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  1. MicheleATX

    Closing Business Sale

    UPDATED - All gone! I have a few business supply items available at a discount. Message me what you want and your zipcode and I'll add in shipping and give you the total. SOLD: Fall/Winter Catalogs (opened & 1 missing) Qty 24 catalogs total left - $15.00 SOLD Qty 1 Booking & Recruiting...
  2. C

    Question About Supply Order Form

    :confused: What is the Come to the Basement Book? Every time I order I wonder but don't want to spemd $5.00 to find out what it is. Anyone know? Thanks.
  3. S

    Supply Booster ?

    Hello everyone I had found 1 post that said you could order the supply booster from the consultants corner - but I can't find it. Can you order it thru PP? Sonia
  4. H

    Lost Supply Order

    Has anyone ever had a PChef supply order and a sample order get lost? I ordered in August almost 4 weeks ago. I spent one hour on the phone w/ support who sent me to 4 different departments. One tech was looking on a director's site, and she could not understand why the info was not on my...
  5. monica_sweetconsultant

    Supply Order Question

    does anyone know how long after you place a supply order the money gets taken from your account? i wanted to place an order now but it will be after 12 before i can get to the bank to put all the money in. i dont want them to hit my account before i get all the money in. thanks in advance!!
  6. M

    Supply Order

    If I placed a supply order today, what is the average time that it akes to arrive? I'm having a mystery host show next Sat and wonder if I place it today, will the supplies arrive before the party?
  7. N

    Question Regarding Supply Order

    I have a new recruit who loves the Entertainment Set as it is now- with the green platter. Is it still possible to get it at half price on the supply order? It's not on the new supply order form at all- even with the striped platter. Thanks!
  8. DZmom

    Supply Order

    I placed a supply order late Sunday night. How long does it normally take to receive a supply order? Do they wait to take out payment like they do for show orders and replacement parts orders? Thanks!
  9. K

    New Consultant Supply Booster Orders

    Hi, Just wondering if this can be ordered online or on the phone. Does it HAVE to be mailed in? I'm not very savvy yet in Pampered Partner, but I couldn't find it in there. Also...can I order other supplies at the same time? If I order my booster and other supplies in the same month...
  10. B

    Supply Orders

    This is my first supply order since starting PC. I really don't know what to order other than catalogs and PP reciepts. I am going to order door prizes, and recipe cards. I started to order from PP and my shipping was $8.32.Why is it only $3.50 on the order form? My director told me not to...
  11. B

    Supply Order Form?

    This may sound like a stupid question but, I need supplies and I am not sure how to order them on pampered partner.Do I have to order them with a show? How can I get a list of supplies, I don't think one came with my starter kit. I need PP receipts really bad and I can't wait for long to order...
  12. C

    New Consultants Mail Your Supply Booster Order Now and Get Fall/Winter Supplies.

    All Supply Booster order forms mailed after 7/29 will receive the fall/winter supplies. Even if your order form has Summer/Spring items listed. Great value for $30. Mine is in mail today.
  13. K

    Supply Order

    Is the only way to order supplies is through the supply order being sent through the mail??
  14. P

    Supply Cost Question

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the site and am thinking seriously about signing up to be a PC consultant. I'm really excited about it, I love their products and love to cook! My main concern is the extra costs associated with buying all of the supplies that go into shows. Can you be successful at this...