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What is people: Definition and 200 Discussions

  1. K

    How Can I Get People to Attend My Party When I'm New to the Area?

    Hey everyone,I am new to PC and my first party was a bust, no one RSVP'd nor did any shw up. i had to cancel the party. I'm looking for advice on how to get people to attend when I schedule a new one. This is supposed to be my Grand Opening party and I need ideas on how to convince people to...
  2. E

    Is It Normal That Most People Don't Answer the Phone?

    As a fairly new consultant working on making phone calls consistently, I was just wondering if it was normal that only about 1 out of 10 people actually answer the phone? (mostly voicemails) It would help me tremendously as I keep trekking on to know that this is normal/to be expected, and I am...
  3. DebPC

    What Pampered Chef Products Are You Getting for People as Christmas Gifts?

    My daughter and son in law are getting all the glass storage containers and the Grinder Set. My sister is getting the Microwave grips.
  4. J

    Help Needed: Time Management Training for Busy People!

    Hey everyone! I have been searching for some sort if time management training and I haven't had much luck! I am HORRIBLE at managing my time and desperately need some help! Does anyone know of some online training or anything that I could try out??
  5. kristanmary

    I'm Out of People to Ask!!! Help!

    Can someone please help me I am out of people to ask to have a party I live in a smaller area in Northern Minnesota i've asked all my freinds and people i'm close to and now i'm having problems booking partys please help!
  6. naekelsey

    What do you tell people about your role with Pampered Chef?

    What do you say when people ask you what you do, with regards to Pampered Chef? I usually say that I sell PC but that doesn't seem like the "correct" answer...
  7. chefliz

    Managing Contacts in P3: What Practices Do People Follow?

    I feel so dumb asking this....BUT what does everyone do with their contacts in P3? Do you save them if you don't have complete info such as phone and email? Do you only save them if you have email? I have only been saving them if I have email and I am now thinking this may have been a "not so...
  8. Sheila

    Director Why You Are Not Supposed to Lie to People ...

    Karma will get you in the end! LOLI had a host all excited about doing "Welcome back to TX/Baby Shower" for her son & pregnant daughter-in-law. I did all the normal host coaching, reminded her to do invites, etc. She invited a handful of people on FB, but didn't do anything with the online...
  9. Sheila

    Iso Rental Ideas for 15-20 People

    My Mommy group wants to do a weekend getaway (without the kids) next summer. We'll be coming from all over the US, Spain, Canada, etc. so the "where" is negotiable. Does anyone have any recommendations for a place close to an international airport (we don't want to commute too far by car)...
  10. M

    Who Should I Contact for Organizing Successful Fundraisers?

    I am looking for a HUGE list of places and people who I should contact about holding fundraisers! I need to add to my business and I'm not sure who all to contact I have done the Day-care Centers and I am going to send letters to Scholarship Foundations...but I'm blank as to who else might want...
  11. naekelsey

    List to Find People When You Are Out and About

    There is a list you can use to ask people when you are out and about in order to meet new people & maybe get shows. I just can't find it. It has things like, You are a mother You have blonde hair You work at a bank. and etc. You have the people pick what fits them and have...
  12. P

    Director Going Places: An Amazing Journey with World-Class People

    Just wanted to share with everyone that the Going Places trip has been amazing. We belong to a world class organization!
  13. S

    I Just Have to Vent, Cannot Believe People Can Be so Rude!

    So I just have to get this off my chest to people who would "get it". My day job is an airline phone center, for the most part we work from home but I have to drive into the office once a week. Last night I went in and in a few of the break rooms I put some catalogs out (since I have a ton and...
  14. P

    Director Wording to Direct People to My Fb Page

    I'd like to put a sticker on my catalogs that says something like Like me on Facebook Tell me where you received this catalog (post on the wall) and be entered to win a prize link to my page But it's too wordy - any ideas for how to word this to make it clear and understandable?
  15. P

    Can You Invite People to 'Like' You on Facebook?

    I was thinking I could take all the emails I have and try to find them on facebook to invite them to join my group. I can't find anything that says 'invite to group'. Is there a way that you can find people and invite them to like you?
  16. vanscootin

    People Baffle Me... Online Order

    So last month I had an online order for random things that totaled $94.00. I assumed it was an HO lead... well today I called about an adjustment (which PC has no record of) and the cs rep tells me about another adjustment that this lady returned EVERYTHING! Sooo will my commission be adjusted...
  17. Sheila

    Director Never Underestimate Stupid People

    I'm not sure HOW they still amaze me. You'd think after all these years I'd be used to hearing about the stupid things people do. But somehow I still sit here scratching my head & wondering what in the world this woman was thinking!
  18. cookingwithlove

    Director Inviting People to Your Business Page: Tips & Tricks

    So I created a business page. How can I individually invite people to it? I know I can globally invited everyone in my email address book and my friends on FB, but I want to invited people as I meet them at parties. Any suggestions?
  19. N

    Rant- Had a Show 15 People, No Orders???

    WHAT??? Are you kidding me- I am at a loss for words- Host had about 12-15 people there- everyone ate, my food, hosts food and left.... NO orders a few were interested in ordering but cannot get a hold of them. Even the host that this show was booked off of. ?????? THis was a...
  20. C

    How Can I| Get More People to Like My Page

    I sent messages to people who are friends on my personal FB page to like my PC FB page, but only got a few. How can I get more to LIKE my page. I guess people can like my page when I post something and it shows on my friends pages????? I want to get more people???
  21. chefheidi2003

    Quick and Easy Dessert Show for 15 People - What Do You Think?

    I have a host who since we can't find a weekend day to have a show she wants me to do some kind of dessert type show, but she wants something quick and easy. Here is what I was thinking. Make cake in DCB in microwave Have Vanilla ice cream - people can use the ice cream dipper have the...
  22. K

    Director Can't Get People to Come to Meetings? Let's Try Again!

    I had to cancel yet another meeting. A few are asking for more local meetings so I plan it and everyone says they can't come or they may make it but don't count on me. I would rather drive the hour and go to the meeting where there are people. How do you get people to come they don't know how...
  23. Aurora

    Best Way to Order Gifts for Several People?

    How should I order gifts for multiple people at various addresses, either as "consultant gift" or using PC dollars, if possible? TIA! I mean, I know "how", I'm just trying to figure out the BEST way, yk?
  24. Hunter Mom

    Errrr - Small Fair With Two Pampered Chef People

    I just did a fair at a local high school. Attendance was sparse at best, but imagine my surprise when the kids helping me haul stuff in commented how they'd just helped the other PC lady with hers. WHAT???? :grumpy: Anyhow, she wandered over to my area before we started and we visited - she's...
  25. A

    A Big Thank You to All the Wonderful People on This Board!

    I just wanted to say a big "Thank you" to all the people on this board! I am a NC since September and this has been such a huge help in getting my business up and running. The experience, wisdom, flyers, and insight has been so wonderful! I haven't posted much, but the information I have gained...
  26. HealthNut

    Holy Crap...25 People Have Said Yes...

    so i understand that i probably won't HAVE 25 people there next saturday - but my Sister In Law's party is next week (she had me send her TWO sets of 40 invites...) and I talked to her today and she said she has about 10 outside orders and 25 absolute "yes's" with a few more coming in. so -...
  27. L

    Ugh...another Day of People I Just Can't Move"

    Despite the fact I tell them "I'm taking volunteers...." I did get one person to read the recipe...the rest just wanted to visit. I realize one person has been to literally. FIVE. Pampered Chef. Shows. This Year. Three of them were mine. One of them she hosted. :D:p And she's now...
  28. F

    What Would You Do...2 People Working on Same Recruit.

    WARNING...Long....So I have a situation. I've been working on a potential recruit for almost 2 yrs. I'm not a Dir. yet but hold my own meetings and have a hospitality that attends. Last week I found out hosp. had someone she was going to bring to the mtg. this evening. When I asked who the...
  29. M

    Ok, Positive People... Help Me Look at This Positively...

    No, I'm not being facetious... I really am trying to remain positive, and I'm having a very hard time of it. I'm a new consultant, had my first show in August. So far my shows are friends, family, and coworkers. A coworker is having a show Friday, and since she'll be at a different office...