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What is times: Definition and 68 Discussions

  1. S

    Are You Ready for Your Third Pampered Chef Consultant Number?

    Hi, I am Sharon Zwald and I am from Colusa CA. I am on my 3rd consultant number. Love Pampered Chef! Thanks for this forum - so important to share!
  2. mikecooks

    Merrill Order Times vs. Vistaprint

    Does it always take weeks to get an order from Merrill? I'm used to Vistaprint (1 week ) for biz cards.
  3. K

    Shipping Times for Pampered Chef Shows: Estimated Delivery Information

    IS there some where that states approximately how long shippping takes once Pampered Chef recieves a submitted show?
  4. C

    Director Overcoming Bounced Checks and Finding Joy in Hard Times

    In 7 years I have had 2 maybe 3 bounced checks and always recovered my full amount plus fees. I just had 2 checks from 2 shows bounce!!:yuck::bugeye: Which also bounced my account. To give the lady with the much smaller check credit she called me yesterday and left a message that there was...
  5. aried

    Should You Trust a Grocery Store Host for Your Event?

    I gave a host three times to try and have a show and each time it never materialized. She works at a grocery store I frequent and have had several host froms there. She was to do a show in July which turned into a catalog show and never held. The first of August I emailed her and message her...
  6. B

    Veggie Slicer - Used 2-3 Times - $20 Shipped

    I have a veggie slicer that was used 2-3 times to try it out. Don't really have room in my drawer for it. $20 includes shipping.
  7. naekelsey

    Tax Deductible Recipes: How Many Times Can You Practice?

    How many times can you practice a recipe and it still be tax deductible? Is there a limit? One time on some of these recipes just isn't enough for me to feel comfortable to do them at a party..
  8. M

    Dealing with Crazy Hold Times: My Experience with HO Customer Service

    I'm on hold with HO because my hostess received 2 Cool and Serve Trays instead of 2 Stoneware muffin pans....been on hold for 30 minutes so far!
  9. finley1991

    Director Desperate Times: A Carlisle Story

    I'm REALLY hoping this isn't going to become a common way of getting business... I received an e-mail from a host/great customer who has a daughter that is corporate with Carlisle. They are very high end clothing... much like Worth and Doncaster. Normally what they do is network and get...
  10. Sheila

    Director Rant: "The System" Can Be so Freaking Irritating at Times!

    I use PC Dollars as incentives for the team. So since the evac from Japan, I've gotten a little behind. :blushing: I placed an order last night for $400 PC Dollars in $5 denominations. I noticed that it's on hold. I called to ask why, & was told that it's because I ordered a quantity of 80...
  11. NooraK

    Prayers Requested for My DH: Seeking Peace in Troubled Times

    I'm not an overly religious person, but I do believe, and I know many of you have a closer relationship with God than I do. I would like to ask for some prayers for my DH. Last night, he came home and let the dogs out into the yard as usual. We then discovered that the back gate wasn't...
  12. C

    Director Will March Be the Turning Point for My Director Promotion?

    *Sigh*... Okay so last month, I didn't get paid as a Director, because I only had one Sr. Consultant line active. This month, it looks like I won't have ANY Sr. Consultant Lines with both active, for different reasons...and unless someone recruits, I won't from here on out. Which means...
  13. crystalscookingnow

    Prayers for My Daughter and Her Family in Difficult Times

    Hi everyone - needing some prayers for my oldest DD today. Her dad called (we're divorced) and said he needed to see her. He came out to our house & talked with her for a bit. His father-in-law passed away very unexpectedly this afternoon. He had gotten out of the hospital after hip...
  14. RMDave

    Sending Newsletters to 1,000 Subscribers: Results & Delivery Times

    Just signed up and sent out my first newsletter to my 1,000 address list. Are there certain domains that are slow to get deliveries? Are there certain domains that despite the services promotional materials, still consider newsletters to be spam? How long does it normally take for the...
  15. kcjodih

    forThose Who've Been to Disney a Few Times..

    we're thinking of going the end of March (after school March break here) and my DH is looking at booking the Caribbean Beach Resort. It's more expensive than the other moderate resorts - Port Orleans and Wilderness Lodge by $2400 and $1200 respectively and I'm wondering if it's worth it. I'm...
  16. kcjodih

    Perfect Roast Beef Cooking Times: Expert Tips for a Delicious Dinner

    I'm making a huge roast tomorrow for all the in-laws coming up to celebrate my son's, my DH's and my birthday. I've never cooked one this large and was wondering if there's a rule of thumb for how long per pound or something like that. We like our beef medium to medium well if that helps...
  17. D

    Chaos and Beads: My Experience with Kids at a Small Home Show

    I am not sure where this goes but I had to share.... I had a show Sunday that was supposed to have 15-20 people and about 6 showed...no biggie. However they brought SIX kids .... the oldest being 6, then 4, 3, 2, 2, and 4 months. Now I love kids, I dont consider them a hindrance...in fact I...
  18. erinyourpclady

    Back-to-Back Shows: Exciting Times for Musician!

    today I received a call from customer to book a show for next week...actually Wednesday night! That and I have a show this weekend and one next weekend! I cannot remember the last time I had shows on top of each other like that! I'm excited! LOL!!
  19. Jessamary

    Waiting for HO Email: Jan-Feb Promotion & Wait Times Discussion

    Has anyone gotten their e-mail today from the HO regarding the Jan-Feb Promotion? I was just wondering...I haven't gotten mine yet. Also, did anyone else get the email from HO last week about how they know wait times have been horrendous? I thought I'd see discussion on that here, but I haven't.
  20. DessertDivaFL

    Can Successful Fundraisers Still Happen in Economically Struggling Areas?

    Well, ladies and gentleman, I had a fundraiser last night. I was really nervous because our area in SW FL is in the news for being the worst in the area for foreclosures. (President Obama came to Fort Myers this month) Last night the fundraiser total was $1,005. I could not believe it...
  21. niktim3

    Frustrated by Long Wait Times on Return Calls?

    Anyone else finding theres a four hour wait for return calls? SOmething going on that I am missing? Just puts things off, thats all!:cry:
  22. G

    Urgent Why Am I Being Charged 6 Times for My Order?

    I'm terrible about figuring out where to post a new thread so apologies in advance if this isn't in the correct spot. There was an order placed through my website on Friday evening. It has been charged to their bank account 6 times!! 4 times on Sat, 2 times yesterday. The hold time for HO...
  23. babywings76

    Trying to Close Show, How Many Times Do I Call?

    I did a show on the 16th. The host wanted to keep it open a week. Then she said she has orders, but the people don't want me to cash their checks till the 30/31st. I said that if she gets me everything and I have it all set to go, I will then deposit and submit on the 30 or 31st. Well then...
  24. PampChefJoy

    Words to Live by in These Troubling Times...

    I wanted to share this article that was passed out here at work... as many of you know, I work in financial services, an industry that is getting hammered right now... I found many of these points profound and very applicable to any industry, including PC...
  25. tabnat80

    Shipping Times for Ho: Get Your Order by Thanksgiving!

    Does anybody know what day ho is shipping from now? Just curious what their lead time is like. I submitted a show a few days ago and the host is hoping to have it by Thanksgiving. Surely it will be in by then.
  26. pampermejolene

    Pampered Chef in Vegetarian Times

    I just got my November/December Vegetarian Times magazine and in an article Gifts For Cooks (p26) there is a blip about stoneware and that it seasons itself and the Pampered Chef website is listed. Once I saw that there was cooking tools listed I got excited and started looking to see if PC...
  27. DebbieJ

    Fyi Ho Hold Times Today (Monday)

    Call back time says over an hour (which is typical for a Monday morning). I stayed on hold and got taken care of within 10 minutes. Just an FYI if you need to call HO. :)
  28. M

    How Many Times Do I Have to Call Her?

    I had a show last monday august 25th. She said she would call me thursday to close the show with a few more orders she wanted to get. No call, I called her friday morning, no call back.. I figured it was the long weekend so that was why. I called her tues morning, no call back again. she called...
  29. J

    Host Keeps Changing Dates - How Many Times Before I Say No?

    I have a "host" who had to move her June paty from the first week to the last week of June. Then she had to bump it back onto mid July. Then she bumped it back to August now she just doesn't know when she can have it. I really want to slap her! I wouldn't be as upset but this is a good friend...
  30. C

    Are Shipping Times Improving for Rural Areas?

    Hi, I know this comes up every once in a while, I am just wondering how everyone's timing is working out from the time your shows are submitted to getting the UPS truck to your door... Esther