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  • Greg, I think I accidentally 'reported' a post on my profile. I was trying to reply and think I clicked the wrong thing before I did it correctly. The post on my page was from Brittney. Can you check?
    Greg, i'm having trouble viewing the Image Gallery. it tells me i dont have premission. i look at this many of times. but now it wont let me. please help me. sharon curry [email protected]
    Hi Greg, I am having trouble with Director ChefSuccess. For some reason my password no longer works. When I clicked to request it/fix it, I got an email that sent me to some odd site that seemed to want me to purchase something. I clicked out, back to the email and now it just goes to the website and says I have the wrong password. Help? By the way, I'm Ruth Fifield on DCS.
    HI Greg! For some reason I am now not able to access chef success on my home computer, but I can access from work. What do I need to look at with my computer? I have looked at security, could it be my web browser? Please Help, email [email protected]
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