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  1. P

    Microwave cake

    Please help! I've tried the recipe for the chocolate cake in the Rice Cooker Plus (mix cake and add 4-6 scoops of icing) and have had a different result each time - none of them good! One time the cake fell apart when I flipped it onto the plate, the next time it was only half-cooked (talk...
  2. D

    Love to have recipe for microwave cake

    I would love to have the recipe for the microwave cake that has frosting in the bottom of the pan. :) :) :)
  3. P

    Microwave Recipe

    I am doing a show for a host who just lost her oven this past week and won't be replacing it until next weekend. I assured her that I could find a couple of good microwave recipes because I already had one show cancel for September and I don't want to lose two for the month! Can someone help...
  4. N

    Microwave cakes question

    Hi! I really want to do the quick pumpkin spice cake for holiday shows, but I don't have the fluted stoneware pan. Does anyone know whether it would work in a deep dish baker? Thanks, Leesa
  5. B

    Need microwave recipe for carrot cake

    I am looking for a microwave recipe for carrot cake in fluted stoneware. Does anyone have it? Thank you in advance.
  6. Morvin

    Microwave cake in the fluted stone

    I'm looking for some inexpensive recipes and I like the idea of the 321 microwave cake however I only have the mini fluted stone I don't have the regular one can this be done in the oven? if so what temp and how long?? or can the microwave version be done in another stone?? thank you Heather
  7. W

    How do make Microwave Cake???

    Ok I've searched and searched, I can't find exact instructions on making the microwave cake. Can I just use the boxed recipe or do I need to add ingredients? I just want to give it a try, I've never used my fluted pan before and I'd like to start trying this in a demo soon. Thanks! Wendy
  8. N

    Can u microwave the "Hot Broccoli Dip"

    I am doing a kitchen show where it is outside and she wants to have the hot broccoli dip but I was thinkin if wew microwave it...then the kitchen will stay cool!
  9. J

    Microwave recipes??

    I am living out here in the California Desert where it is currently 98 degrees and climbing today and not a sole is interested in me cooking a dish for them. I really need some microwave ideas. I know all about our micro rice cooker but have heard of some micro cakes with the fluted pan and...
  10. K

    Microwave Cake Help!!!

    Can anyone help?? I have tried the HWC Microwave cake (strawberry cake mix with white choc chips and cheesecake pudding mix) 4 times, and every time it sticks to the bottom of fluted pan and breaks when I invert it. I have tried spraying it with Pam w/ flour; spraying it, then dusting with...
  11. Shawnna

    Microwave cake

    I just tried the Sunshine Cake-not sure if that is what it is called. I followed the recipe exactly. The recipe said microwave on high for 13 minutes or until cake tester was clean. The recipe said the cake would be moist/not seem done at the middle of the pan. After 13 min. the cake wasn't...
  12. L

    Microwave Recipe ideas?

    Help! I am looking for some stoneware microwave ideas. Any help would be great. thank you! [email protected] :)