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What is little: Definition and 190 Discussions

  1. raebates

    Please Allow Me to Brag a Little

    Recently I got to know the people behind a local online newspaper. They invited me to write for them. It's unpaid, but they told me I could share anything I'd like to write about. This will allow me to set myself as an expert in certain areas, especially food and weddings. It's possible that...
  2. C

    How can I overcome overwhelm as a new consultant?

    Glad to have found my way here. I'm a new consultant and I am a little overwhelmed. LOL. Hopefully I will find answers here. TIA
  3. pampchef.angel

    Returning Consultant - a Little Overwhelmed!

    I am a returning consultant who is trying to catch up on all the things that are new since I was a last a consultant earlier this year. Things have changed! :) I'm waiting for my kit to come and waiting to see the new catalogs. Seeing the new products and being "out of the loop" was all it...
  4. Shawnna

    Want to Succeed in Your Home Business? Do These Daily Tasks!

    I loved this and wanted to share. Hope it is a blessing to someone else. Succeed a Little Every Day Posted on July 18, 2013 by Donna Partow Every day, you make choices that move you closer or further away from your goals. You are, for the most part, the sum total of the choices you...
  5. P

    Calling All Prayer Warriors - a Little Boy Needs Your Help!

    This little boy and his family desperately need your prayers. If you aren't already familiar with Tripp's story, you can get caught-up on the family's facebook page. http://www.facebook.com/#!/TrippHalsteadUpdates?group_id=0 You know they say that you never know how strong you are until...
  6. dannyzmom

    Ot: Not Pampered Chef but My Family Needs a Little Help :)

    Please take a moment to vote for our family business...and if you wouldn't mind voting every day, we'd be ever-so-grateful! http://vote.local10.com/place/39933-ceciles-gourmet-italian-ices Feel free to share with with friends, family, FB, etc. We're a SMALL business family (his ices shop and my...
  7. P

    Please Help My Little Girl Win!!

    I hate to ask this but we have the opportunity for my little girl to win a contest with a local baseball team to go trick or treating with their mascot. We never win these things because it seems like everyone is so connected and we are not. so I am reaching out to ask you to become my friend on...
  8. D

    Cute Little Ditty to Encourage Follow Through?

    I have had 6 MIA hosts in the last 3 months. I guess that may not seem like much, but is has affected several of my reward opportunities, and these folks just don't call me back! I wanted to leave a message with 2 of them about the witness protection program they must have joined. So, my...
  9. Intrepid_Chef

    Every Little Bit Helps: Small Steps Make a Big Impact in February PC Show

    I submitted a show that was not large. I didn't need it to be. I just needed to be active in February, and to turn in the show ASAP so my friends could get their orders, including one past host who ordered dotts. Though the ones she ordered didn't go on stop sell, I was afraid they would! So...
  10. B

    Just a Little Encouragement, Please!

    So, my business, for the first time in 1 1/2 years, is in a serious lull. I got 4 "nos" yesterday! I've never gotten that many in a day (which I am half proud of and half bummed about). I have one catalog show (she wasn't very optimistic that she'd be able to get $150 in sales) and one cooking...
  11. babywings76

    Lost the Little Silicone Protective Foot Covers to the Plate Caddy

    I'm afraid the little bag that had the silicone protective feet to the appetizer plate caddy might have been tossed among all the Christmas wrapping and stuff. I actually also found one of the plates slightly too large to fit the stand and called HO to see about getting a new plate. Luckily...
  12. C

    Overcoming Obstacles: My Journey to Booking Cooking Shows

    Ok, I've been doing this since October. I didn't have any luck in December with cooking shows being booked :( was getting a little nervous since I've done cooking shows for all my friends and had no other shows booked off of them :grumpy: I had one last show scheduled for January.... I sent...
  13. kam

    Have to Vent a Little: Conscorner

    Overall, I really don't mind the new CC layout. I don't love it, but for the most part, I can find what I need. The only part I HATE is how they have the Recipe section now. Can't tell you how long it took me to find the recipes that were on the Spring Marketing Guide. Where is the Spring...
  14. A

    Adjusting to Life's Surprises: A Rant about Moving Again - My Experience

    Hello all... I rarely post here but I figure you all would be the most understanding of my little rant. We recently moved to a new state. Literally, unloaded the last box and evacuated for the Hurricane. Now everything is back to normal. So I have settled in and unpacked, marketed the heck...
  15. NooraK

    Can You Spot the Perfect Baking Tools for Triple Chip Cookies on Bakerella.com?

    A Stainless Steel Scoop, a Small Square Bowl and a Stackable Cooling Rack. :D Triple Chip Cookies bakerella.com
  16. N

    Director in aFunk...just Need to Whine a Little

    I have been going through some nasty health issues (I was on prednisone for 5 years and now being weaned off--nasty side effects), with pretty much constant pain in muscles and joints, and extreme fatigue for 1 1/2 months My july sucked--$2300, which is ridiculous for me August has only 4...
  17. vanscootin

    Boost Your Party Game with Our Booking Binder & Hilarious Hosting Incentives

    I'm making a Booking Binder with the upcoming specials and recruiting info as well as with fundraiser and wedding registry info to pass around at shows. I am trying to come up with funny reasons for people to host a show, but I am totally drawing a blank... I went through reasons why I would...
  18. Melissa78

    Just a Little Tidbit From My Brain...there Were Many of Us Very

    Just a little tidbit from my brain... There were many of us VERY disappointed with the shortened Conference this year as most people are coming in from quite some distance and want to get as much out of Conference as we can. We are already there - so pack it in. ANywho...when we...
  19. A

    Disastrous Show Experience: Unprepared Host and Unclean Kitchen

    Okay so I just got back from the worst show ever. The host did not send any invites or e-vites, only used FB which I discouraged her from doing but she did anyway. Then I show up at her house 15 miles away 1.5 hrs after I left my house because of traffic. Thankfully I leave myself an hr drive...
  20. J

    Excited and Scared (Sorry a Little Long :))

    I have been with PC almost a year and have not even let recruiting enter my mind. But with the possibility of a 3 day cruise, I really want to give it a go. A friend was telling me she was thinking of doing tastefully simple b/c someone from her work is giving it up...and since I am so scared...
  21. vanscootin

    Who's Heart Dish Order is it Anyway?

    My mom wanted to order a few of the little heart dishes from the outlet... she lives upstairs from us and doesn't have a computer. So she used my computer... went to my PWS and with my help purchased 4 dishes.... she put in HER name...HER phone number...HER email... HER address (which, yes is...
  22. kreaser

    Health Fair...need a Little Help

    Hi everyone I am invited to set up at an Educational Center Health Fair this friday morning. Set up is at 7am and the event starts at 7:30am only til 9am Teachers, and staff from the area will browse the booths for the 1 1/2 hours before going into their meeting. We are pretty much welcome to...
  23. chefheidi2003

    Prayers for Brandt: A Little Boy Fighting Neuroblastoma

    I am typing this with tears in my eyes. I have a friend Brad who has a little boy, Brandt..Brandt is 6 and has Neuroblastoma..he was doing pretty good with it..even in remission..it came back a few months ago..and now within the last few weeks he has taken a turn for the worse..had pneumonia..a...
  24. esavvymom

    Votes Needed to Find a Cure for This Little Boy!

    Hello friends..... If you could spend just 1 minute per day to change the lives of someone who suffers from a rare disease- all from the comfort of your home and the click of a button, would you? Recently, my neighbor and I got talking. He lives a road over from me, so I don't see him...
  25. J

    Motivated Chef...looking for a Little Spark!!

    Hello hello...first of all thanks to everyone who posts and shares on here. I have found it to be a HUGE success!! Best $5 spent in a long time :) I am a new consultant, joined mid July. I qualified in 30 days and I am starting to feel a slight decline in my progress. I need some words of...
  26. scottcooks

    Pray for a Sweet Little Boy Ds

    Prayers requested for our DS "JJ" and his situation. Pray for his school authorities to not just C.Y.A. themselves and box him up and ship him away to 'somewhere else', but to apply some of their strength and nurture and support him through early transition to their community. Warning - not...
  27. kam

    I'm Going to Whine a Little About the Deep Dish Baker

    I knew the Deep Dish Baker is gone...but I didn't realize how many recipes I demo that use this stone! (Note: the Deep DISH Baker - not the Deep Covered Baker) I always have the Beef Enchilada Casserole on my list (it is in the 29 Min to Dinner) and it calls for the Deep Dish Baker. I am...
  28. J

    Need a Recipe- Little Spinach Cups?

    I need a community fair on Saturday and an elderly lady that I've never met in my entire life came up to me and said, "I was going to call you! I was at a show years ago and you made these little spinach cups? I want that recipe." I just started in March so it wasn't me...but I did tell her...
  29. L

    Help Our Little Princess: Community Fundraising Flyer

    Ok, I'm not sure what to call this. I'm doing a fundraiser and we're hoping to reach the community and we've got churches and places willing to put up flyers saying to go to this site for info. I'm looking for a sheet where top part I can have picture of our little princess we're doing...
  30. Jolie_Paradoxe

    Looking for Hospitality in Little Rock, Ar 72076 Zip

    Hello all, Have a teammate who was sent near Little Rock. She is ready to get her biz back on track and would love to attend a cluster meeting. If there is anyone who would provide hospitality in the 72076 area, it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!