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What is ring: Definition and 159 Discussions

  1. C

    Where Can I Find a Replacement Ring for My Double Wall Tumbler Straw?

    I just searched through the replacement parts list and couldn't find the ring on the straw for the double wall tumbler. Maybe I missed it or maybe they don't have one?! My son yanked on the straw and the ring has disappeared! Anyone know if we have one or where I can find a replacement?
  2. higoobs

    How Many Does an Enchilada Ring Feed? - Bridal Shower Baking

    I will be per baking enchilada rings for a bridal shower and I would like to know how many people does one enchilada ring feed?
  3. J

    Help With Old Pampered Chef Recipe - Apple Nut Ring

    I have a host for a brunch tomorrow morning, who is stuck on me making an Apple Nut Ring...apparently she has been a PC lover for years, and a consultant friend of hers made this a long time ago. Still new, trying to accomodate the hosts as much as possible, so I agreed to try. Gonna make it...
  4. B

    Looking for Bottom Ring to Old Cookie Press

    When I told my one of my clients that, sorry, we don't sell the old ring and no, you can't return the new one that you mistakenly bought, she wasn't very happy with me. Anyone have one I can buy from you? I'll (obviously) pay for shipping as well!!
  5. husbandwifepcteam

    Iso Ring for Old Style Accent Decorator

    I need the ring for the old style accent decorator for a customer. Hope someone can help me out. Thanks!
  6. J

    Wanted:Pampered Chef 3 Ring Binder

    to hold product information as I am new and would like to take it with me if someone has a questions, I have a reference. Please let me know the price and send a pic I am in MA thanks! :chef:
  7. S

    Substitutes for Mayo in Chicken Enchilada Ring

    Do you know of anything I could use as a sub for mayo? My host wants to do a chicken enchilada ring but it has mayo in it.:confused: Wondering if there is something else I could sub in.
  8. dannyzmom

    Lemon Herb Chicken Ring: Nutritional Information Included

    Does anyone have the nutritional information for this recipe?
  9. C

    Looking for Chicken Brunch Ring (Older Recipe)

    My mom can't find an older Pampered Chef recipe that is from about 15 years ago, long before I started in PC. She thinks it was called Chicken brunch ring. It has chicken, bacon and tomato and you make a crescent roll ring. Can anyone help me with it?
  10. ChefCKHall

    Can I earn two excellence awards with just eight more recruits?

    Was just checking out Consultant Connection - I am $231 away from earning an excellence award! Eight more recruits and I will have earned two! Goodness me! What a year!! How can it get better? Let's see if I can get $231 in sales before the end of the year! Woot Woot Woot This is...
  11. thehaleykitchen

    Can someone share the Taco Ring recipe from Dorris' cookbook?

    Okay, so I didn't get Dorris' cookbook but could someone please give me the Taco Ring recipe out of it???? I have seen a few posted here but a 1/2 lb of ground beef just doesn't seem to be enough to fill the ring. Thank you! My host tonight wants to demo this recipe because it's her favorite...
  12. J

    Anyone of the Recipe for the Turkey Ring?

    It has cranberries and nuts in it? I wanted to make it but I don't have the recipe. Thanks!
  13. B

    Urgent What Else to Make With Taco Ring?

    I have a show today and I am making the Taco Ring on the Large Bar Pan. I am going to talk about products and play a game or two while its cooking Is there a quick dessert that I do as well?
  14. T

    Need Help With Doing Taco Ring in Spanish...

    Hola - are there any Spanish speaking consultants out there who could help me with the Taco Ring recipe? I'm pretty fluent in Spanish, but I'm not as familiar with the cooking terminology in Spanish.... Any help would be much appreciated! Gracias!
  15. etteluap70PC

    I Made a Ring Tone for My I-Phone From a Recording of the

    I made a ring tone for my i-phone from a recording of the "amazing" song at NC. But I can not figure out how to post it to share. Any tips? It's am MP3 file
  16. P

    Florentine Chicken Ring Recipe - Customer Service Request

    Two questions does anyone have this recipe and if so could you post it? And does anyone have any hints or tricks to go along with it. I need this for a customer who is trying to find a recipe that her mom used to make for her when she was little its a big family favorite and she dosent remeber...
  17. Ginger428

    Can anyone help find a lost TPC ring for a friend and upline Director?

    A friend & upline Director has lost her TPC ring, the gold original one. She asked me to post here If anyone has or knows anyone that does not want theirs. I cannot go to DCS since I'm not one. If anyone can help me I would REALLY appreciate it!! TIA Ginger
  18. batroark

    $500 From the Ruby Ring! Help?!?!

    I am $500 away from selling enough for the Ruby Ring and I am pretty well at the end of my rope. I am setting up at my community center on Friday, April 30th to hopefully sell to the gang that comes in for Zumba. Does anyone have a flyer suggestion on trying to promote this to them? They come...
  19. C

    Does a baby bottle ring fit the old EAD narrow white rings?

    I know this is a long shot but does anyone happen to have one of the old narrow white rings for the EAD? I seems that I read that a baby bottle ring would work - anyone know about that? Janet
  20. L

    Tantalizing People With the Chicken Broccoli Ring...

    I did this for my Expo show on Saturday. I don't know what I'll do, I'm not planning on ordering a ton of catalogs as the last time everyone wiped me out of catalogs and did NOT place an order. I got ONE order from that WHOLE expo. :mad: So this time I am doing recipe flyers with my info and...
  21. R

    Need Help Finding the Chicken Ring Recipe? Ask Here!

    Ok, so I had a client at a show ask what he had to buy to get the chicken ring recipe (cookbook, product,etc) and I have no idea... anyone know what I can tell him? Thanks!!
  22. yourpcgal

    Maggie's Taco Ring Adventure: Testing Out A Recipe Before a Show

    I've never made the Taco Ring or any ring for that matter. I have a show on Saturday and the host has requested the Taco Ring. I've been told by two other consultants to add a can of re-fried beans to the meat or else it will crumble out. Has anyone ever tried this? I plan to make this for...
  23. S

    A Tasty Brunch Idea: Cherry Cheese Ring!

    My host wants a brunch type show, I wanted to try the Cherry Cheese Ring . . any thoughts on this? Thanks, Steph
  24. C

    Need Recipe, Chicken Enchillada Ring

    Can someone post the ingredients for the chicken enchillada ring, it is in the old celebrations cookbook! Thanks!
  25. pc_jessica

    Troubleshooting a Cookie Press: Popping Bottom Ring

    At my booth yesterday I had a woman come up and ask me a question about our new cookie press. She said she had just gotten hers and that she tried to use it but the bottome ring keeps popping off it when she tries it. Anyone have this happen or know why this would be happening. I told her she...
  26. L

    Need a Replacement Iso Ring for Older EAD?

    Looking for a replacement ring for the older EAD. Please email me at [email protected] if you have one you are willing to sell or trade for. Thanks, Loreen
  27. T

    Find the Perfect Taco Ring Recipe for Your Grand Opening!

    Where is the recipe for this taco ring I keep hearing about?? I only have 2 Season's Best books and it's not in either of those and I also looked on CC and nothing came up, I was thinking of making it for my Grand Opening...
  28. S

    Can I Use a Bar Pan to Make a Taco Ring?

    I have not made any of the rings yet. I just booked a Sept. show, and the host would like the taco ring. I don't have a round stone, but do have the large bar pan. Is there any reason I can't use that, and make more of a taco oval-shaped ring? I will definitely try the recipe before the show...
  29. DebPC

    Director Can You Make Ring Recipes in a Large Bar Pan?

    I recently heard some consultants are doing this. Does anyone here do this?