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What is seeking: Definition and 200 Discussions

  1. Amy

    F/W 2010"Completing My Collection: Seeking Fashion Seasons 2001-2006, 2009-2010

    I am trying to complete my collection. Looking for following copies of seasons best. Only need 1 copy of eachAnything prior to 2001F/W 2001S/S 2002F/W 2002S/S 2003F/W 2003S/S 2004F/W 2004S/S 2005F/W 2005S/S 2006F/W 2006F/W 2009S/S 2010
  2. Alma

    Seeking Master Scraper (Cranberry/White, 1703) - 95624

    Hello, I'm looking for a Master Scraper (cranberry and white in color, 4 3/4" x 2 1/2" x 1/4" item number 1703) Zip code is 95624.Thank you.
  3. pmprdprettyinsnj

    Desperately Seeking Table Runner or Tablecloths

    I am a consultant of many years and unfortunately in our last move some of our PC things were lost. We are thinking they were stolen from where they were stored, (family friend's house) so now we desperately need to find something to use for upcoming vendor shows. I have nothing but our...
  4. R

    VJ's Black Pampered Chef Table Runner - Contact for Vendor Events

    I just started my business in August and looking to do more vendor events. I'm looking for the black PC table runner. If you have one to part with please message me at [email protected]
  5. B

    Seeking Simple Additions White Square Plates

    I am looking for 6 of the medium diner plates (10 inch) and 6 of the small plates. Will pay $6 per medium and $4 per small. My zip is 12209. Thank you!
  6. A

    Updating Host Packets: Seeking Advice from Experienced Pampered Chef Consultants

    Good afternoon friends! I have been a PC consultant for a long time and am looking to update the contents of the host packets I provide. What I've done has always worked fine, but just want to spruce it up a bit. Would you share how you provide all the necessary information and paperwork to...
  7. buzzinbee

    Looking for Hosting Opportunities: A Pampered Chef Consultant's Return

    I've been recently inactive and just 're signed up onto chef success and the pampered chef Seeking flyer and or verbage stating I've returned and seeking opportunities To have live COOKING partiesSeeking: hosts
  8. B

    Seeking Used Garden Tote - Willing to Pay Shipping to 63052

    I am earning my own garden tote, but I would like another to give as a gift. However, I don't want to purchase any more of the tools. If anyone has earned theirs and wants to get rid of it, please let me know. Shipping would be to 63052 Thanks!
  9. J

    Seeking Flyers for Single Servings Pan and Microwave Egg Cooker

    Hi everyone, When I attended Spring Launch, there were full color 2 page (front and back) flyers for the Single Servings Pan and the Microwave Egg Cooker that accompanied the products. Does anyone have these scanned or know where I can locate them on the PC website? I've tried, without...
  10. kcmckay

    Seeking Advice From Those Who Have Left Pampered Chef Behind!

    So I've been at a stall for months now with PC and can't seem to break out of it. I've been here before but was always able to renew my love and get back into it. However, nothing seems to be working this time. Fall Launch was a disapointment and didn't get me motivated like most home office...
  11. T

    Can a BBQ Pizza Pan Go in the Oven? Seeking Advice

    I have a customer who asked me now that it is getting colder...Can the bbq pizza pan go in the oven? I looked on CC and check the use and care but did not see anything where it can't go in the oven. If anyone could help me with this question it would truly be appreciated.
  12. cookinforyou

    Seeking Sizzle Hat Charm - Email [email protected]

    Hi I was unable to go to Sizzle due to ill parents. I would love to purchase the sizzle hat charm if anyone would be interested in selling it. Please email me at cookinforyou @ gmail.com thank you!!
  13. C

    Seeking Discontinued Bottles - Free to Good Home

    Anyone have a few bottles they are willing to let go? I have someone looking for some. That is one thing I'm really sad they discontinued!!!
  14. A

    Urgent Seeking Recruiting Email - Help Appreciated!

    Hi everyone! Does anyone have a good recruiting email that I can send to my contacts? Thank you!
  15. A

    Meal Planning on a Budget: Seeking Advice!

    Does anyone meal plan? My husband has given me a challenge to meal plan for the rest of the month and try to spend as little as possible. I've never meal planned before so I don't even know where to start. I'd love to use PC recipes but am also indecisive, especially when it comes to food...
  16. pamperedbecky

    Director Seeking HWC Order Form - Have You Seen One?

    Hi everyone, Has anyone seen a HWC order form circulating this year? In past years, I've seen a "girl scout cookie style" order form with columns people can check with the various pink products listed across the top. Does anyone have one for this year's products? If so, could you post it...
  17. thehaleykitchen

    Karen Seeking Drawing Giveaway Ideas for Vendor Show

    Hey all ~ So, I am getting to be a part of a vendor show that is tomorrow and I am wanting to do a drawing at my booth for additional PC products if they host a show (show having a min. sales of $300). Does anyone have one that they use? I can't find anything in the files...
  18. W

    Seeking Spring/Summer 2012 Supply Order Form

    Has anyone seen the new supply order form for Spring/Summer 2012? I was inactive in January, so I didn't know if maybe that's why I can't see it. If anyone has it, would you share it please.
  19. C

    Newbie Seeking Creative Appetizer Recipes Using Starter Kit Items

    I Just started less than a month ago, and i have a show next Friday, Was wondering if anyone had any recipes that can use the Starter Kit items, i have a few other products, but the lady i'm doing the show for already went to one show, i don't want to use the recipes from the starter kit...
  20. W

    Gift Set Ideas for Christmas Shows: Seeking Advice!

    I am looking for pic and/or ideas for making up sets for Christmas gifts to take to my shows starting in November. Anyone have ones they'd be willing to share? Any tips, ideas, etc will be greatly appreciated!!
  21. C

    Seeking Used Instant Pot - Any Takers?

    So funny, I had a guest request one of these last night at my show! I have one and love it and use it all the time. I wanted to see if anyone has one they would be willing to sell? Thanks!
  22. D

    Grand Opening Event: Seeking Advice from the Pros!

    I am hosting my Grand Opening Event on Sunday and I am a little nervous. Is there any advice you all can offer me? I am going to do two recipes and was thinking of having the guest involved. Any thoughts? Thanks so much! Dana D:chef:
  23. chefjeanine

    Seeking Director (Or More) in Nappanee, in Area.

    Help! I’m looking for a Director that I met on the South Shore Commuter train coming home from conference. I think she lives in (or near) Nappanee. Her first name might be Janice and she has Amish folks in her downline.I’m trying to track her down because one of the people in her group lives...
  24. byrd1956

    Looking for Pink Zebra Towels: Seeking 2 to Buy

    Does anyone have 2 pink zebra towels they would like to part with?
  25. NooraK

    Prayers Requested for My DH: Seeking Peace in Troubled Times

    I'm not an overly religious person, but I do believe, and I know many of you have a closer relationship with God than I do. I would like to ask for some prayers for my DH. Last night, he came home and let the dogs out into the yard as usual. We then discovered that the back gate wasn't...
  26. B

    Seeking 1 More Roommate at the Hilton

    I still have room for one more consultant at the Hilton. I have a room with 2 beds and 2 bathrooms. I have the room reserved for check in on Wednesday and checkout on Saturday. If you or anyone you know that may need a place to stay, please email me. [email protected]
  27. P

    Seeking a May Host Letter: Anybody Got One?

    Does anyone have a May Host Letter available? Thanks!
  28. M

    Seeking HWC Items: Looking to Buy Before Release

    I know this is a long shot, I did not earn this years HWC items and I would love to have them before we can get them. Anybody want to sell?
  29. finley1991

    Director When Will Our Products Arrive? - Seeking Answers

    Does anyone know when we might receive these products? I checked the flier and usually it says when they will ship but I didn't see it. TIA! :)
  30. Shelly Flanagan

    Host Gift Ideas: Seeking Advice from the Community

    Hi everyone, Can you guys please advise the types of "Host Gifts" that you give. I have seen from a season's best all the way to paying for their host special, which can be a little pricey. I am just looking for some input to get a better idea. TIA, Shelly