Cranberry Plates Stop Selling So Suddenly?

    Aaargh. I was horrified when I tried to submit my host's show from February. Got a message that the small & medium cranberry plates were gone! Didn't collect all the funds from the host until Monday on the way to work. Had to wait until Tuesday to deposit to my bank. Wish I would have made...
  21. quiverfull7

    Director Iso Cranberry or Vanilla Deep Dish Baker

    Does anyone have either of these to sell? I messed up an adjustment... totally forgot and now it's past the 3 year date. sigh
  22. bridedream

    Iso Cranberry and Sage Table Runner

    Ackkk! I have a customer who wanted to put this outlet item on her order. I was going to order it for her and now it's gone. Anybody have one?
  23. pcsharon1

    Upgrade Your Kitchen with Quality Cranberry Oven Mitts - Shop Now!

    I have a customer who would be interested in buying a couple of cranberry oven mitts. Does anyone have a couple they would be interested in parting with - preferrably new. Thanks
  24. K

    Iso: Cranberry Items, "Petite" Simple Add. Bowls & Square Mugs

    Hello all! I am fairly new to PC, so I am not sure of the names of all the products, and I apologize. I am in search of basically anything in the cranberry color (lol). Also, the square simple add bowls that are smaller than the small ones in the F/W catalog. I may be mistaken, but I thought I'd...
  25. chefheidi2003

    Cranberry & White Chocolate Mousse Cake

    Has anyone made this before? How is it? My cousin would like me to make it for Sunday, I said that I would try. It looks pretty simple..but I am worried about the 1/8 of an inch slices of pound cake. They also asked me to do it with Raspberry instead of cranberry..which is going to be the...
  26. kdangel518

    Cranberry Oval Baker- Anyone Have One?

    It was my very first piece of stoneware, and one of my favorites. And it now has a HUGE chip in it which makes me SO sad :cry: Does anyone have a cranberry oval baker they would be willing to sell? It's only a matter of time before it cracks- the chip went pretty deep :(
  27. S

    Mandarin Orange Cranberry Sauce

    :chef: This recipe is a great way to show off your cookwear, zester, measuring spoon, scraper, and citrus juicer if you have one (not essential) 1 bag easy peel mandarin oranges (can substitute regular oranges or tangarines) 1 bag fresh cranberrys or thawed frozen cranberrys ½ cup brown...
  28. M

    Cranberry Almond Crunch Cookie Recipe | Easy Cookie Press Method

    Hi, New to this area and to PC. I saw a post saying that they made cranberry almond crunch using the cookie press. I typed it into the search box and came up with nothing. Can someone please help me out with the recipe? I would really appreciate it:)
  29. suzipooh

    Help Wanted: Cranberry Lid for DCB

    Anyone have a cranberry lid for the DCB?