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What is squares: Definition and 122 Discussions

  1. C

    Cinnamon Caramel Cheesecake Squares: Making Ahead of Time?

    Has anyone made the new Cinnamon Caramel Cheesecake Squares the night before? I have a meeting in the morning but can't make them before I go so I thought about making them tonight and refrigerating them. Thanks for your help.
  2. DebPC

    Have you tried Red Velvet Cheesecake Squares?

    These look delicious!
  3. Intrepid_Chef

    Can I Prep Ham and Cheese Brunch Squares the Night Before?

    I am making this for an office brunch on Christmas Eve. My plan is to take it out of the oven, cover it in foil, pop it in my insulated tote and head to work. I am NOT a morning person. Do you think it would be OK to chop up the potatoes and press them in the bar pan the night before? Or...
  4. T

    inSearch of 10" Cranberry Edged Simple Addition Squares

    I am hoping one of you would be willing to part with 4 of the Simple Additions cranberry edged medium squares. Used in good condition is perfectly fine. I just need four more. PLEASE! Thanks in advance, Tcrawley2 Consultant since 1999
  5. ChefJWarren

    Brownie Pan - Breakfast Squares

    I'm going to make breakfast squares in the brownie pan (eggs, milk, bacon, cheese). I want to add biscuits to the bottom. Do I need to cook them first? Or can I press them in raw?
  6. quiverfull7

    Director Looking for White Petite Squares for Wedding - Inquire Now!

    Hey all. I have a bride and groom who love the white petite squares ... #1990 Does anyone have a couple sets available?
  7. wadesgirl

    Have you tried making Ham and Cheese Brunch Squares in a Brownie Pan?

    I was thinking of trying the Ham and Cheese Brunch Squares but in the Brownie Pan. I've seen some try something similar but wanted to see if someone has tried this recipe that way yet.
  8. babywings76

    Strawberry Margarita Squares and Other Pink Recipes

    I'm hosting a baby shower for a friend tomorrow. Since she's expecting twin girls, I thought I'd do some pink recipes. I found in the files some HWC pink recipes. I think I'm going to do the Strawberry Bruschetta and the Strawberry Spinach salad and the Strawberry Margarita Squares. I know...
  9. C

    Need Recipe for Grecian Party Squares

    I left it at home and need to get to the grocery store this afternoon. Can anyone tell me the ingredients? TIA!
  10. chefSherry

    Need the Strawberry Margarita Squares Recipe for a Mexican Themed Party?

    Does anyone have the Strawberry Margarita Squares recipe from the Delightful Desserts Cookbook? (pg 107) I'm planning a birthday party for a co-worker with a Mexican theme and need the recipe to make sure I get all the ingredients on the way home this afternoon.
  11. byrd1956

    Where Can I Find Photos of Strawberry Margarita Squares?

    Anyone have a photo of these they would love to upload?
  12. M

    Can I Precook the Crust for Club House Chicken Squares?

    I am making Club House Chicken Squares for a bridal shower tomorrow. Would the crust (crescent roll) be all right if I cooked tonight? I'm just doing a small demo and don't want to spend time cooking a crust. I am also making Tuxedo Brownie Cups, which I have already made and will put...
  13. C

    Director Have You Tried These Veggie-Packed Ham and Cheese Brunch Squares?

    We have this at least twice a month around here for dinner. Tonight I made it with 1sm head of broccoli chopped, 2 carrots chopped, 1 red pepper diced, fresh mushrooms chopped. I didn't put any ham in, but I dotted the top with pepperoni. It was great and the kids had no idea how many...
  14. S

    Urgent Tools Needed for Ham & Cheese Brunch Squares Show

    I am doing the Ham and Cheese brunch squares tomorrow morning at a brunch show. Can someone tell me if I thought of all the tools I will need for this show. Large Bar Pan Silicon Brush Ultimate Mandoline classic batter bowl whisk food chopper cutting board knife saute pan cooling...
  15. deanna_g

    Where can I find the recipe for Ham and Cheese Brunch Squares?

    I cannot find the recipe for this. Anyone wanna help me out?
  16. JackieB999

    Grecian Party Squares - Pampered Chef Recipe

    I'm a new consultant (Yay!) and several years ago, I want to say way back in 2001, I went to a PC party and the PCC made these squares. I loved them so much that I asked her for the recipe, which I had hand written in my cook book all this time. When I first got my PC kit, I made the 3...
  17. wadesgirl

    Perfecting Boston Creme Pie Squares: Tips for a Flawless Custard Filling

    I made these earlier today for lunch tomorrow. As of right now, it has not completely set up. I know I followed the recipe to a T but the only thing I could think of was even though I left the custard in the Double Broiler for as long as it said, it was "thicK" but was thicker than what is...
  18. SonyaVerrillo

    Revitalize Your Food with SA Petite Squares: Microwave Reheating Hack!

    I've been promoting my newest use for the SA Petite Squares---Food Rejuvenator! When reheating a plate of food in my microwave, I put a bit of water in the petite square and put it on my plate or on the turntable (both the plate & the square are under the splash cover, if necessary). The water...
  19. kam

    Is the Banana Cream Brownie Squares recipe a crowd-pleaser at potlucks?

    This is an older PC recipe - and I am thinking of bringing it to a potluck. I have never made this recipe and was wondering if it was any good?? Opinions? I know I should make a tried/true recipe - but I am dying to try something new. Thanks!
  20. ChefMary412

    Winning Big On Football Squares: What Would You Buy?

    I won $300 on football squares from the superbowl... only fitting that I spend it on PC right? :p So, I just got a catalog show cancelled that was supposed to close tomorrow. I already threw together another show that just made it to $150 by calling and checking in with others that I know...
  21. Chefstover2

    Iso Grecian Party Squares Recipe

    I have a customer in search of this recipe and I can't lay my hands on the SB it was in. Anyone have this recipe they could post for me? TIA
  22. gailz2

    Form for Fundraising Squares???

    I recently heard about selling squares as a fundraiser, with 1/2 the funds going to the student/cause and the other 1/2 goes to the winner to be used toward PC products. Does anyone have a form they have used for this?:chef:
  23. C

    Director Sun-Dried Tomato Tart Squares or Ham and Cheese Calzone?

    Hi all! Has anyone made these? I am considering making them my recipe of the month for February because I want to use unglazed stoneware at my shows. Did you like it or do you like the Ham and Cheese Calzone better?
  24. N

    Strawberry Margartia Squares Recipe

    I need the recipe for Strawberry Margarita Squares. I can't find my Delightful Desserts cookbok and I know it is in there. I want to make them for christmas eve cause it is super yummy!!!!
  25. leftymac

    Tomato Basil Squares, but in a Tartlet

    At one of my cluster meetings, we made what I think was some version of the tomato basil squares, but in tartlet form with the mini-muffin pan. I know it used Flaky Layer biscuits as the crust. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? Is this a real recipe or something that they just did? I...
  26. PamperedSD

    Help! What Can Go With the Sun-Dried Tomato Tart Squares?

    I'm new and I have my 3rd show this Saturday morning. Its someone from work and I asked her about a recipe - she said she didn't care so I offered the Sun-Dried Tomato Tart Squares since its a new fall recipe and I've made it once and loved it. She said yes but now she says "we should offset...
  27. pc_jessica

    What is a Pampered Poll and how does it work?

    okay i so i was looking at a post from about 2 years ago and it mentioned something about pampered poll i have no idea what this is and i read the whole thread but noone ever mentioned how this worked...so anyone know anything about this Pampered Poll????
  28. chefcharity

    Need Recipe for 7 Layer Salad Squares

    Does anyone have the super salad cookbook or salad recipe cards? it should be in there. I found a recipe on here for a 7 layer trifle salad, but that is not it. thanks!
  29. erinyourpclady

    SA Tiles Wanted - NIB Squares Preferred!

    Hey y'all.. I have a customer who LOVES the SA with tiles that we had some time ago. Does anyone have anything NIB, especially squares? Please either post here or message me with what you have, your prices and your zip so I can price it for her! TIA!!
  30. A

    Creative Ideas for Using Simple Additions Petite Squares

    Okay, so my SIL bought a set of the Simple Additions petite Squares. She thinks they are really cute but has no idea what you can use them for. Anyone have any neat ideas on their use??? Thanks in advance:D