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What is happy: Definition and 200 Discussions

  1. A

    What are some creative marketing ideas for my PC consulting business?

    Hi, everyone! My name is Carol. I've been a PC consultant for 7 months, but just found out about this forum! I'm looking for fresh, new ideas for marketing my business, games to play in virtual parties and in-person parties, and just general bouncing of ideas off others.... :-) Looking forward...
  2. C

    Looking for a supportive and knowledgeable community? Check out CS Colleen!

    Hello, My name is Colleen and I have been a PC consultant since August 9th, 2019. I stumbled across this site by accident and I am so glad I did. Thank you for allowing me to join!! I look forward to learning and participating in this group.
  3. Laurie Jimenez

    Who is Laurie J. and what's her experience as a PC consultant near Austin, TX?

    Hello, I’m Laurie J. I’ve been a PC consultant for less than six months. I have one down line (so far). And mostly build my business holding Facebook parties, although I’ve had a few in home shows and participated in some vendor events. I live near Austin, TX.
  4. danielle simons

    Ready to Party with CS Danielle? Join Now!

    I'm Danielle! I've been a consultant since 2010, but my business has fluctuated over the years because of life!! I have started doing virtual parties but I prefer in-home parties. I'm very excited about all the new fall products, can't wait to get my blender!!! I
  5. J

    Are You Ready to Ring in the New Year with Joy and Happiness?

    Hi this is Jenny, Wish everyone happy new year. :)
  6. Dawn Walle

    How Does Dawn Walle Manage Her Business Across Two Continents?

    My name is Dawn Walle and I have been a PC fan for years but just started my business last July. I am currently working it on two continents, doing FB shows for my US customers and both online and actual shows for my customers here in Saudi Arabia. Right now my Freezer Meal workshops are...
  7. DebPC

    Happy New Year! Wishing You & Yours Success in 2015!

    Wishing everyone a great 2015 personally and for your business!
  8. DebPC

    Happy Birthday America: Celebrating with God Bless the USA

    God Bless The USA!
  9. DebPC

    DIP BAR: Endless Possibilities for Tailgating, Lunch Breaks, & Happy Hours

    DIP BAR....Show on the Go....Tailgate....Mom's at the Park...Lunch Break....Happy Hour...2nd recipe at a show.....WOW! The possibilities are endless. Holds 17 rubs, equal parts of mayo/sour cream mixture. And another use for 1 oz jello shot cups. Directions: spoon sour cream/mayo mixture into...
  10. DebPC

    Celebrate Greg's 30th Birthday with Us Today!

    Greg turns the big "30" today! "Happy Birthday"!!!
  11. The_Kitchen_Guy

    Happy New Year, Cheffers! A Message of Well Wishes and Movie Recommendations

    While you're all out partying, and I'm had home miserable with the flu, I just wanted to let you know I'm thinking of you all. At least I get to watch one of my favorite movies, Charade, the best Hitchcock movie that Hitch didn't make.(If I can stay awake through it!)
  12. Sheila

    Happy Thanksgiving! Carve a Turkey with HO #Thanksgiving

    I hope everyone has a very Happy Thanksgiving! HO has a video up called "How To Carve A Turkey" ~ if you want to put it on your business Facebook wall to help your customers today, here's the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=JcjR8dNPQII
  13. Sheila

    Director Happy Thanksgiving! Watch P. Chef's "How to Carve a Turkey" Video!

    I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving today! Pampered Chef has a video up "How To Carve A Turkey" if you want to share it on your business FB page today for all your customers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=JcjR8dNPQII
  14. M

    What Are the Best Appetizers for Happy Hour?

    Hi friends, I am doing my first Happy Hour themed show. I'll be making one of the Bev's of course. But I have never done appetizers for my shows- so I'm wondering, what is your favorite? Easiest to prepare during a demo? Or the one that wows guests the most? THanks for feedback, as always.
  15. Shawnna

    Celebrate Freedom on the 4th of July: A Message of Gratitude to our Troops

    Just wanted to say Happy 4th to everyone. Hope you have an awesome day celebrating our freedom. Don't forget...Freedom Isn't Free, it came at the cost of many lives. Thank you to our troops who sacrifice daily to fight for our freedom. Love you guys.
  16. M

    Appetizer Recipes for Happy Hour Show

    Anyone have any ideas for a quick, easy yet impressive appetizer to make at a show?
  17. wadesgirl

    Quick & Easy Happy Hour Party Ideas for Delicious Dips & Drinks

    I want to do a Happy Hour themed party but I'm just not satisfied with doing the microwave chip maker at a party. I like it at home but don't want to deal with different microwaves, cook times, etc. Anybody have any good quick ideas to serve with the rub dips and itty bitty bevs?
  18. N

    Happy Hour Show & Drink Question

    OK- I am trying to sort this out- I want to do happy hour shows and promote the drinks- My question is- they cost 5.25 per pkg on the supply order- Now if the Host wants the drink and has lots of guests we will need more than 1 box- Do I charge the host? I feel kinda cheap doing...
  19. baychef

    Director Unbelievable Products & Tools - Be Happy with Us!

    OMG!!!! Great products and business tools!!!!!:happyforyou:
  20. A

    Director Who is Celebrating a Birthday? bethcooks4u!

    :happyforyou: Happy Birthday bethcooks4u!!! :woohoo: :party:
  21. pampered1224

    New Year Resolutions and Blessings for 2012: Happy New Year!

    Kept resolutions, new adventures and much better days ahead are what we can all hope for in 2012! Many blessing for a better, fortuitous new year!
  22. Sheila

    Happy Thanksgiving Wishes for All - Celebrating with Blessings and Joy

    I hope all of you (even the Canadians who are not celebrating Thanksgiving today) have a blessed day! :D
  23. Sheila

    Director Happy Thanksgiving Wishes for Americans and Canadians | Celebrate with Joy!

    Happy Thanksgiving to all the Americans on the board. Hope everyone (including you Canadians) have a blessed day today! :D
  24. Sheila

    Spooky Fun: 4 Year Old's Pampered Chef Pumpkin & More Halloween Memories

    I asked the 4 year old what she wanted on her pumpkin & she said "Pampered Chef" ... so here's both the munchkins with their Chef's Hat Pumpkin! LOL https://fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/s720x720/374718_2558323482591_1389121744_3765144_1630450428_n.jpg Hope everyone had a...
  25. Sheila

    Director Happy Birthday! Wishing You a Joyous Day

  26. Sheila

    Are You Ready to Celebrate the 4th of July Safely?

    http://www.myspaceanimations.com/images/happy_4th1.gif While you are having fun celebrating America's Birthday, please remember fireworks safety and attend an organized fireworks display. Most of us prefer the slogan America the Beautiful over America the Burnt Please don't burn...
  27. P

    Director See Me in Chicago: Catwalk for 2 Categories in a Black Dress with Coral Accents

    Hope to see you all in Chicago! Watch for me walking for 2 categories! I will have a black dress with coral colored stuff all over it!
  28. raebates

    Happy Birthday to the Kitchen Guy!

    I'm trusting that you'll get a chance to check in. I hope all of the birthday wishes you make come true.:D
  29. NooraK

    Celebrating Tkg's Cancerversary: A Thank You from Cancer Advocacy Now

    I wanted to make sure to mark this special day for you, since you give so much of yourself each day. Thank you for never forgetting to update us (even if it means just making sure the computer is on and a script runs), and thank you for the humor you bring to brighten the day...
  30. Sheila

    Happy Mother's Day! How I'm Celebrating Away from Home | Family, Dinner & Rest

    I hope each of you have a WONDERFUL day! How's everyone spending their big day? I'm still 1/2 way around the world from hubby. I spent today with my Mom & took her to dinner. The in-laws took the kids late tonight so I can sleep in tomorrow. I'll get them back for lunch & nap, then we are...