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What is margarita: Definition and 38 Discussions

  1. SonyaVerrillo

    New Directions for Margarita & Cucumber Mojito Drink Mixes?

    I recently received the Appletini and Cosmopolitan drink mixes, which I'm excited to try. I love that the directions on the back include regular and non-alcholic versions AND they include directions for a pitcher and an individual serving. I'm wondering if they've also updated the directions...
  2. M

    Alcohol Free Slap Yo Mama Margarita

    I have a host who wants to do Slap Yo Mama Margaritas, but wants it Alcohol Free, anyone done this?
  3. J

    Mini Margarita Tarts

    Hey, all! I had a fundraiser show on Friday night and wanted to share this recipe that the guests raved about. I was excited to give the new tart pans a try, and wanted to follow through on the idea of margarita pie that others on this forum had mentioned. I mixed several recipes I found...
  4. KayteTUrner

    Another Use for Itty Bitty Margarita Mix

    My Director made this in the mini pie form at our meeting last month and they were SO good! Super tart and refreshing. Make sure you mix everything really well. This could totally be something you have ready when guests get to the show and then they use the Easy Accent Decorator you put some...
  5. naekelsey

    Humor New Itty Bitty Margarita Mix/Wrong Alcohol

    So I finally decided to try the new Margarita Mix. Just grabbed the wrong alcohol! I put rum in it instead of Tequila!! LOL!! I had no idea, until now, how close in color they are! It is still good but will have to try the "right" way at my Open House! And I have learned to LOOK at...
  6. wadesgirl

    Sil Loves My Homemade Margarita Mix!

    I made this tonight for my husband's family and my very hard to please SIL loved it so much! We all agreed it wasn't as sweet as most margarita mixes are. She even said that she would probably order it from me regularly to keep on hand! She's excited to try the mojito one when I get it.
  7. babywings76

    Strawberry Margarita Squares and Other Pink Recipes

    I'm hosting a baby shower for a friend tomorrow. Since she's expecting twin girls, I thought I'd do some pink recipes. I found in the files some HWC pink recipes. I think I'm going to do the Strawberry Bruschetta and the Strawberry Spinach salad and the Strawberry Margarita Squares. I know...
  8. chefSherry

    Strawberry Margarita Squares

    Does anyone have the Strawberry Margarita Squares recipe from the Delightful Desserts Cookbook? (pg 107) I'm planning a birthday party for a co-worker with a Mexican theme and need the recipe to make sure I get all the ingredients on the way home this afternoon.
  9. byrd1956

    Strawberry Margarita Squares?

    Anyone have a photo of these they would love to upload?
  10. J

    Strawberry Margarita Cake

    I saw on an older thread someone mentioning this with the Pink Panties recipe. I think this would be a fun show to do. Does anyone have the cake recipe, i can't seem to find it on here. Thanks
  11. K

    Slap Yo Mama Versus Margarita Punch

    I'm doing a mexican-themed show Friday night & plan to make one of the following 2 recipes. Any votes on which one is better. Not enough time to make & taste test before Friday (or at least if I did, I'd be pretty sloshed between now & then!), so I'm hoping someone else has experience :)...
  12. finley1991

    Director Margarita Martini: Deliciously Simple Recipe!

    Just wanted to share a recipe that I have been doing with our Shaker & Martini Glasses.... demos A LOT of products for something so simple and is SUPER SUPER SUPER TASTY!!!!! :D http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/sandra-lee/margarita-martini-recipe/index.html
  13. C

    Margarita Recipes for Your PC: Easy & Delicious!

    Does PC have a Margarita recipe? Thanks! Tracy
  14. Chefkelly88

    Help Needed: "Fajita & Margarita" Party With No Salad Choppers!

    I am doing a show next week. It is going to be a "fajita & margarita" party. Here is the dilemma....I dont have any salad choppers to make the salsa!!! Most of my team is an hour away!! I am fairly new at this so I dont have a ton of extra product. I tried to order them & they are on back...
  15. T

    Fs Margarita Maker

    So sad but since I received it I haven't used it and could really use the cash instead. So anyone that is interested PM me your offer they sell for around $100 and it is brand new.
  16. kreaser

    Got My Margarita Machine

    yippeeeeee I got my margarita machine on the 15th..finally found time to get it out of the box and mix something up..the kids were dying to try it... I mixed up some frozen concentrate grape juice, apple juice and ice...it's awesome...it makes up to 1 gallon...now later tonite I may just break...
  17. pjpamchef

    Margarita Grilled Shrimp

    Does anyone have this recipe? I am doing a patio show on sat, and they want to use the grill basket and shrimp. I saw where someone liked this.
  18. L

    Director Anyone Have the Mexican Margarita Invite

    I saw an invite (full page) for the Mexican Margarita Invitation on Chefsuccess, however, I opened it once, and now can't seem to get it to open, it just makes a tab and I get no where with trying to open it. Does anyone have one out there, or if you could possibly send it to me? Not quite...
  19. P

    Margarita Pie Recipe?

    Anyone know if we ever had a recipe for Margarita Pie? If so - can you post it if you have it.
  20. kreaser

    I Want My Margarita Machine!!

    Anyone else order the margarita machine? I've heard others gettting their items but I haven't received mine yet...just wondering... karlene Does it sound like I desperately need my margarita???LOL
  21. ChefPaulaB

    Searching for Zesty Crab Nacho Recipe from Margarita Party Files

    I was looking through some files for Margarita Parties and one of the recipe choices on one was for Zesty Crab Nachos, I thought it sounded interesting, but I can't find the recipe anywhere... I looked in the files here and on CC... anyone know this one?
  22. esavvymom

    Mexican Margarita Theme Show?

    I've heard alot of consultants on various training CDs in the last year talk about the Mexican Margarita show. It sounds like a good one to have on hand. I actually thought about because one of my potential hosts is taking her GRE in March...I was thinking about proposing the Margarita theme...
  23. K

    Anyone Have a Mexican and Margarita Flyer?

    I want to send out a flyer instead of just our invitations - anyone have a good Mexican and Margarita flyer I could use? TIA!!
  24. natural

    Strawberry Margarita Squares Challenge

    Ok I want to know if the following recipe can be done with the Large Stone Bar pan...I just made it last night with the DCB and it works, but I don't feel like making it right away again, so if anyone else is up to it...let me know what you think. Strawberry Margarita Squares Prep time: 45...
  25. J

    Need Margarita Microwave Show Ideas

    My host for Sunday is having a Margarita show, but her oven just went out. She wanted a skillet dessert, but obviously that's out now. Her microwave works. She suggested the mexican chocolate cake, but I don't consider that much of a demo. I'm going to suggest the DCB fajitas, but does...
  26. bsaxman

    Anyone Have a Good Margarita Recipe?

    I have a host who wants to do margaritas... i figure i could do it in the quick stir pitcher, but have no good recipes... let me know, I'm desperate! B
  27. S

    Cranberry Margarita Slush

    I made this last Christmas time but thought I'd make up a batch for Cinco De Mayo also. All are welcome to it! Very yummy! Ok, so here it is...FROZEN MARGARITA CRANBERRY SLUSH... 2 cans frozen concentrate cranberry juice 1 can either cranberry sauce (either jellied or not, I like the...
  28. S

    Mini Margarita Pies

    Just received this recipe. Sounds good!!:D Mini Margarita Pies 1 pkg Refrigerated Sugar Cookie Dough (Pillsbury or Nestle break and bake 20 count) 1 pkg cream cheese 1/3 cup sugar 1 or 2 limes 8 oz container of cool whip Pretzels (optional) Strawberries (Optional for...
  29. J

    Strawberry Margarita Squares

    help i am having a buffet party monday and hostess is picky on dessert. i am making cheeseburger ring and maybe fries. Are there any recipes for fries that i can have? i found where someone said they make the margarita squares for dessert but can't find the recipe. the hostess doesn't like...
  30. J

    Need Strawberry Margarita Squares Recipe...

    There is one in the Delightful Desserts Cookbook, but I don't have the book. Help! The only one I have on my computer is one with pretzel crust, is there any other way to make the crust? Thx, you guys are always so helpful!!