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What is qualify: Definition and 46 Discussions

  1. M

    What Does "Qualify" Really Means?

    Hi I am working intentionally to create a team. I do have a question. What does it mean to "qualify". What I am asking for is a definition from PC point of view. I know what you get to qualify but why is it important for a new recruit to qualify right away in the first 30 days versus just taking...
  2. cmdtrgd

    Director Struggling to Qualify as a Director Team: Strategies & Ideas

    My team and I have not qualified as a Director team for the past 2 months. So, we have to this month - I'm NOT going to Conference as a TL!!! If everyone submits what they say they will (all but one always do what they say they will), then we will have $4100 in sales including mine. I will...
  3. T

    When Will I Qualify for Leads? Understanding the Recruit Process

    I can not think how the rolling months go for recruits to qualify for leads I had 3 in March and none since when do I need another to not loose the leads? TIA
  4. J

    ifYou've Had a Recruit Qualify in Their First 30 Days...

    So my first recruit qualified in her 30 days. She got her email about choosing the cookware the very next day. I still haven't received mine. When should I call HO or is this normal? FWIW- she qualified last Wednesday (3/30)...
  5. quiverfull7

    Director Consultants Who Sign I& Sell N 2010 but Qualify in 2011

    Can someone tell me some info on a consultant who signs in 2010 but doesn't qualify until 2011. Does that consultant have to restart sales at zero in 2011 to count as qualifying for the new trip? I didn't think they did but another director just asked me and said that she thought things had...
  6. dme.grant

    New Consultant May Not Qualify...?

    Hi everyone. I'm sorry if this has already been discussed on the forum, but I couldn't find anything with just a precursory scroll through. I signed a new consultant (my first!) at the beginning of October. So far she has submitted one $200 show (after MUCH encouragement and training on my...
  7. B

    How to Help My Consultant Succeed and Qualify in 30 Days

    Hi Everyone, My director and I are meeting with my new consultant today, but I always come to you as well. Any suggestions that I can use to help my consultant succeed at getting going to qualify in the 30 days. She really wants to get the 50% and I want to help her to do that. Wouldnt hurt to...
  8. P

    Help! Closing My 3rd Show & Need To Know If I Qualify!

    I'm closing my 3rd show tonight and my 30 days os up on the 3rd. In P3, I see there is "commissionable sales" and "show total" with the show total being higher. When trying to caculate if I made the 1250 to qualify which total do I go by? Also, is it $1250 AND 4 shows that you need to...
  9. kcmckay

    How Can I Qualify My Catalog Show for a Host Special?

    I set up my own catalog show so I could order the knife block as host special. I sent evites sent to many facebook contacts as well. Originally planned to close on 15th in hopes of 2nd show to get HWC. Since I had no other shows kept it open. I currently have 3 orders and 1 kind of. I still need...
  10. cookingwithdot

    Christmas Bazaar Q: What if I Don't Qualify in 90 Days?

    A question came up today at a Christmas Bazaar that I didn't know the answer to. What happens if someone doesn't qualify in 90 days? Do they have to send the kit back??? Does the PC police come & get them? ;) This is a person that really just wants the kit and doesn't want to do the shows ... I...
  11. J

    Can I Still Qualify? 30 Day Sales Deadline & Payment Issues

    Good morning! Another question for everyone. I submitted the last of my 4 shows last night, and completed my 1250 in sales. My first 30 days ends today! Yippee! Until...I get an e-mail from HO this AM saying the CC on one of my orders was declined. I spoke with the host and oh no, the...
  12. T

    How Do You Qualify for a Wedding Registry?

    That's it...I thought I read it somewhere, but I don't remember where I saw it. TIA.
  13. P

    Can I Qualify 20 and Maintain Sales in One Year?

    We find out soon what our trip is....and when I break it down, I will need to qualify 20 and maintain the sales I had this year to make it. This year, I qualified 14 with 2 kitnappers. My goal for this year is better host coaching to increase attendance and sales and to build a huge recruiting...
  14. ChefPaulaB

    When Does Recruit Have to Qualify By?

    I finally have my first recruit signing up :sing:, my question is, will this help my incentives for this year? I have enough points for the level 1, but haven't had a recruit, now if this one signs up now (Dec.) will this count towards it? And does she have to qualify before the end of 2008 or...
  15. A

    Show's That Don't Qualify - What Do You Do?

    One of my biggest fears with Pampered Chef, is that I will have a show that does not qualify (reach $150 in sales). What do you do then? My concern is the shipping and handling charge. Outside of a show, this is more costly. Do you go back to your customers, and ask for more money, or do you pay...
  16. M

    What happens if my downline doesn't qualify in 90 days?

    I am signing someone later tonight (my first) and she keeps asking me what happens if she cant qualify in her 90 days? I figure she wont get all the extra perks of course but does she have to return her kit products at that point? Im already pumping her up to try and make sure this doesn't...
  17. T

    What Happens if Your Recruit Doesn't Qualify in There 90 Days?

    What happens if your recruit doesn't qualify in there 90 days?
  18. dbarkman

    Dealing with Unqualified Recruits: What to Do and What to Expect

    Hi, has anyone had a recruit never qualify and just give up on the biz? What happens if you never qualify? What about the kit, do they have to return it or pay more for it? Thanks
  19. A

    Will I still qualify if my 3rd show was cancelled?

    I'm so upset!!! I was doing my 2nd show tonight when my host for my 3rd show called and left a message that she had to cancel. This would have been my 4th show (I had one catalog show) and would have qualified me in my 30 days. It was scheduled for this Sunday, the 18th, and my 30 days ends...
  20. A

    Amy's 30-Day Challenge: Can She Qualify Before March 31st?

    Okay, this may be a stupid question, but I just want to be sure and qualify in my 30 days! I got the letter from PC when I first signed up, it says my 30 days ends March 31st, does this mean I can submit my 4th show on the 31 or does it have to be in before the 31st. I did my 4th party last...
  21. A

    Needing Fourth Booking to Qualify - Will Catalog Show Count?

    I am having trouble getting my forth booking to qualify! :eek: I have some future bookings, but need one more to qualify by March 30. I have one person thinking of doing a catalog show, and am wondering if this would count for my forth booking? Thanks! Amy
  22. U

    Unlock the Benefits of Qualifying in 30: A Must-Know for New Recruits

    Does anyone have a flyer of all the benefits of qualifying in 30/90 for a new recruit?
  23. Intrepid_Chef

    Can You Earn Commission on Unqualified Pampered Chef Shows?

    Can I still submit the orders and get commission on them? Also, does this mean everybody has to pay direct shipping rates? I'm sending out an e-mail soliciting orders in time for Christmas, and am facing the possibility that it won't qualify as a show, though I'm believing in faith that it will!
  24. L

    Qualifying for a Free Pan: My Exciting Journey to Success!

    I am so excited I summited my shows and I qualify as a matter of fact I alreay got my free pan. I am sooooooo happy. I will be having more shows this week and the rest of the month so I can't wait .
  25. heather223

    Submitting a Show That Didn't Qualify: Questions & Answers

    I have a question about how to submit a show that didn't qualify. Do I enter it into P3 as a show or as individual orders? I have never had a show that didn't meet the $150 requirment before!
  26. PCwithStay-C

    I Have a Horrible Feeling Im Not Going to Qualify!!

    And Im really upset about it. This is going to be a long rant/pout/vent!! Please feel free to ignore!! I signed as a consultant at the beginning of July. Had some good solid yes's for shows (or so I thought!) Ended up only having one show in July (my own!) Have had one show in Aug and am...
  27. D

    Remind Me--How Much Sales to Qualify?

    I thought it was $750, but did they increase it to $1250? Curious b/c I just got the new recruiting incentive email (if you didn't get it, they get the 29 minutes to dinner cookbook for signing between Aug 13 and sometimes in Sept, can't remember the date, and they get the SS saute pan for...
  28. pckrissy

    Verifying Director Status After 5 Recruits Qualify

    Ok, I feel dumb asking this but I hate feeling uncertain. 5 of my recruits qualified, the 5th one qualifying on 5/31...so I am assuming that now I am a Director...how to you verify that? By the HO call? On IPT it still has Future under my name...my Director is away this weekend so I thought I...
  29. brendaivette

    How Do I Qualify for 50% Off with Pampered Chef?

    Hi GUYS I started in March, so I have the new pp version, when i am closing a show where do i write the 10% past host discount??? when i close this show, i will have qualified yay.........4 shows (50pc dollars) & over $1250 in sales (50 pc dollars) and already have two bookings for june...
  30. smspamperedchef

    Will I finally reach my promotion goal with only 2 recruits left to qualify?

    Don't want to sound bad here for tooting my own horn but...WOOO!!! HOOO!!! I have only 2 recruits left 2 qualify. One other recruit (that is already qualified) should be reactivating by early May or sooner and one of my other superstars has 3 shows in the next 2 weeks. Maybe this time I...