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What is poem: Definition and 27 Discussions

  1. Connie

    Maximize Your Hostess Success with M & M's Hostess Poem - Pampered Chef Tips

    During the Holidays I wrote this M & M's Hostess Poem for my Hostess Coaching. I would tape it to a bag of M & M's as a reminder for my Hostess. It is similar to the other M & M poems. I just tweaked it a little. M & M's Hostess PoemAs you hold these candies in your hand and turn them you will...
  2. T

    Find the Perfect Poem for a Catalog Booking to Cheer Up Mom in the Hospital

    Im looking for a poem I had found on this sight a while back. It talked about booking a catalog show fir my mommy while shes at the hospital .It was super cute I thought I had saved it but didnt:(Does anyone have anything like this?
  3. P

    Summer's Impact: A Poem of Two Consultants

    I'm looking for that poem that talks about the 2 different consultants and what they do during the summer.....and how it affects their fall....anyone have this?
  4. raebates

    FooF Queens' Twixit! Clip Poem - Can You Complete It?

    On Foof Queens' fb page they posted a picture of a host packet that included a Twixit! Clip poem. From what I can read easily, it begins: A bag of salad won’t turn brown, And cereal won’t spill if upside down, Brown sugar won’t get hard like rocks, And in the laundry you won’t lose socks...
  5. L

    Need Help With Poem Needed for Pto Back to Teacher Gifts...

    Hi all, I'm working on poem for back to school gift for teachers and staff at our school. It's going to be a water bottle with a drink mix packet and candy bar which will be in pocket that is on the water bottle. I'm not doing well coming up with a poem..... Here's something I...
  6. DebPC

    Director The Rose of Your Business: Growing with The Pampered Chef

    Reposting this for Velvet- The long stem symbolize the longevity of your new career with the > Pampered Chef > The thorns on the stem, the obstacles that you may face, but can > overcome. > The green leaves, the monetary gain you will receive with your new > business. > And last, but...
  7. whiteyteresa

    Where Can I Find a Short Easter Poem or Story for a Bookmark?

    I am looking for a Easter Poem, saying or small story for my daughter The last couple of years I have been making some bookmarks to hand out at church for holidays. Years ago I handed out postcards with a tiny bag of jelly beans attached for Easter and then a realized that wasn't really what...
  8. K

    Poem for New Products & New Recipes

    I don't have a creative bone in my body when it comes to poems! I would like to use a fun poem at my shows and in my customer email/newsletter about booking/recruiting and the new spring products. Anybody have any ideas! Karen
  9. M

    Director Unlock Your Destiny and Enter Bliss with this Empowering Poem: ATTAINMENT

    Just got this: ATTAINMENT. Use all your hidden forces. Do not miss The purpose of this life, and do not wait For circumstance to mould or change your fate. In your own self lies Destiny. Let this Vast truth cast out all fear, all prejudice, All hesitation. Know that you are great...

    Discover the Perfect Sticky Catalog for Your Dr Office - Get Yours Now!

    I would love to get my paws on the old catalog sticky that you can post on the old ones.... that you would like to leave at Dr offices and such... if anyone has it that would be fantastic!!! :) thanks bunches lara
  11. OhmyDLM

    Director Need Suggestions for "Growth" Flower Poem

    My Director promoted to Advanced Director this month, YAY! I've bought this really pretty plant pot for her office and got a nice flower plant to put in it. I want to present it to her at our team meeting tomorrow with either a poem or a few sayings put together as symbolism of what the...
  12. janetupnorth

    A Poem for Sammie's Last Day of First Grade

    Sammie's teacher asked the parents to right something for their kids to be read the last day of school. I normally am not a "writer" but here is the poem I wrote for Sammie: Dear Sammie, First grade was full of amazing things for you this year. You’ve grown a lot in many ways our...
  13. krzymomof4

    What is the universal experience of motherhood?

    FOR ALL MOTHERS, GRANDMOTHERS AND GREAT GRANDMOTHERS EVERYWHERE: This is for the mothers who have sat up all night with sick toddlers in their arms, wiping up puke laced with Oscar Mayer wieners and cherry Kool-Aid saying, "It's okay honey, Mommy's here". Mothers who have sat in rocking...
  14. B

    What makes this cooking poem perfect for your next party?

    This has probably been posted here already someplace, but thought some of you might like to print this out and use it. COOKING POEM (Pampered Chef)- Left/Right Game When (name of Hostess) booked a show, I knew RIGHT away... that working with her would make my day. She made up her...
  15. heatherkiss

    Have You Heard of the Stoneware Poem?

    I can't remember the stoneware poem. About how the more you use it the uglier it gets the uglier it gets the better it cooks:confused: the better it cooks the better you feel. I'm close but what is the "real" ryme?
  16. Addie4TLC

    Cute Poem- Can You Relate? "The Land That Made Me Me"

    It's a little long... but worth it. Promise. :) Long ago and far away, In a land that time forgot, Before the days of Dylan, Or the dawn of Camelot. There lived a race of innocents, And they were you and me, Long ago and far away In the Land That Made Me Me. Oh, there was...
  17. R

    Help Naughty Banana Split Poem Needed

    I've lost the poem and I'm going to my show in an hour. If anyone has the poem, can you please post it. I have the conservative one but I know the girls I'm doing the show for will really appreciate the naughty one. Thanks.
  18. SillyChef

    aDifferent Christmas Poem (A Little Late)

    I know that Christmas has come and gone, but I was going through my email tonight and seen this. I decided to share it with you all. Enjoy! A Different Christmas Poem The embers glowed softly, and in their dim light, I gazed round the room and I cherished the sight. My wife was...
  19. pamperedalf

    Looking for a Right Left Game Poem for My Show in a Few Hours?

    I have a show in a few hours and need the poem for the right left game if anyone has it! TIA:D
  20. sivlepa

    I Know the Poem but How Does Queen of Shoppers Work?

    Not sure how it works. Do you have them find a catalogue item, and as soon as it's found does the person who found the item get to hold the prize? Do you talk about the item or keep going? Etc....
  21. P

    Revamp Your Catalog Collection: Get the Perfect Poem for Outdated Catalogs!

    Does anyone have the poem I saw somewhere that you can put on old catalogs saying they are out of date but give me a call for a current one??? See why I want it, it says it so much better than I just did. :) You can e-mail it to me also [email protected]
  22. L

    Help! Need Poem for Points at Party Game

    I found a poem here before that you read to the guests and they get points and at the end they get 50 points if they host a party for you. I thought I saved it and I cant find it. I thought it was with a bridal shower thread. It goes something like this. If you came by car give yourself 4. If...
  23. T

    Does anyone have the rose poem for new consultants?

    does anyone have the rose poem for new consultants? tammy
  24. T

    Looking for the Rose Poem for New Consultants?

    Does anyone have the "rose poem" that they use for new consultants? I am having a meeting this week and have 4 new consultants there that I want to do this for. thanks Tammy
  25. DebPC

    Who Came From Afar? A Playful Poem for Prize Drawings

    Someone on another loop posted this poem - "Who Came From Afar" I have them fill out the prize drawing slip, I tell them to fill it out completely, or they don't get their prize if they win! (Laughingly, I would never do that - but it works) Then I tell them to turn it over, and get their...
  26. DebPC

    Find Financial Freedom with Pampered Chef!

    “Recently my husband and I were looking over our financial future. We realized that we had ZERO saved. I went to a Pampered Chef party and wanted all of the products! The Consultant had so much fun and she said she LOVES her PAYDAY! So, I thought it over for a bit....enduring the SNICKERS...
  27. DebPC

    Ice Cream Social & Mad-Hatter's Tea Party: Demo Tips & Banana Poem

    Ice Cream Social or Mad-Hatter's Tea Party. Here's what I have saved in my emails... Mary Jo Oyer-Dir. We did this at our last cluster meeting as if we were at a show and it went well. I have one coming up this week too. I think you need to decide with the hostess if you want to break up into 4...