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What is july: Definition and 200 Discussions

  1. kam

    July Specials: Get Updated Flyers Now!

    Here are the flyers updated with the July specials!
  2. chefjeanine

    What Are the July 2020 Guest & Host Specials?

    Kathleen,How can I be behind when I'm not leaving the house???? :eek:
  3. kam

    July Specials on Flyers: Updated for You!

    Here are the flyers updated with the July Specials.
  4. chefjeanine

    What are the current specials at your online store?

    Kathleen,Here are the latest specials
  5. kam

    July Flyer Updates: What's New in Store?

    Here are the flyers updated with July specials.NOTE: I had a mistake on the original 3-month flyer ("Host a show in June" was listed under July). I have fixed that error and the new file is now uploaded.
  6. kam

    July 2017 Specials: Check Out Our Updated Flyers and New Mini-Catty!

    Here are the flyers updated with July specials.Update 5/16: Just added the Mini-catty flyer.
  7. kam

    July Specials: Check Out Our Updated Flyers!

    Here are the flyers updated with the July specials!
  8. baychef

    September Specials and July Recruiting Specials

    Oh Kam????? Have some specials for you! When you get time and THANK YOU!!!! Words seem so little but if it helps...Carolyn is a ROCK STAR with PC!! So your flyers help! My show average last month was $978 so I would say they are working!
  9. kam

    What's New in July's Flyers?

    Here are my flyers with July:
  10. E

    June & July 2014 Outside Order Forms

    Here are the Outside Order Forms I have created for June and July.
  11. kam

    July Specials - Check Out Our Flyer!

    Here are my flyers with the July Specials added.
  12. The_Kitchen_Guy

    What Happened to Paige Dixon Birgfeld?

    In case you are new to these daily updates, let me just quickly tell you that our friend and fellow Cheffer, Paige Dixon Birgfeld, disappeared without a trace on June 28, 2007. You can follow the entire story in a thread called "One of Our Own Is Missing" at the top of this page. Human remains...
  13. B

    July 30 Day Challenge Flyer: Join the ISO Challenge Now!

    ISO: July 30 Day Challenge FlyerHi everyone,Is the July 30 Day Challenge Flyer posted? I looked but I didn't see one; I could have easily missed it somewhere.TIA.
  14. M

    Promotional Funds Raised in July: Did Your Fundraiser Make the Cut?

    I can't find anything in promotions (consultants corner) regarding additional money raised in July. Wouldn't they get more in a fundraiser held this month has over $650 in sales?
  15. A

    Christmas in July: Recipes for the Perfect Show!

    I am offering Christmas in July shows and looking for ideas for recipes to demo...
  16. DebPC

    What's Everyone Doing for the Fourth of July?

    We are working around the house today and then going out to eat at a restaurant on a lake to watch the fireworks. We went last year for the first time but even at 9pm it was over 90 degrees. Hoping to enjoy it more this year since the weather is gorgeous!
  17. W

    Is the Past Host Booking Benefit 60% off for hosts who sell over $650?

    Is the Past Host Booking Benefit just one of the 60% off items even if the host sells over $650?
  18. cookinforyou

    Exciting Promotion to Director: July 1!

    Toot Toot So excited I did it!! I promote officially July 1 to director!! I have 6 active this month and over $6000 so far in team sales!! :sing::sing::sing: I have so much to learn and I can't wait to embark on this new journey!!
  19. DebPC

    Is Sellathon in June or July This Year?

    I think it's June this year- but I couldn't find anything on it in the new marketing materials at last nights meeting.
  20. kam

    Updated July Flyers: Host/Guest on One Page!

    Here are my flyers updated with July. **05/14: Added June/July 2 month flyer **05/28: Added July host/guest on one page Thanks!
  21. DebPC

    Buy Office Supplies in July and August

    If you can take advantage of the "Back to School" sales- you can save alot. I buy pens, white out, school folders for my host packets, notebooks etc. then. Sometimes I'm there 3-4 times in a week if they have a maximum you can buy at a time. I am always going past there anyways so it's not...
  22. C

    Director Double Points for July Recruits: Get the Details!

    Did anyone save the flyer from CC about this? Either I am blind or they already took it down! I am trying to figure out with the double/triple points, since my July recruits had an extension on their 30 days if they qualify in that time, do I still get double points even though they will...
  23. S

    What Do I Get for Submitting 2 Shows in July? Fall Launch Recap

    I did not go to Fall launch but I did submit 2 shows last month. For those who went, What do we get for submitting 2 July shows? TIA
  24. esavvymom

    Everyone of You Will Make at Least $220 in July-- Guaranteed!!!

    I just got this from my hospitality director (NED). Very interesting idea. I've heard of it before, but with the bonuses this month, it would be very appealing to a customer. So I thought I'd share...especially since there are always new folks who haven't seen these yet. Here is how...
  25. P

    Urgent Is a Generic July Outside Order Form Available for Inactive PC Status?

    Hello, Would someone be willing to provide a generic July Outside Order Form that I could use please. My PC status was changed to inactive and I need one ASAP. Thank you!
  26. O

    July Guest With Classic Trivets Sale Flyer

    I won't pretend to be anywhere near as talented as our friends (like Kam) who make such awesome flyers. But since I need this I thought I'd share it. Note that depending on the version of word you're using you may not see the images but if you "Print Preview" it they are there and will...
  27. Shawnna

    Celebrate Freedom on the 4th of July: A Message of Gratitude to our Troops

    Just wanted to say Happy 4th to everyone. Hope you have an awesome day celebrating our freedom. Don't forget...Freedom Isn't Free, it came at the cost of many lives. Thank you to our troops who sacrifice daily to fight for our freedom. Love you guys.
  28. kam

    July Recruiting Flyers: Host/Guest & Bonus Updates

    Here are some of my flyers updated with July Recuit. I have even included one updated with the July Bonus items. MiniCattyInsertJulRec12_fillable: Mini catty insert with July Host/Guest and July recruit. JulRec12_fillable: 2 month flyer format with July Host/Guest and July recruit...
  29. kristina16marie

    Have You Taken the 30 Day Challenge for July Yet?

    Has anyone made this yet? I tried to modify June's with a pic of the July special, but let's just say...I didn't have much success getting the picture in correctly... Anyone else have much luck?
  30. P

    Director HO Struggles in July: What's Not Working Out?

    HO is throwing everything they have at July! $200 extra FREE, hot dogs and QSP for hostesses. Double points, free for all, hot dogs for us... anyone else get the feeling business is down??? Hmmmmm new web not working out exactly how they had planned???:bugeye: