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What is checks: Definition and 63 Discussions

  1. K

    Managing Checks at Parties: Accepting and Handling Returned Checks

    Do you accpet checks from customers at parties, or do you have them write the check to your host and get one check from your host? I try to have the customers write the check to the host, and then she gives me one check. How do you handle returned checks from customers, if you accept...
  2. C

    Director Overcoming Bounced Checks and Finding Joy in Hard Times

    In 7 years I have had 2 maybe 3 bounced checks and always recovered my full amount plus fees. I just had 2 checks from 2 shows bounce!!:yuck::bugeye: Which also bounced my account. To give the lady with the much smaller check credit she called me yesterday and left a message that there was...
  3. wadesgirl

    Lost Checks: What to Do When the Unthinkable Happens?

    On Wednesday night, before leaving for Denver, I met up with a past host to get some checks for a few orders that she collected. I submitted the party that night (shipping to me) with intentions of depositing the checks when I got back. Here I am tonight and I cannot find the checks any...
  4. raebates

    Bounced Checks - Wisdom From the Success Factory

    This was the email that went out today from The Success Factory. We've had some good discussions here on handling bounced checks. I thought this advice was great.Today's TipSubject: Bounced checks – a tip from a fellow TSF subscriber… Bouncing checks is illegal. It is also fairly rare in this...
  5. NooraK

    toGo With the Butterball Turkey Gift Checks

    There is a coupon available to save $3 with the purchase of a Butterball turkey and certain other participating products. Coupons | Coupons.com Click "Food" on the left, I found it on the second page. I think this would be a great thing to share with our hosts, since the gift check...
  6. C

    Stop the Hassle: Why I'm Considering No Longer Accepting Checks as Payment

    I have been so frustrated with my last 2 parties and people paying me with a check and the bank screwing something up, that then screws me up with my account. I am thinking of not accepting checks as a form of payment anymore. It's just such a hassle!! Anyone done this? Would it be inappropriate...
  7. B

    Can I Trust a Customer's Check Without Confirming Funds?

    If I call a bank stating that I am a business owner presented with a check from their customer, will they confirm that said customer does/does not have the money in the account to cover the check? To make a long story short, I had a show with a declined card and called and left multiple...
  8. chefsteph07

    Host Who Supposedly Sent Checks Mia

    This is long, sorry in advance, but I need some sound advice! Last Monday (last day of the month) I was closing a $900 show for a host whose party I did on Saturday. During host coaching and even after the show, I told my host that I wanted to close Monday and any outside orders she received...
  9. P

    When will I receive my commission check for December shows?

    I can't seem to find any information on what I'm needing to know. I just joined at the end of November. I submitted two big shows in December, both before the 15th. I do not have direct deposit, I haven't gotten it set up because of things that have been going on with my bank. How do I get...
  10. H

    Director Checks That Don't Match Totals - What Do You Do?

    so I'm noticing more and more that with book shows, the checks I'm getting aren't what the total is (usually off by a couple of dollars) Even when I tell them what the total is the person writes the check out wrong. This last one was off by $2.29. How do you handle this? Do you...
  11. RMDave

    Accepting Checks for Additional Donation

    I understand there is the hwc donation form. If I receive a check, do I have to wait for the entire month to go by before sending in the form (and obviously, the check)? Does the amount I send in post to my ACS-HWC page as a donation or is it in limbo somewhere or do I ever get credit...
  12. J

    Fyi - Commission Checks for New Consultants

    Just an FYI -- I ran into this with my new consultant and thought that it would be of interest to everyone..... She signed the last week of Feb and didn't get her Dir Dep/PC Debit Card app submitted until Mar 1st, so there was plenty of time to process the Direct Deposit info and we figured...
  13. momoftwins

    Pampered Chef Personalized Checks

    Ok well it has obviously been a long time since I actually had to order real checks. I checked Merrill's website today and didn't see any so called their customer service number and they said they don't make them anymore! Since when??? UGH!!! I really wish we still had Town & Country then as...
  14. wadesgirl

    Promote Your Business with Custom Checks!

    I need to order some new checks. I found ones that I can add up to 5 lines at the top and 2 lines above the signature line. I figured that it would be one more way to promote my business. I thought about doing this at the top: Name Your Kitchen Consultant Address And then at the bottom...
  15. ivykeep

    Convenient Electronic Check Payments: Simplify Payment Process"

    Any idea what the bit about the electronic transfers on the order forms: Is there some other way to handle check payments other than taking them to my bank?
  16. T

    Get Your Fundraiser Check Fast: Oct 1 Deadline | Helpful Insights

    anyone had a fundraiser recently? I am just wondering how long it will take them to cut a check!! An organization I'm working with needs it by Oct 1
  17. DessertDivaFL

    Lost 2 Checks from Friends at Church? Here's What to Do - Tips & Advice

    I lost 2 checks that were attached together from friends at church. I have looked everywhere. It makes me so ill. I have never done this. I am usually so careful. I told them if the checks are not found that they don't need to pay me again. That is the least I could do. The total was $50...
  18. sk8rgrrl99

    Pampered Chef Logo Checks: Order Now for Your Business Account!

    Sorry for ALL the questions today! My business is really growing so I'm suddenly thinking of lots of things. Is there a way to order checks with the Pampered Chef logo on them? I opened a seperate checking account from my personal one to use just for Pampered Chef and I'd love to have logo...
  19. chefkathy

    A Dilemma: Submitting Show & Waiting for Checks?

    I have a dilemma....Did a show on 4/26 for a sister director. The hostess has been a tad difficult and since the show was a hand-off, I didn't do any coaching or have a chance to build rapport with her.She wanted the things in time for Mother's Day,so I told her that I would need all money to...
  20. chefsteph07

    Guests Make Checks to Host or You?

    For years I have been having the guests make checks out to me...I have been thinking that I would rather have an individual check bounce to me, rather than a whole show...but, I have been thinking of changing that and having guests make checks to host and me getting one check or debit card...
  21. Intrepid_Chef

    Checks Made Out to Pampered Chef ---Uggghhh!

    Well, apparently I have to be CRYSTAL CLEAR and repeat things several times to this host! I went to a show today, picked up half a dozen orders, most with payment but some without. She said she told the customers to make the checks out to Pampered Chef. Duh, doesn't EVERY plan tell them...
  22. B

    Can We Get Pampered Chef Checks Somewhere?

    Hmmm, I need to order new checks, and was going to get the pretty PC ones from Merrill. They were in the '07 catalog, but gone from the '08. :confused: Is there somewhere to get them? Any other suggestions?
  23. C

    Order Personalized Checks: Pampered Chef & More

    Where do you get your checks? I used to have Pampered Chef checks and now I can't find them has anyone found something they like and can put PC info on? I need to order some today!!! Thanks
  24. ChefMary412

    Who Receives the Payments in a Fundraiser?

    When I have a fund raiser, the checks would still be payable to me.. as if it were a show, right? Then PC cuts a check for the organization? I am going over a idea with someone at church tomorrow and want to make sure I have some answers! Also, do they get the $3 for a booking as long as the...
  25. pampchef.angel

    Depositing Checks & Paying with Debit Card

    Quick question about P3. I have checks that have been made out to me for payment. I need to deposit those checks, and pay for the entire show using my PC debit card...do I enter the check information for each customer as payment??
  26. J

    Pampered Chef Checks From Merrill

    Hello Cheffers, So I was finally going to break down and buy checks from Merrill with all the Pampered Chef goodies on them. Went to do it today and can't find them... did they get rid of them or am I just being blind and can't find them? Hope everyone is doing well.
  27. M

    Handling Bounced/Cancelled Checks: Do You Charge Host/Guest?

    I am curious to know what you all do when a host/guest bounced or cancelled check. Do you charge the host/guest all the charges you incur from the bounced or cancelled check? Thanks.
  28. M

    Depositing Checks After Party: What to Do?

    when do you deposit the checks for payment from your party? do you put them right in the bank after the party or wait until the whole order is ready to submit or after you submit it? I am just wondering where I have a party from last week that the host is holding open , should I deposit those...
  29. dymplz8

    Delayed Commission Checks? Get Answers and Solutions Here!"

    Okay, so I submitted my last show on July 15th at around 7pm and normally would have gotten paid a commission check for it today. I have direct deposit and it is normally posted by now. Anybody else having the same problem? Should I call the HO?
  30. M

    No Pampered Chef Consultant Claim on Checks

    we aren't allowed to put that we are PC consultants anywhere on our checks are we??