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What is success: Definition and 200 Discussions

  1. Admin Greg

    Welcome to the New Chef Success Look!

    We've made a ton of upgrades, cleaned up the colors, and added a ton of features. Please let me know what you think and if you come across any issues.
  2. Valerie Leinenbach

    Personal Ready to Cook and Teach in Central Illinois? Meet Valerie!

    Hello Everyone.... So excited to be getting the opportunity to teach and cook at the same time... I cannot wait to start this new adventure here in central Illinois.
  3. Cookin' Momma

    Personal How Can New Pampered Chef Consultants Achieve Success?

    Hi Everyone! I just stumbled upon this site and am happy to have done so! I began as a PC Consultant at the end of March 2017, and just submitted my first show.I signed on for two reasons. Firstly, to support my daughter in her efforts toward becoming a Director and a wildly successful Pampered...
  4. mspibb

    Rockcrok 3-Ingredient Recipe: Success & Challenges

    I made the 3 ingredient recipe in the Rockcrok that was in our newsletter this month. I did my apples with the classic APS instead of the slicer and baked it since I was doing it ahead. I took it to my meeting last night and it was a big hit! My only problem, it didn't slice well - it was...
  5. Cyndy

    Have you checked out the training on Consultants Corner?

    Hi all, my name is Cyndy and I am a stay at home mom of 13+ years . Happily joined Pampered Chef in late August and am trying to expand my business.. any and all suggestions welcomed!
  6. A

    Personal Who is the new Pampered Chef consultant, Amy Robinson?

    My name is Amy Robinson. I'm a wife, and a mother of 2 boys. I have alway loved to cook since I was a little girl. My mom got me my 1st piece of Pampered Chef 16 years ago & loved it. It wasn't till I went to my 1st Pampered Chef party 6 years ago that I really fell in love with Pampered Chef &...
  7. Gena Nadeau

    Ready to Take Your Chef Business to the Next Level?

    Well after 17 years as a Pampered Chef consultant, I have finally joined Chef Success! I don't know what took me so long :).
  8. Linda Reiter

    How Long Does It Take to Find Success with Pampered Chef?

    Hello Everyone, my name is Linda Reiter. I've been with The Pampered Chef since September 2015. It's been a fun ride so far & I look forward to a long & prosperous relationship with the sharing of information and encouragement from others. Thanks for sharing!
  9. P

    Where Did Chef Success Go? A New Location for Consultants?

    Am I missing something? Is there a new location of consultants supporting each other? Where is everyone on Chef Success? Can someone enlighten me? Thanks!
  10. raebates

    Unlock Your Miracle Morning & Achieve Pampered Chef Success!

    At a HO training in October I heard for the first time about The Miracle Morning. I am excited about the changes it's helped me make.What I would like to do is start a place here for those using TMM specifically to help their PC business.Let me know if you're interested.If you're now curious...
  11. nikked

    Have Virtual Shows Proven to be a Success? Share Your Stories!

    Howdy Strangers! Been a long long while, but thinking about another go around, in large part to what I'm hearing about the Virtual Shows. So where do I turn? Why, my old friends on Chef Success of course! I am wondering about how successful you have really found the virtual shows to be? Quite...
  12. michelle campo

    Can I Become a Director in Just 6 Months with Pampered Chef?

    Thanks for letting me join! I've been a consultant for 5.5 years, but recently my family's income has decreased quite a bit, so I'm really working hard to kick it up a notch. My goal is to become a director by 7/1/15, so I can walk across the stage at Conference! :-)
  13. Admin Greg

    What is ChefSuccess.com's Privacy Policy?

    This privacy policy discloses the privacy practices for Chefsuccess.com. This privacy policy applies solely to information collected by this web site.Relationship with The Pampered Chef, Ltd ChefSuccess.com is in NO WAY affiliated with The Pampered Chef, Ltd. ChefSuccess.com is completely...
  14. T

    Struggling to boost my Chef Success business - any tips?

    Hi. I am new to Chef Success but been with the Pampered Chef for 3 yrs. I still am having a hard time get my business off the ground. I'm struggling to get 2 catalog parties a month. Luck to have a home party ir a freezer meal workshop. Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated.
  15. DebPC

    Happy New Year! Wishing You & Yours Success in 2015!

    Wishing everyone a great 2015 personally and for your business!
  16. DebPC

    Chef's Success: My Experience in 6 Cooking Shows

    I got in 1 live cooking show and 5 catalog shows.
  17. C

    Need Help with Your Pampered Chef Business?

    hello! I'm a consultant from Illinois. Will be celebrating 1 year with Pampered Chef this month. I was guided to this site as I was looking for some information. I look forward to sharing and getting ideas!
  18. L

    How can Chef Success help me boost my bookings and sales?

    I am so excited I found this site! I need bookings, sales, motivation, etc. Hope to learn from all you fabulous folks! Have a blessed day!
  19. P

    Ready to Join the Chef Success Community?

    My name is Josie and I have been a consultant since May and I would like to thank everyone who contributes here.
  20. K

    Ready to Rejoin Pampered Chef? Welcome to Chef Success!

    Hi! I used to be a PC consultant, stopped after Hurricane Ivan, people in the area weren't needing or wanting products at that time. I have been considering coming back. I have Always Loved Pampered Chef products and recipes. I was looking up recipe and product use, it directed me here. I am...
  21. T

    Can Pampered Chef help me achieve success as a busy mom?

    Hi everyone! My name is Tara and I've been a consultant since March. I love Pampered Chef! My Mama used have parties when I was younger which is where I got my love for our products. I'm a busy Mommy of two girls ages 5 and 1 1/2, have a German Shepherd and Pomeranian and am married to my high...
  22. DebPC

    Success With Discontinued Product Sales

    Who's sold some due to FB, phone or newsletter promos?
  23. S

    Online Fundraising Success Stories: Tips & Advice

    Has anyone done an online only fundraiser? How did you make out?
  24. JanisF

    Thanks Chef Success and Members!

    My one-year silver subscription to Chef Success expired recently. I am a "hobby" PC seller in Canada. I became a consultant to have the social atmosphere, and because I love the products. I know that I do not have an outgoing personality, so making sales (and bookings) is challenging and...
  25. H

    My First Wedding Show: Overcoming Nerves and Preparing for Success

    I am brand new to PC and doing a confirmed 50 guest wedding show on Sunday. No food demo, so no pressure there. I am bringing a friend who had a PC shower herself to help with orders. I've put a TON of work into this, but it am still nervous. I've cut out all of the pictures of the items the...
  26. K

    Yesterday, When I Opened Chef Success, the

    Yesterday, when I opened chef success, the "file" section icon was across the top. Today, I cannot find the "file" section to access what has been downloaded. Anybody else having this problem or know where it's been moved to. I tried quick links and couldn't access it there either. Thanks...
  27. DebPC

    Please Share Your Favorite Features/Areas of Chef Success.

    Mine is the new Image Gallery and the files. Those areas save me so much work!