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What is newsletters: Definition and 72 Discussions

  1. raebates

    Share Your Holiday Cheer: Our Family Christmas Newsletter

    Do you send out a family Christmas newsletter? If so, please share. Here's ours.
  2. S

    **Warning** Pws Newsletters Went Out to Optouts

    I just found this out so I thought I would share. I almost got fired from my job! One of the upper level people at my job had signed up for my newsletter and then a few months later she opted out. No biggie, right. Well she just got May's newsletter. They thought that I added her back in and...
  3. S

    Advertising in Newsletters and Papers

    Hi! I'm really interested in pushing my business to the limit. I'm working it full time now and want to know if anyone has any good examples of ads that they have ran to recruit? I know Pampered Chef has guidelines on wording and all. Just want to make sure I'm following all of them. Any...
  4. PampChefJoy

    Was There Any News/Updates About Newsletters?

    Just wondering if there was anything announced that I need to be concerned about...
  5. PampChefJoy

    Trouble Importing TT Newsletters? MessageCoder Issue?

    Is anyone else getting a blank message when trying to import the newsletters from TT? I think it's related to iContact's new MessageCoder feature but I want to see who else is having trouble... Thanks! Joy
  6. PampChefJoy

    Dcb Blast Email and Updated Feb. Newsletters

    I've loaded a DCB special blast and also updated the Feb. newsletters with the DCB special. Gotta love these last minute surprises after I thought I'd put the newsletter to bed for the month!
  7. Barry Carlton

    I Cannot Afford to Upgrade My Pws to Do the Newsletters. Does

    I cannot afford to upgrade my PWS to do the newsletters. Does anyone here have a format that they use independently of PWS but with their own email.
  8. B

    How can I set up automatic newsletters and add subscribers to my list?

    Do these go out automatically? Do I have to send them out? How do I put people on my newsletter list? Any tips?
  9. PampChefJoy

    Do You Use November Express Newsletters?

    Here are the November Express newsletters. If you could please do me a favor and let me know, do you actually use these or are you just viewing them? I'm looking at some very low usage stats for these newsletters, so I am considering discontinuing these. If nobody is finding a use for them...
  10. E

    New to Tasty Tidbits? Learn How to Send Newsletters with YMLP

    I am brand new to tasty tidbits... I signed up for tasty tidbits and YMLP...how do i get the newsletter from asty tidbits to YMLP to send?
  11. PampChefJoy

    September Newsletters Are Up...

    Let me know what you think of the new buttons at the top! I'm trying to lightly enhance a few things :)
  12. A

    Is the New Pws Newsletter Feature Working as Intended?

    Well, folks, so far I'm not blown away by this feature. I've been a consultant for 7 years, so when I sync my P3 with my PWS, a lot of old customer records go in. In 7 years, it's reasonable that I have a lot of contacts that have changed email addresses, etc. My newsletter went out to...
  13. N

    Home Office Newsletters to Customers

    The home office is going to do monthly newsletters to our customers now!! I will let you know when they give me more details
  14. RMDave

    Sending Newsletters to 1,000 Subscribers: Results & Delivery Times

    Just signed up and sent out my first newsletter to my 1,000 address list. Are there certain domains that are slow to get deliveries? Are there certain domains that despite the services promotional materials, still consider newsletters to be spam? How long does it normally take for the...
  15. PampChefJoy

    March Newsletters: Read the Latest Updates Here

    Here are the March newsletters.
  16. E

    Monthly Email Newsletters: Info for Purchasing & Sending

    I've seen some people refer to monthly email newsletters you can buy to send out to your customers, does anybody have any information about that?
  17. NooraK

    Does Anyone Send Paper Newsletters?

    I have some customers whom I don't have email addresses for. I was curious to know if anyone sends out paper newsletters to customers like that. If so, do you send it monthly? Quarterly? Or do you just send a mini at the beginning of each season? Do you have a determining criteria which...
  18. N

    We May Be Able to Send Newsletters From Pws

    I talked to tech support today and asked if there was an easier way to manage contacts in hotmail and PWS and P3. He told me to send a request in for a blank template on the emails that we can send out from PWS. The more requests they receive - the more likely they are to add it. This way we...
  19. D

    Which Email Marketing Platform Should I Choose for My Summer Newsletter?

    I am deciding between My Email Designs and Tasty Tidbits. any advise? Also, is it possible not to commit yet to i-contact or will that sabotage my efforts. I am really trying not to over spend since my summer has been so slow! Thanks for the input!
  20. Melissa78

    How Do You Manage Contacts for Email Newsletters in Webmail Programs?

    I'm embarking on my first attempt to deliver a monthly Newsletter (TT). I am using Yahoo email. Anyone who already does one or uses webmail programs, do you add all of your guests and their contact information to your email contact list or just those who give you an email address? My concern is...
  21. PampMomof3

    Sending Out Newsletters Leads to New Recruits: My Story

    Last night I was having trouble getting Joy's newsletter to send to me. I posted on CS and she sent RIGHT away and helped me get it. I woke up this am with the new one and immediately added my info and sent out. Within 10 minutes of sending, I had one of my past consultants email me asking...
  22. P

    Question About Emailing Tasty Tidbits Newsletters

    Just curious....for those of you who send out Tasty Tidbits newsletters, does anyone use an AOL email address??? My reason for asking is because months ago I sent out an email to my mailing list that I created myself (because I didn't have Tasty Tidbits at the time) with descriptions and...
  23. L

    What Are Some Names or Emails of People Who Offer Newsletters??

    Hi all, After being in business for almost 4 years I've decided I've got to do a newsletter to stay in better contact or get my name in front of people more consistently. I know about Tasty Tidbits, but am wondering what other services there are and what people think of others?? Is...
  24. D

    Using Pampered Chef Logos in Newsletters: What's Allowed?

    Are we allow to create newsletters (i.e. Constant Contact) and use PC logos and promotional info and photos? Thanks!
  25. P

    Anyone Want to Share Their Cluster and Customer Newsletters?

    I am a new director and looking for ideas for my cluster newsletter and customer newsletters. TIA
  26. chefann

    What Not to Do With Newsletters

    I've always been careful not to inundate my customers with too many emails each month. Generally, I send a big newsletter at the beginning of the month, and sometimes a shorter one mid-month if there's a recruiting promo, special sale, or I just need bookings. A couple of times, I've sent a...
  27. gailz2

    Sign Up for Joy's Tasty Tidbits Newsletter | Sous Chef Page

    I was going to sign up for Joy's Tasty Tidbits but it took me to the page for Sous Chef. Is this the one I want?? I'm done with 123request...
  28. esavvymom

    Newsletters That End up in Junk Mail- How Do You Fix That?

    I've sent out two newsletters in the last month. I use i-Contact, so I can track them. Out of 80, I've had less than 5 bounce back on the last email. But my "Open" percentage is still about 25%.. I'm not complaining mind you...that's good. But there are more than 50 that have not been...
  29. esavvymom

    When Do You Start Sending Out January Booking Newsletters? I Know You

    When do you start sending out January booking newsletters? I know you shouldn't fill for January if your Nov/Dec isn't full....but I've only got about 1.5 weeks in Nov that I am open- and that's all before Thanksgiving...not much chance I'll get someone to book that close. December- I can only...
  30. momoftwins

    Comparing August Newsletters: Seeking Input & Pricing Info

    Does anyone use this newsletter service?? If so, could you please email me the newsletter from August?? I am looking into 2 different newsletters and want to compare the two. Thanks in advance!! Any information on pricing would be great too!!!