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What is double: Definition and 150 Discussions

  1. Tenille V.

    Looking for Savory Double Boiler Recipes?

    Does anyone have savory recipes that use the Double Boiler? I'm finding mostly dessert & hollandaise sauce recipes. My host just bought one, but would like more of a savory recipe to use. Suggestions? TIA
  2. higoobs

    Need to Trade Double Grill for Double Griddle

    Please contact me..... I have a brand new unopened double burner grill willing to trade for a double burner griddle
  3. byrd1956

    UPampered Chefoming Double Bridal Shower

    A past host is hosting a Bridal Shower for her daughter and daughter-in-law-to-be. I'll be doing a small demo and she will be taking care of most everything else. I have tried to figure out how to look in the files for PC oriented games for a shower along with either a current Well Stocked...
  4. K

    Double Burner Grill Recipe Booklet

    Hello everyone! I watched a youtube video on Tenille doing a station type show. I LOVE the recipe she used and was looking for it. She also mentions an ebook she sends to her guests for this product and I have been unable to find one. I am doing my first station style show on Saturday and hope...
  5. DebPC

    Double Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake Bites

    Double Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake Bites Ingredients: 1 brownie mix (prepared according to package instructions, but uncooked) 1/2 cup dark chocolate of choice, chopped into small pieces 1 8 oz package cool whip 1 8 oz package cream cheese, softened 1/3 cup powdered sugar 4...
  6. C

    Where Can I Find a Replacement Ring for My Double Wall Tumbler Straw?

    I just searched through the replacement parts list and couldn't find the ring on the straw for the double wall tumbler. Maybe I missed it or maybe they don't have one?! My son yanked on the straw and the ring has disappeared! Anyone know if we have one or where I can find a replacement?
  7. M

    Double Chocolate Swirl Bread? Old Recipe

    Has anyone made this before? I'm doing it for a show tomorrow. The host said it is her favorite recipe from pampered chef. I don't have the rotary grater. How would I grate the chocolate chips? I also don't have the mini loaf pan. I'm going to attempt it on a regular bar pan and hope it...
  8. C

    Director Double Points for July Recruits: Get the Details!

    Did anyone save the flyer from CC about this? Either I am blind or they already took it down! I am trying to figure out with the double/triple points, since my July recruits had an extension on their 30 days if they qualify in that time, do I still get double points even though they will...
  9. nikked

    Get Double Trip Points for Irresistible Destinations 2012 - Limited Time Offer!

    For some reason, it's not on the flyer, but in the "See Rules" link of the recruiter side of the promotion on CC, it references DOUBLE TRIP POINTS... Just stumbled across this but hadn't seen a discussion about it, so I thought I would share. It says: Note: You will receive double points...
  10. A

    Double Walled Tumbler Showed up Without a Straw?

    Did this happen to anyone else? My daughter was SO excited to use it--and of course she could with a regular straw--but isn't it supposed to come WITH a straw?
  11. E

    Swap Reservations: Need 2 Double Beds in Baltimore

    :eek:HELP!!! Turns out the clerk who took my reservation back in December for the Hilton Baltimore told me I would get 2 double beds when in fact there is just 1 king bed. I am in desperate need of space. Is there anyone who has 2 double beds and only needs 1 kind bed? We could switch out...
  12. B

    Upgrade Your Cooking Experience with a Double Oven Gas Range - Learn More!

    I'm starting to think about getting a new gas range. Some on the market have double ovens - a small upper oven and a regular lower oven and no storage drawer on the bottom. Each oven gets its own temp control. These days most of my cooking is stove top and microwave. I do love to bake, just...
  13. gailz2

    Loaded Baked Potato Chowder--Can You Double It in the Dcb?

    Has anyone doubled this recipe in the DCB--I was wondering if it would fit.
  14. Dotty

    Iso Retired Double Ended Grapefruit Knife

    I have a customer looking for a retired double-ended grapefruit knife. Shipping would be to 14871. Thanks
  15. T

    Can Double Burner Griddle Sear Fish? Quick Answer Requested!

    Hello.... Can anyone tell me anything about the Double Burner Griddle. Can it get hot enough to sear fish? Needing an answer quickly!
  16. wadesgirl

    What is the recipe for The Pampered Chef's Double Chocolate Mousse Cups?

    This was asked for in the chat box. The Pampered Chef ® Double Chocolate Mousse Cups Recipe Waffle Cups 1/2 cup semi-sweet chocolate morsels 1 pkg (4 oz) prepared waffle bowls (10 bowls) Mousse & Garnish 1/2 cup white chocolate morsels 1 cup cold milk 1 pkg (3.3 oz)...
  17. B

    Get Unique Ideas for Cooking with Square & Double Griddles

    I have both the square griddle and the double griddle and to be honest I only use these to thaw meat. They work amazing for this use - quickly thaw anything that way - but seriously, if I had paid for those pans I would feel I wasn't getting my investment from them using them just for this...
  18. P

    Jillian Grant Dvd - Double Digit Recruiting

    Do you still have CDs in your supply orders in the US? I had a CD before with Jillian called Double Digit Recruiting. It seems to have gone missing and I would LOVE to have it again...does anyone have this or do you know if I can get it anywhere? OR if you have any other recordings from her...
  19. Sheila

    Double Check Your Online Shows!

    Heads up everyone! I closed out a catalog show last night that had 8 online orders. #1-#5, #7 & #8 all came to my e-mail. Neither the host nor myself received a notification about #6! It was sitting there on the online show list, and transferred into P3, but no e-mail notification. If I...
  20. Sheila

    Director Double Check Your Online Shows!

    Heads up ladies! I closed out a catalog show last night that had 8 online orders. #1-#5, #7 & #8 all came to my e-mail. Neither the host nor myself received a notification about #6! It was sitting there on the online show list, and transferred into P3, but no e-mail notification. If I...
  21. thehaleykitchen

    Don't Have the Double Strength Vanilla...

    I don't have any double strength vanilla but really want to try making the Raspberry Champagne Cream cake.... What do I do? It calls for 1 tsp of it! Karen
  22. babywings76

    Hosting a Party? How to Decide If You Need to Double Your Recipe

    My party tomorrow night, the host is expecting 11 women (who will also be bringing their Significant Others---there will be a St. Patty's Day party after the PC part is done.) We are making the 3 Cheese Garden Pizza and the Mango Salsa w/ chips. She's also going to have some fresh...
  23. kcmckay

    Book February & Get Rewarded: Catty Specials & Double Points!

    So I really want a solid February to accrue as many double points as I can because I am going to New Orleans and Europe! :) So I just want to offer something that will get people to book February because people always feel like it's too soon and I have no early bookings. I have one on the 20th...
  24. finley1991

    Director Double Points in February! With a Twist

    I posted this incorrectly a few minutes ago... http://www.directorchefsuccess.com/showthread.php?t=3210 The correct info is in the December Consultant News... To receive Double Incentive Trip Points: At least TWO Cooking Shows, Catalog Shows, Fundraiser Shows and/or Wedding Showers of at...
  25. finley1991

    Director January Double Points: Discover Our Next Destinations on Consultant's Corner

    It's in the December CN on Consultant's Corner!!!!!!!! Any guesses on our next destinations??? :sun:
  26. D

    Double Broiler: Keep Chocolate Melted for Rum Balls?

    Hi Everyone! Can anyone tell me if while using the Double Broiler--does the chocolate stay melted for awhile in the broiler or does it harden quickly? I have a customer saying she'd use it for her rum balls (yummy!) but she has had issues in past with other ones not really keeping the...
  27. loreo

    Discover the Double Burner Griddle with Spout - Your Perfect Cooking Companion

    What is the spout that is mentioned on the catalog description? I couldn't find anything on CC. TIA!
  28. kitchendivinity

    (Rant, Sorry) Hostess From H- E - Double Hockey Sticks!!

    Ok, so I have a hostess that had a show on 9/17. It ended up being a $337 show (SUPER low for me) because she had no one there (Yes I hostess coached TONS). After her show, she wanted to collect some more outside orders. . . so I said ok, we can keep it open a couple days. (she never got any...
  29. The_Kitchen_Guy

    Woman Leading Double Life Still Missing After 3 Years

    Another anniversary story. If you follow the link, don't read the comments. There are still a lot of stupid people out there that have Internet access. Woman leading double life still missing after 3 years Source: KUSA/KTVD 9news - Denver NBC Affiliate Posted by Nadia Gedeon GRAND...