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What is happens: Definition and 39 Discussions

  1. wadesgirl

    Lost Checks: What to Do When the Unthinkable Happens?

    On Wednesday night, before leaving for Denver, I met up with a past host to get some checks for a few orders that she collected. I submitted the party that night (shipping to me) with intentions of depositing the checks when I got back. Here I am tonight and I cannot find the checks any...
  2. vanscootin

    Director's Pay for Inactive Team Members: Understanding the Consultant Level"

    I am currently a director, first month being one, and I have what may seem like a silly question.... what happens if no one on my team submits anything for June... do I get paid at the consultant level? That would make sense to me if no one on my team was active for the month.
  3. K

    Will I Keep My Team Leader Title If I Don't Meet the Team Sales Requirement?

    if you do not meet your team sales requirement of $2,500 for Team Leader but hit your personal sales requirement needed. I am afraid that I am going to be around $400 maybe short of the team sales requirement this month. I myself have done over half the requirement but I cannot get my...
  4. emiscookin

    Dealing with Extra Items in Orders: A Pampered Chef Experience

    ...you're sorting out everyone's orders and end up having an extra item?? I helped my host sort out her orders and all the correct items came, PLUS 1 extra mini stainless whisk. Even on the paper that came in the box it said the quantity for the stainless whisk was 1...but we got 2. What do...
  5. wadesgirl

    Surprise Call: Party Invitation and Booking Inquiry | My Experience

    I got a call today, I didn't know who the lady was when she introduced herself. She said she was invited to a party of mine on Sunday but was unable to make it. She had thought about placing an order but there was so much she wanted, she wanted to know if the host got credit if she booked a...
  6. P

    What Happens in This Scenerio???

    I just promoted to AD because a direct on my team, Bridget promoted to D. Bridget has an indirect, Sandi, who whould be promoting in the next month or so. Does Sandi bypass her recruiter and land under Bridget allowing Bridget to promote to AD if she meets the requirements in the same month?
  7. K

    What Happens if You Really Don't Have a Good

    relationship with your recruiter? It's not so much her but people in her circle who I don't like and I'm afraid that every fault and mistake I make will be known by everyone I'm not comfortable with or not friendly with (2 women really). Oh boy what a predicament for me.
  8. pjpamchef

    Microsoft Trial Expiring: What Happens Next?

    This is probably a dumb question; My laptop had a "trial" eddition of Microsoft on it, when the trial expires, what exactly happens. Does that mean I can't access things I've saved, or just that I can't get updates?
  9. colegrovet

    Humor aWoman Is in a Grocery Store and Happens Upon a Grandpa and His

    A woman is in a grocery store and happens upon a grandpa and his poorly behaving 3 year-old grandson at every turn. It's obvious Gramps has his hands full with the kid screaming for candy in the candy aisle, cookies in the cookie aisle; same for fruit, cereal and soda. Meanwhile, Gramps is...
  10. P

    Managing a Low Sales Mystery Host Show at Your Bazaar: Tips and Experiences

    What happens if you offer a mystery host show for a bazaar and you don't have enough sales to offer the incentives? Has that happened to anyone? How did you handle it?
  11. linojackie

    Losing My FDship: What Happens Now?

    I had 4 consultants, one of who only turned in 2 shows, 1 other that did great but decided to switch to "a less saturated company", and 2 that have just been hobbyists who turn in a little here and there. In any case, they are all 4 inactive as of Oct. 1, which means I lose my FDship. At least...
  12. redsoxgirl

    Why Did My Commission Get Cut on a $700 Show?

    I know people have mentioned it before, but this was my first time so I wanted to complain! ;) I mentioned last week how I had a $700+ show. Well, that's true, but my commission was on $505 or something because the past host ordered the 7-piece Executive set at 60% off. I'm really happy...
  13. P

    What Happens if You Don't Accept Directorship Right Away?

    I have 6 signed, but not all active and qualified. I can not carry the cluster sales of 4000 by myself and have no plans to be able to do this any time soon. The 6 I have do not have enough sales with mine to put us over the 4000 mark. What happens if i do not accept directorship right...
  14. pamperedpals

    What Happens When You Eat a Sour Patch Kid?

    My crown just fell out! :eek: I can't get into the dentist tomorrow (not even my regular dentist either!) My DH is freaking out. He wants me to pick up the phone book and call until someone can get me in today. Um, I am at work and everyone I have talked to said that I will be fine. When I...
  15. T

    What Happens if Your Recruit Doesn't Qualify in There 90 Days?

    What happens if your recruit doesn't qualify in there 90 days?
  16. P

    Promoted to FD: What to Expect and When to Hear from HO

    So, I promoted to FD today. Or so I think. But I haven't received an email or a phone call or anything. Does HO typically notify us when we promote to FD -- or only when we promote to director?? I've been waiting for some sort of "official notification" from HO. I just assumed they would...
  17. daniellemorgan

    What Happens if You Go Inactive: My Sad Story

    If you go inactive what happens to your website? So annoyed!!!:grumpy: :grumpy: :grumpy: I had a show this past saturday that no one showed up to. The host assured me that she was going to get some outside orders. I told her that she had till today. I just talked to her and she said it...
  18. SillyChef

    What Happens With Gift Certificates?

    Can someone please explain them to me? When are the delievered? What happens?
  19. Geekgirl69

    What Happens When a Consultant Gives Up on Getting Shows?

    A person who signed to be a consultant never successfully has a show and gives up? I don't want to use the term kit-napper because this person had seriously tried to get shows going and it just hasn't been working out. They are not qualified, they have no sales. TIA
  20. PCSarahjm

    Can hosting a show bring in $75 and more?! Find out now!

    :D I just got a call from a lady that had picked up my catalog at my booth I had this fall....She placed a $75 order plus she is considering in hosting a show!!!! Yahoooooooooooooo:)
  21. The_Kitchen_Guy

    Here's What Happens When You Let Do-Gooders Run Things

    (Emphasis is mine - you gotta read this to believe how stupid these people are.) The multi-volume History of Britain says that the Puritans were dedicated to the philosophy that someone, somewhere, is having a good time and we have to stop it. That philosophy is, apparently, alive and well in...
  22. itsjustCarla

    Can I Submit Orders While Inactive? | Dealing with Last Minute Obstacles

    Ok...I'm doomed, I think. I had all these orders set to submit for August so that I wouldn't go inactive. Of course, hubby left them at work with no hopes of getting them before Tuesday. I have someone who wants to place a HUGE order out of the new catalog. Will I still be able to submit her...
  23. C

    What Happens to an Fds Second Line When She Promotes?

    My friend, Donna, has 4 recruits. One of Donna's recruits is getting ready to sign someone. When Donna becomes a director, does this person come back as her second line?
  24. pcchris

    What Happens if a Pampered Chef Kit Napper Doesn't Fulfill Their Agreement?

    Seeing as how I have yet to recruit anyone (but have a couple thinking about it), what happens if someone signs up, gets the kit and then does not fulfill their 4 show agreement? Do they have to pay for it? I'm having a serious case of Deja vu, like I've asked this before, but I can't find the...
  25. L

    Can a Recruit Still Sell if They Missed Previous Months?

    signs in November, 1st Super Starter is in December (turns in $200), dad dies in January (turns in nothing), turns in nothing in February, but just called me to help her with a show in March. Can she do that??Or is she already inactive before she qualified? Does she need to notify the home...
  26. A

    Online Orders: What Happens After They're Placed?

    I just had a show yesterday and one of my hosts friends posted an order to my website. Do I have to enter that on PP or does her order automatically go to HO and then added to the show? Have never had an online order before so wasn't sure how that worked.
  27. lisacb77

    What Happens if You Put Exec Cookware in the Dishwasher?

    DH was so sweet to do the dishes today, but ran my 8" saute pan I earned through the dishwasher. Will that do anything to it? I know we are supposed to hand wash. It still seems to do the melt the ice cub trick... Thanks!
  28. britishchef

    What Happens to Discontinued Products?

    My MIL *really* wants the Americana tablecloth. I know I won't be able to afford to buy it before it is discontinued at the end of the month. What happens to discontinued products?
  29. R

    How Do I Access the Consultant's Corner?

    Hi everyone. I completed my on-line application to become a PC consultant. How do I access the consultant's corner? I was not given a consultant number. I have an agreement number but I understand that is not the same thing. Can someone explain how this works? I want to get going on things but...
  30. jasonmva

    Maximizing Your Success: What Happens If You Don't Qualify in 3 SS Months?

    if I don't end up qualifying within my 3 SS months? I only had 2 shows this month and I know I didn't make the 1250 in sales. I have only 2 booked so far for July and 1 for August. I am under the impression that I cannot get free products until I qualify. :confused: