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What is nervous: Definition and 50 Discussions

  1. N

    Nervous but Excited.. First Party on the 16Th

    Man oh man, lately it seems I don't do anything but go to work come home and jump onto my laptop. I have realized that I'm not as prepared as I would like. No booking slide, no door prizes, etc. Ok Ok Ok breath in ... breath out, I can do this! I am pretty confident with what I will be...
  2. D

    Tips for a Successful Couples Show: Ideas for Nervous Consultants

    Help!!! I just scheduled a couples show and need ideas. This show is for one of my DH's co-worker and spouses. So a little nervous doing this show.
  3. C

    Overcoming Obstacles: My Journey to Booking Cooking Shows

    Ok, I've been doing this since October. I didn't have any luck in December with cooking shows being booked :( was getting a little nervous since I've done cooking shows for all my friends and had no other shows booked off of them :grumpy: I had one last show scheduled for January.... I sent...
  4. P

    Director Boosting My Business: Excited and Nervous for My Host Appreciation Party!

    My business has not been the greatest this past year - and honestly, I have no one to blame but me - I just haven't worked it like I should. I'm not earning a trip this year and I keep telling myself that I'm okay with it, but I'd really like to go on one! I have vowed that this won't happen...
  5. I

    What Makes a Great Conference Workshop? Share Your Favorites!

    I have been gone to a reading summitt for the last three days. When I got home yesterday I had a message on my answering machine from Judy Joel, asking if I would be a workshop presenter at National Conference. I know that I had just come from some incredibly DULL workshops, and I definitely...
  6. kdangel518

    Ready to Take the Stage: A Nervous Musician's Journey

    Doing my first show since November tonight, and I'm nervous! Wish me luck!:blushing:
  7. emiscookin

    Overcoming Shyness: How to Talk to Strangers About Pampered Chef

    Hey everyone~ As you can see in my signature, I have been VERY successful in sales even before my first 30 days are up!! (Thanks to online sales, where I didn't have to do anything, but send out emails ;)) I'm so happy! :D I do have 2 cooking shows booked for May, but I would like to get a...
  8. Nep2nfly

    Nan's Grand Opening: Nervous but Excited for Saturday's First Show!

    Hi ya'll (from Kentucky): I just had to share how excited I am! My grand opening is Saturday (April 10th) which will be my very first show (I have 4 outside orders already!). I am getting increasingly nervous - especially since my recruiter can't be there. However, I am also very, very...
  9. I

    How to Prepare for a Huge Cooking Show with 75+ Guests?

    Ok so I am having a stellar month.. I already have over 5 k in sales, 2 new recruits and 6 cooking shows and 3 catalog shows to go. So hip hip hooray!! Happy 2nd anniversary month to me! So my upcoming Tuesday host calls. She is a massage therapist who has a huge client base as well as a large...
  10. Monty060609

    My First Real Show: A Nervous Adventure in Cooking and Serving

    I was soooo nervous!! I thought I would keep the recipes super easy and then I'll just talk and showcase the tools separately. So I made the chicken in the DCB and garlic parm bites, neither of them use many tools but I had everything else I owned out on the kitchen table, since it was in my...
  11. kcjodih

    I Haven't Had a Cooking Show Since July and Was a Little Nervous

    I haven't had a cooking show since July and was a little nervous heading to my show tonight. I've only had catalogue shows for August and September and nothing for October. What a great feeling to get back in the saddle again AND get a new highest show total - $1490 and counting :D:D She...
  12. pamperedbecky

    Have You Thought About Teaching a Cooking Class to Boost Your Business?

    I've been REALLY trying to get my business back on track since conference. I've tried to reach out to other successful people who have made dramatic improvements in their businesses when times were tough and have tried to really step outside of my comfort zone, as well as think outside the box...
  13. C

    New Consultant - Excited Yet Nervous!

    So I'm a new consultant. When I say new, I mean that I just emailed my up-line to order my kit. I'm excited because I love PC, but I'm nervous b/c I'm not good at getting people to book. I tried the Creative memories selling, but it didn't work out----I'm thinking this will go better...
  14. P

    Nervous & Hopeful: Overcoming a Slow Month & Preparing for a Street Fair

    The past month has been ugly. Bookings are canceling and I don't have enough for it not to hurt. I'm doing a street fair in my city this coming Saturday and I'm a bit scared. I hope that I can get some bookings and that I can turn this around for June. I'm not an agressive person but really want...
  15. C

    Getting Nervous About the All-Men Show!

    My show for just guys is this coming Saturday. These are not men who are coming to buy for their wives - these are men who are SERIOUS cooks/chefs. (yes - a couple of them who are coming have worked or are working as chefs now.) I've attended a Cuban Cooking Class taught by one of them.:eek...
  16. amy07

    Director Maximizing Recruiting Success: Tips from a Top Team Leader

    I have an indirect recruit on my team who just completed her 30 days and qualified. She is bringing a recruit lead to our meeting next week. She is so excited, and so am I. This new gal "gets it"!! I have really been working with my newest members about recruiting from the bat since...
  17. ilovepc

    Any Tips for Hosting a Big Pampered Chef Party?

    Hi everyone. First time posting my own thread. New consultant (40 days). I qualified in the first month through 4 catalog shows. Thanks to my dear friends. Now I am nervous, Let me tell you why. My first cooking show is September 28th. The host is a long time friend that moved out of...
  18. PC For Me 2 Move Out

    Excited for Old Home Day but worried about catalog shortage - what to do?

    This coming Saturday, (depends on the weather, but looks like we may get it with only 2 hours left for the day) I am doing an event, called an Old Home Day. Last year they had about 13K :eek: people there. I ordered some of the Fall 2008 catalogs, but they won't be in on time. :grumpy: However I...
  19. amy07

    Preparing for Kindergarten Physicals: A Nervous Parent's Tale

    Ughhh!! My twins are going for their Kindergarten physicals today and will need to get their shots. :yuck: I'm a nervous wreck! :cry::cry: I'm sure whoever goes first, I will be chasing down the 2nd! p.s. I'm taking my pediatrician's office some cookies and catalogs!:chef:
  20. AnnieBee

    Submitted & Nervous: How Soon Will I Know Everything is OK?

    Finally, I just submitted my 8th show, she got to $500 (so happy for her) and I got my $2500 for first 30 days. So my question is, how soon should I expect to see my IPT up-dated so I know for sure it all has gone through today? Or is there another way for me to know that everything is OK...
  21. P

    Panicked and Nervous: Reviving My Cooking Show with Chicken Fajitas & More!

    I have not done an actual Cooking show in 2 months...I have one on Tuesday and I am in a panic! We are doing the Chicken Fajitas in the DCB, the Banana Split Brownie Pizza and lemonade in the QSP..........I am just really nervous because the last few live shows I did were really off. I would...
  22. T

    Super Nervous for My Grand Opening! Super Shy

    I am probably THE most shy person anyone can ever meet. Sometimes I wonder how in the world I got into this! When Im around others I do not know, I tend to get nervous and forget what I mean to say. Anyone else start off like that, and any tips ??
  23. M

    I Have My Very First Show Today, I Am Super Nervous! but I Was

    I have my very first show today, I am super nervous! But I was wondering if you guys had any good party games?? Thank you!! :)
  24. J

    Very Nervous About First Show....

    Hi everyone! My name is Amanda and I'm in TN. I hope I'm posting this in the right place. I just joined Pampered Chef this week. My director just sent off my consultant agreement today. I guess online as I didn't sign anything. I'm excited but very nervous about my first show. I've only been to...
  25. redsoxgirl

    Trying Out Cookware Tomorrow - Nervous!

    I've never shown or talked about the cookware at all. Telling people the low-down on it makes me nervous. I'll be showing the Executive grill pan and the SS 8" (to cook 20 min rib sauce in). Any tips on what to tell them? I have my flip cards (can't remember their real name)and I'm going to...
  26. C

    Can I Pull Off an Interactive Cooking Show with 13 Couples Tonight?

    I have a show tonight - it's a couples show with 13 couples.........and I am doing a totally interactive show for the first time. I usually involve guests in small ways - but tonight, partly because of the crowd, and partly because I am still not feeling great, I am having them do all the...
  27. A

    Conquering Cooking Anxiety: Tips for Hosting a Successful Show with 12 Guests

    Tonight is my first cooking show outside of my close family and friends! It's for a lady who works w/ my MIL, but I've only met her once. I'm starting to get really nervous now... she's planning on about 12 people being there, so she wants to make two taco rings instead of one. I don't mind...
  28. C

    How can I handle last minute changes and uncertainties in my first PC show?

    I am new to PC. I have my first show tonight and I am not sure if I coached my host well. I gave her the host packet, told her to do the list of 100 to generate iseas on how to invite people, and she did. She told me on Wednesday that there will be 8 definite people there. She just called me...
  29. PMSchef

    Will My First Pampered Chef Show Be a Success?

    Well... Sunday is almost here, and I'm getting nervous. I don't know if I am going to have the apt downstairs to use, or if anyone will show up besides my Ex from PA, her friend, and my parents(which is a maybe also).:eek:
  30. mommylove_07

    Nervous Beginnings: My 1st Cooking Show

    My 1st cooking show is coming up and I am very nervous. It is a week from Sunday. I just don't think I know everything that I need to know. I need to take the training on the website. I hope I do okay. I need to have my kit. Catalogs. I am doing the bingo game. (Host was excited...