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What is starting: Definition and 117 Discussions

  1. Staci

    How can I revamp my PC business and increase sales after a year-long hiatus?

    I started a PC business a few years ago after attending a party at one of my mother's friends house and then hosted my own show and signed up. I love the business and I love the products. I am a little on the quiet side and I feel like I need some pointers on how to be more outgoing at my...
  2. Pampered-Christine

    Just Starting Looking for Supplies

    In upstate NY looking for bags, 3x clothes, table cloths, door hangers etc. like to meet to pick up or pay via PayPal with shipping. Thanks! [email protected]
  3. Tami Baird

    Are You Ready to Join My Pampered Chef Journey?

    I'm so excited to start on this new adventure. I'm a mother of two boys . One is 13 years old and has ADHD and Aspergers. My youngest is 7 years old . I currenting home school both my boy's. I just received my kit and I have one on-line show the 28th of this month. And also have a vendor show on...
  4. esavvymom

    New Host Program Starting March 2014

    So....if you watched the video, what do you think? I think it could be a very good thing- and definitely easier! More positives than negatives, that's for sure. At least in my view. If you are not on the beta Consultants Corner, here is the summary. (By the way, I have not switched to...
  5. A

    Starting Out, and a Bit Worried.

    So, I am not actually starting Pampered Chef until late Sept/early Oct. My launch party is going to be held by my brother's fiance and I believe we're doing it in a room at a golf course so we could invite a lot of people. Originally we were just going to co-host, but then I decided I would love...
  6. M

    Starting a Business on Facebook - Questions & Answers

    Hello! I am just starting my business and have some question about FB. First, should I use my own FB page or create a new one. Second, how do I throw a facebook party. I don't use FB that much, so I don't know the ins and outs of it. Is there a site that gives step by steps on this sort of...
  7. RaniaTreadwell

    What are some ways to encourage people to book a Pampered Chef show with you?

    :love: So i love PC! I mean i really LOVE PC! I am so excited about joining the PC family! I have several people hosting catalog shows, but as of yet no home shows. I have posted on FB looking to book more shows but i get nothing. no replies.. notta. I admit, i don't have a lot of local...
  8. naekelsey

    Starting a Hurricane Sandy Fundraiser

    I am setting up a Sandy Fundraiser as my first fundraiser. How do I set it up in my website so people can order from it?
  9. wadesgirl

    Starting a New Job: Giving Two-Week Notice with No One to Talk To

    Some of you may remember that I was laid off my last job for 8 months and finally found a job this spring. I basically took the first job that said yes for two reasons - first I had to because I was on unemployment and second was because I really wanted to start working again. Well after 4...
  10. N

    Rant Why Can't I Book a Party as a PC Consultant?

    I become a PC Consultant end of April and still haven't had my first party!!! My sister was to have one early June, had to cancel because she just got back from vacation and did not have time. Then a close friend of mine was suppose to have one mid June, cancelled because it was Father's Day...
  11. A

    Any tips for a newbie Pampered Chef consultant?

    Hi from Pa. I just re-started P.Chef after not doing it for almost 9 years. I did it for 10 yrs. and just bscame a rescent widow. My children have been urging me to re-start and I'm glad I did. My son says- " Mom it is so good to hear you laugh like you used to do. Well, I got my kit 2 days...
  12. R

    What to Do When Starting a Pampered Chef Business? Suggestions Here!

    vendor cost*updated with other ? at post5*I contacted a womens expo, which honestly would be a GREAT opportunity to start my PC business, since I am just starting, and I asked them if they were looking for vendors and how much it would cost and told them who I was. Well she said they were $150...
  13. naekelsey

    Starting Again...just Not for the 2Nd Time....

    Due to a "not so nice" marriage and a even messier separation/divorce, I have had to start and stop selling PC a few times. Things are finally settled with the kids, no longer having to move, divorce is final and etc. So now, for the last time, I am able to sell PC consistently and not have to...
  14. chefsteph07

    Exec Starting to Stick, Is Yours?

    I've had the Exec cookware since it first came out, won the sets during the shopping spree at conferene, and earned the open stock pieces through pan o rama when it was going on, I use them EVERY DAY (most used, 10in saute, double burner griddle, single burner griddle) and ONE BY ONE, they have...
  15. Sheila

    Director Cores Starting to Melt Here in Japan :(

    This is not looking good. At the front gate of the Nuclear plant, levels are so high that in a 1 hour time frame, people would be exposed to 3 years worth of regular radiation. :( The levels here in Tokyo are normally around 15 ... in the last hour they moved up to 20, then spiked to 25. 80...
  16. Tropicalburstqt2

    Starting a Gourmet Dog Bakery: Finding Pet/Craft Shows & E-Commerce Outlets

    I'm in the process of starting a gourmet dog bakery & looking for places to market. Where are some good places to find pet shows/expos & craft shows? I'm also looking for places similar to etsy to list my products. Thanks in advance everyone. I'm super excited about this new adventure (& for...
  17. P

    Is This the Start of a Successful Year for My Business?

    I am so excited. Just closed my first show of the year with $1036 in comm. sales! I am so pumped right now! Hopefully this is going to be a sign of good things ahead for my business. The show was last Friday night so for those who think people don't have money so close after...
  18. KayPT

    Pampered Chef Chef's Jacket - Starting at $5!

    http://cgi.ebay.com/PAMPERED-CHEF-CHEFS-JACKET-/260714836449?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3cb3d0b1e1 This is so cool! I wish it was my size. I just had to pass it on since the bidding is at $5 now.
  19. B

    Change in Past Host Booking Benefit Starting 9/10

    I didn't see this posted: The Special Edition CN states on page 24 that starting with September shows a show must hit $150 in sales before the past host can redeem her booking benefit. WAHOO! Now every show submitted will be at least $150 commissionable and therefore if someone submits a...
  20. L

    Questions on Starting a Pampered Chef Business

    I know i should be asking my recruiter, but yall seem to answer alot more quickly. First, how soon after signing up can i submit my first show? Also, does anyone have a list of what exactly is included in the kit? I promise i am not a "kitknapper" i just have a list of things i want / feel i...
  21. P

    What are your top 4 successful year-round theme shows for new consultants?

    Im just starting out I would like to offer a few themes but I want to keep it simple and only offer 4 or less to choose from and then add to that over time. So what are your top 4 theme shows that have been succesful preferably ones that work year round (not holiday related they can be seasonal)
  22. T

    Struggling to Book Parties? Tips and Tricks for New PC Sellers

    I started selling PC in November and having such a hard time getting bookings, even with friends and family! I'd love to do the 3 calls a day but I just don't have that many numbers! I'm really starting to get frustrated and want to get some shows on the go! I've even offered, in addition...
  23. Jen1409

    Nicole's Milestone: First Steps Without Help at 11 Months

    Nicole's been walking assisted for awhile now but yesterday she took some steps without help. I seriously wanted to cry. I can't believe my baby is growing so fast! In less than 2 weeks she'll be a year old!
  24. J

    Tax Questions for Starting Pampered Chef Business

    Okay so I've read several posts on this subject but I still have some questions. I started with PC in Feb., 2009. I've done a pretty good job on grocery receipts but not so good on receipts from Office Depot. I've kept all my receipts I just didn't write what it was for. Does this mean I...
  25. crystalscookingnow

    New Lead: Starting Out with Pampered Chef - Wish Me Luck!

    I just had a lead assigned to me! I'm so excited. It's for someone interested in getting started with PC. Wish me luck! :D
  26. P

    Kit Enhancement Eligibility: Starting June 15th - When Can I Apply?

    I stared with PC on June 15th of this year and I read that a new consultant can get a Kit Enhancement in their 4th month. So if I started on June 15th, 2009 then I would be eligible in October right? Does anyone know if I can do the Kit Enhancement on Oct. 1st or will I have to wait until...
  27. A

    Help With My First Show and Advice About First Starting Pampered Chef

    Hey everyone, I am new to PC and joined last friday. I am scheduled to receive the larger kit tomorrow. I am so excited. I have my first show scheduled for this saturday, with my neighbor and friend. She sent out invitations through my directors PCW since I dont have one set up and I'm...
  28. R

    Starting Out as a New Consultant: Seeking Bookings & Advice

    Hi everyone I would like some help. Does anyone have a booking script to get bookings? What would you suggest saying when letting people know that you are a new consultant and need the bookings when starting out and even after the 90 day period? What do you say? Any feedback would be...
  29. L

    Help for a Consultant Starting Back Up!!

    Hi everyone- I am starting back up my Pampered Chef business, and I am so eager to really hit the ground running. I am having the worst time finding bookings!!! I tote my catalog bag around everywhere and pass out business cards every chance I get! My recruiter has recently moved out of state...