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What is christmas: Definition and 200 Discussions

  1. mspibb

    Ordering Chopper for Christmas: Amazon vs. Local Store

    Got a text this week from a friend asking if I could get a chopper before Christmas. I said certainly and she asked Price and shippping. I sent her the total- I took a 10% discount off (Our sales tax is 9.75). I get a text back saying the person is ordering from Amazon. Found it $33.49 and...
  2. raebates

    Share Your Holiday Cheer: Our Family Christmas Newsletter

    Do you send out a family Christmas newsletter? If so, please share. Here's ours.
  3. raebates

    Christmas Countdown 2016: Tips, Tricks, and 96 Days until the Holiday Season

    It's that time of year again. There are only 96 days until Christmas. Soon I'll begin my annual Christmas countdown. Stay tuned for my hints, tips, and suggestions.
  4. L

    Gifting From Pampered Chef: Christmas Gifts for Consultants/Directors

    Does Pampered Chef send out Christmas gifts to consultants/directors or above?
  5. raebates

    Want to see our family Christmas newsletter?

    My Christmas cards have been sent out. Thought I'd share our family Christmas newsletter. I'd love to see yours. Share it here.
  6. raebates

    What Do You Get for the Pampered Chef in Your Life?

    Using an idea from a Mary Kay director friend of mine, I decided to offer a 12 Pampered Days of Christmas package last year. I had no takers. This year I had a taker! It's the parents of a woman I network with. Her sister likes to cook and lives in another state. The mom thought the deluxe...
  7. Shelbi

    Looking for Unique Holiday Gifts? Try Our Station-Style Show!

    I have been seeing all these really cute gift ideas using the batter bowls and products and was thinking lately many people do those mason jars with the cookie ingredients or whatever inside just like the batter bowls but what if there was a station styled show where everyone comes and makes...
  8. raebates

    Ready for a Pampered Christmas? Check out my 12 Days of Gifts Package!

    I have a friend/mentor who was a big muckety-muck in Mary Kay before giving up her directorship for her coaching business as a hypno-educator. She offered a 12 Days of Christmas package. I decided to try something similar this year. I'd appreciate any feedback.To give you some background, here's...
  9. DebPC

    What Pampered Chef Products Are You Getting for People as Christmas Gifts?

    My daughter and son in law are getting all the glass storage containers and the Grinder Set. My sister is getting the Microwave grips.
  10. K

    Newbie Vendor Needs Advice: Christmas Bazaar Booking Tree

    Hello everyone, I am brand spanking new to PC and I have my first vendor show tomorrow. Very last minute, I was just asked to do it yesterday! I haven't had my first party yet, but that'll be Saturday. The event is a Christmas Bazaar so I thought I would try to attract guests to my table...
  11. byrd1956

    Didn't Receive My Christmas Cards - What Gives?

    Did anyone else order some of these? They didn't come with the other supplies I ordered and of course I didn't look on my packing slip to see if they will be shipped later. Maybe I missed the 'memo'. I planned on sending them as Christmas cards to my 2013 past hosts and if I have any leftover...
  12. A

    Christmas in July: Recipes for the Perfect Show!

    I am offering Christmas in July shows and looking for ideas for recipes to demo...
  13. raebates

    Have you started planning for next Christmas yet?

    Today is December 26. There are only 364 days until Christmas! So, Christmas 2012 is nearly over. (I figure I’m not the only one with a few holiday gatherings ahead.) Here’s an idea to help make things easier next Christmas. Make a file for next year. I keep one on my computer, but you can...
  14. scottcooks

    Is The Pampered Chef Removing Christmas from its Mission Statement?

    I sent the following to solution center and my (National Senior Exec) director. If you agree, please draft something similar and send to solution center... "Hello! I am so proud to represent The Pampered Chef with its noble beginnings as a company who recognized and actually included God...
  15. C

    What Are the Best Dishes to Cook for a Large Christmas Gathering?

    Hi all, I'm hosting my first Christmas for 25 people and I am dying to show off my Pampered Cheffing skills! I am making a ham and I was wondering what I should bake it in... rectangular baker? Also, I need some good recipes for sides... potatoes au gratin and something with pineapple to go...
  16. J

    Are Homemade Ornaments a Good Business Idea?

    Hello, My name is Jennifer, I'm a fairly new consultant, I've been reading the threads and chats for a while though :) My team had our December meeting/holiday get together tonight and we did an ornament exchange. I made a homemade ornament that went over really well. My director suggested...
  17. naekelsey

    Voting Day Sale: After You Vote, Get Ready for Christmas Shopping!

    Has anyone ever done a "I Voted" sale on The Presidential Election Day?" Something along the lines of a Black Friday Sale but a After You Vote, relax & do your Christmas shopping..
  18. esavvymom

    Christmas Ideas With Pampered Chef Products

    Saw this today from my local NED. What other photos and ideas do you have for Christmas/Holidays with the products?
  19. raebates

    Christmas Countdown 2012: Start Planning for a Memorable Holiday Season Now!

    As of today there are 172 days until Christmas. We're over halfway there, and it will be here before we know it. Now is the time to start thinking about: What kind of Christmas do you want? Spiritual? Small? Big? Start planning now, letting friends and family know what you're thinking. That...
  20. P

    Director Thought I Would Share... 4Th of July Christmas in July Sales

    I sent this out this morning and already have $300 in sales Jenni's 1st Annual Pampered Chef 4th of July/Christmas in July Sale!! Are you thinking ahead, buying a bit at a time, need to replenish your spices, had your eye on something special for yourself??!! Shop from...
  21. S

    How to Organize a Christmas in July Theme Party?

    Even though this is the 1st time I have posted I have been on the board a couple of months...I would like to say THANK YOU for all the wonderful ideas, flyers, and order forms that everyone here shares...You are some very talented people.... Now for my request....I have decided I want to do a...
  22. wadesgirl

    What Special Gift Did My Sister Create From Our Mother's Dress?

    I figured I had to share this here. So many of you were around this summer and prayed for me as I went through tragic things with my mom, losing my job and them losing my mom all with in three weeks in July. Just a little back story - when my mom was diagnosed with cancer earlier last...
  23. C

    One Order and a Christmas Rush: What to Do?

    I had a catalog show and only got one order. and it came to like 60 some dollars...but they want it before christmas...what am i suppose to do since my show doesn't come to 150???
  24. raebates

    Have You Shared Your Christmas Letters Yet?

    Christmas is coming. Here's the letter I send out to far-flung family and friends. It doesn't get any more far-flung than my friends here. :love: I hope you enjoy it. Please share your own.
  25. wadesgirl

    What Are Fun and Creative Ways to Gift a Day with Me Experience for Christmas?

    My niece is 12 this year and I wanted to do something different for her for Christmas. I wanted to pick some ideas for her to choose from to do a "day with me" kind of thing. I was thinking ice skating, pedicure, science center, lunch, etc. I'm trying to figure out a cute way to "give" this...
  26. L

    Fun Christmas Games: Left/Right & More for Your Holiday Show!

    Does anyone have a fun Christmas game to play at their shows. I was wondering is there is a Christmas version of the left/right game. Thanks for your help
  27. chesse

    The Pampered Chef team.Need a Festive Invite for a Holiday Show?

    Hi, I'm doing a show for a friend's daughter who lives in a house with three other young woman with disabilities. They had a show when they first moved into the house and they had a riot! I'm in need of a holiday themed full page invite for them to send. I'm crafting challenged. TIA Char
  28. P

    Pampered Chef Christmas Poem: A Nostalgic Return to Selling and Gift-Giving

    I have returned to selling pc and years ago when I did it before I came across a poem about "dreaming of a pampered chef christmas" or something like that It talked about here is what I want dear, and if you call my consultand she will order it and most likely wrap it for you. Does anyone know...
  29. winklermom

    CuPampered Chefake Decorating for Christmas: Ideas for a Fun Theme Show!

    I'm thinking of doing a theme show called "I'm Getting Cupcakes for Christmas". Someone in my upline actually mentioned the title and I thought about doing it with kids. What I had thought was have the moms bring the kids and I'll have the cupcakes already baked. They can decorate or fill...
  30. S

    Christmas Open House: Elevate Your Display with Must-Have Items"

    I am hosting an open house event with 2 other vendors. I have slacked alot with my business. So this is my chance to really step things up. I do this open house every year. I have lots of cash and carry items but I would like to perk up my display. What are some must have items in displays...