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What is catalog: Definition and 200 Discussions

  1. Trudie32

    Navigating First Catalog Changeover with PC - Laura's Questions

    Hi there, This is my first catalog changeover with PC. When exactly is that? When can we order new ones? Perhaps more importantly, where is this information? Did we receive it via email or is it on the company website? TIA, Laura
  2. Laura Mead

    Iso Mini Catalog Bag/Purse

    Looking for a crossbody mini catalog display bag/purse
  3. kcnancy

    Catalog Bags, Shopping Bags and a Tablecloth

    Catalog Bag #1 - $4.00 + shipping from 66214 Catalog Bag #2 - $5.00 + shipping from 66214 Catalog Bag #3 - $7.50 + shipping This bag has zipper closure for the main section and also a zipper closure for the catalog window. Promo shopping bags, never used only taken from package for...
  4. Melissa Redford

    Gently Used Dots Catalog Bag & PC Items - $20 Shipped!

    FOR SALE: Dots Catalog bag, gently used. Zero defects. I'll take $20 for it, shipped. I also have a few PC items that I'd like to get rid of, I will send them with the bag for shipping cost only, if you want them. All is clean and in gently used shape, no holes or tears. Cross posting with...
  5. dn4007

    Hi! Just Joined; Hosting My First Catalog Party Next Week

    Hi Everyone! I just joined Pampered Chef and am really looking forward to getting to play with all the fantastic products. My first show will be a Facebook/catalog party with my sister as host. Her goal is to have $1500 in show sales. Fingers crossed!
  6. B

    Iso Clear Front Catalog Tote

    I am searching for a clear front catalog tote bags please send to [email protected] schools.com
  7. T

    Host Letter Template for Virtual & Catalog Parties

    Does anyone have a recent host letter that they use for virtual or catalog parties?
  8. S

    Mini Catalog Tote

    I stopped selling earlier this year. It's about time I start listing my stuff. I'll have a lot more coming, including tablecloths. First up, my gray and orange cross-body mini catalog tote. $16 postage paid. Email me at [email protected] if interested. Shannon
  9. B

    Iso Older Catalog Totes

    Hello, ISO older catalog toes, anyone have any for sale in the 28638,NC AREA
  10. J

    Iso Pampered Chef Catalog Tote

    Looking to buy a catalog tote with the see through cover. Please let me know if you have one! :-)
  11. jnhr1986

    Sell Your Pampered Chef Supplies: $45 + Shipping!

    I'm moving and no longer actively selling so I am looking to sell my stash of consultant materials. $45 +shipping for ALL! (that's less than the price of the apron and bag alone) Email me for a quicker response [email protected] Lot includes: Pampered Chef consultant bag (excellent used...
  12. colleen Carpenter

    ISO a Catalog Bag: The Perfect Accessory

    ISO a catalog bag
  13. melizabeth35

    Mini Catalog for S/S 2016?

    Hello all! Anyone know whether there will be a mini catty for Spring/Summer 2016? I see the regular catalogs and the flyer with all the new products, but no mini..... thanks in advance!! Lisa
  14. T

    Shopping for New Consulting Supplies: Tablecloths & Catalog Totes

    I'm a new consultant and I am looking to buy two tablecloths (one vinyl and one cloth) as well as one of the plastic catalog (not the mini catalog) display totes.
  15. W

    Iso: Catalog Tote, Mini Catalog Tote and Any Paisley Bags

    I would love to purchase any of these bags. If you have any for sale, please send me pictures. Thanks!!
  16. raebates

    Urgent Help! Looking for Recruiting Catalog Labels

    I have someone looking for the labels you can print from CC to put on the front of the catalog. A search on CC brings up 110 possible resources, but none of them look like what I'm looking for.
  17. stephaniekocala

    forSale: 2015 Fall/Winter Catalog /25

    NIP. $15 plus shipping. If interested, message me ([email protected]) or respond with zip code and I'll quote a cost before prepping shipment. Thanks!
  18. baychef

    Flyer With Items That Are Not in the Catalog

    Hi there, Probably not much request for this but the items that are not pictured in the catalog are marked on the catalog index, but don't believe many customers will comb through it to see what is not in the catalog. It's not fancy but it is Microsoft Word and hopefully you can make it your own.
  19. B

    Bags Bags Bags All for Sale! All $10 Each + Shipping.

    I've got the following items for sale - all are NIP or slightly used: Paisley Market Tote (NIP) Black Quilted Tote (2 of them - one is slightly used the other is new) Red, White & Blue Cool N Serve Star Tote (NIP) Catalog Tote (new) Knife Bag (NIP) Pampered Chef Tie & Scarf set (NIP) Mini Black...
  20. pcheftammy

    forSale: Catalog Tote

    This is a black catalog tote with one main compartment and privacy pocket inside. The catalog can be changed from the outside under a black decorative strap. Asking $5 plus shipping. Catalog not included.
  21. ChefJWarren

    forSale - Grey Crossbody Mini Catalog Purse

    This was only used a couple of times. Has lots of pockets and holds mini catalogs and business cards. $10 including shipping.
  22. DebPC

    Catalog Show Banner

  23. firediv

    Get Anything in Catalog 60%Off Question

    The flyer "Must haves for Mom" can hosts get these for 60% off also?
  24. F

    Mini Catalog April

    Has there been a mini catalog flyer posted with April specials yet? thanks!
  25. T

    Catalog Booking Poem

    Im looking for a poem I had found on this sight a while back. It talked about booking a catalog show fir my mommy while shes at the hospital . It was super cute I thought I had saved it but didnt:( Does anyone have anything like this?
  26. stephaniekocala

    Consultant Items for Sale

    I run my PC business exclusively via social media, so I don't need many of the consultant items...I'm really uncertain how to price these items; if I'm off on my pricing, please advise - not trying to make $$ just thinking someone can use these items (interested buyers can post or email...
  27. doughmama

    Catalog Tote and Other Things for Sale - Sold

    Cleaning house! All new catalog tote - $12 two zipper bag - $5 quilted bag - $25 Paypal only. Shipping not included in price
  28. doughmama

    Catalog Tote - August Promo for Sale

    Catalog tote - August promo for sale Catalog tote - new in package. Very nice but I just don't need another. Paypal only. List Date: 9/2/2014 For more info, click here to view the original listing: Catalog tote - August promo for sale -------------------------------------- On Sale...
  29. S

    Catalog Show Planner

    I am wondering if anyone has updated the catalog Show planner with the new host rewards. There was a file on here that had a checklist for the host to complete along with a description on how to have a good party. Anyone have anything like that? Thanks!! ~Sarah
  30. P

    Iso Mini Catalog Crossbody Bag

    Looking to purchase a Crossbody bag with mini catalog window. I'm a brand new consultant and really want this item. :) shipping to74006