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What is supply: Definition and 200 Discussions

  1. MicheleATX

    Want discounted business supplies? Message me your order and zip code!

    UPDATED - All gone! I have a few business supply items available at a discount. Message me what you want and your zipcode and I'll add in shipping and give you the total.SOLD: Fall/Winter Catalogs (opened & 1 missing) Qty 24 catalogs total left - $15.00SOLD Qty 1 Booking & Recruiting slides -...
  2. kam

    Looking for Past Supply Order on Beta

    How to I locate a supply order I placed last week on BETA?? I would like to print out the order (which I neglected to do at the time) and I can't find the order. THANKS!
  3. PCCHeather0506

    Are there now shipping costs for Pampered Chef supply orders?

    Idk if maybe I didn't pay attention on my last supply order but we pay shipping now on supply orders??
  4. jcsmilez

    Invites, Flyers, Etc. Merrill, Office Supply Store or Print Your Own?

    Curious. What do you use for your mailings? Strictly postcard invitations from Paperwork supply? Merrill? Those that print invitations flyers, order forms etc. Do you print your own, or go through Office Depot, Office Max, Kinkos or somewhere else? What prompts these questions is that...
  5. C

    Where Did Bulk Panties Go?: Supply Order Form Confusion

    Are the bulk panty items discontinued? I don't see them on the supply order form.
  6. C

    Tracking Supply Orders: An Easy Guide

    Is there a way to track the supply orders I have placed?
  7. C

    Get Your Supply Order PDF Now - Fall '12 Available Here | Consultant's Corner

    Hi, Would someone please post the supply order pdf for me? I checked in the Files section, but the Fall '12 isn't in there. Whenever I click on the links in Consultant's Corner (either in the download center or through Managing My Business) it takes me to the new site -- which I don't have...
  8. Senkimekia

    What Do Bulk Packs and Quantity Limits Mean in Supply Orders?

    Still pretty new here so need help on what this means in supply orders- I see spices sold as a "bulk pack", what does that mean exactly? Is it a bigger container or multiples of the spice bottle? Also confused about the one per supply order, four per season- is that for each spice? Or can you...
  9. A

    Submitted Supply Order in the New Web

    Does anyone know where to find the supply order once it has been submitted in the NEW Web? I submitted one and when it came I "thought" I had ordered something different so wanted to go back to look but can't find it anywhere!
  10. Y

    Can You Combine Product and Supply Orders?

    I am trying to place and order and it appears you have to do 2 separate orders. Just checking to make sure I am not missing something before I order!
  11. babywings76

    Preview F/W Postcard Invitations: Supply Order Fact Sheet

    I can't find it on CC anymore. Am I just missing it somehow? I wanted to see pictures of what the F/W postcard invitations will look like.
  12. N

    What are some great supply order suggestions for my upcoming show?

    Unfortunately I did not earn any PC dollars and am about to do my 2nd show on the 15th (YAY!) so I figured I would order some Door Prizes. Would love to hear your suggestions on what to order because I'm looking at this form and I want it all :) Carmen
  13. C

    Troubleshooting: Missing Sales Receipts on New Supply Order Form

    Am I blind or does anyone see Pampered Partner sales receipts on the new supply order form? Does anyone know the number? I tried using an old number but it no longer works. Thanks in advance for your help! Carolyn:blushing:
  14. higoobs

    Vendor Events: $2 Credit Card Stand from Pampered Chef Supply

    Does anyone have a picture of the credit card stand that is sold on the pampered chef supply sheet? Curious to know why it's under $2. I need one for vendor events.
  15. N

    Can I See Pictures of Business Supplies Before Placing My Order?

    I'm looking to place a supply order. I see that there is tons of stuff out there. But I'd like to see pictures of some them like the business binder. I have an idea of what these items are, but not really sure. Is there somewhere I look online to see exactly what these items are or get descriptions?
  16. K

    Can I Easily Keep Track of My Pampered Chef Sample Orders with PP3?

    Can anyone scan this for me or type it out for me? I lost mine!
  17. Shawnna

    Supply Order Woes: Out-of-Stock Catalogs Already?

    So, I received my supply order today...catalogs on backorder...really? How can catalogs for a season that started 5 days ago be on backorder? How can I do business without catalogs?
  18. wadesgirl

    Why is my shipping price incorrect for my supply order?

    I'm trying to place a supply order since I don't have any new season's best for my shows coming up and it's giving me the wrong shipping price. On consultant's corner it shows: Order Value Standard Rate/Second Day Air/Next Day Air up to $19.99.........$4.75/$19.75/$24.75 $20 to...
  19. babywings76

    Shipping Rate on Supply Orders Going up

    Just got this from my director: As of March 1, the shipping on our supply orders will be the direct shipping charges instead of a flat $4.75. This was noted yesterday in the Weekly Motivation and I called home office to confirm. You will be able to group things together you can't now like...
  20. kam

    Pdf of the Old Supply Fact Sheet (Fw11)

    Does anyone have a pdf of the supply order FACT Sheet from last season...FW2011? It would be appreciated! Thanks!
  21. W

    Spring/Summer 2012 Supply Order Form

    I was just able to pull up the new Spring/Summer 2012 Supply Order Form!! All you have to do is go to CC and click on the Fall/Winter Supply Order Form link and when it pulls up, back over the fw letters at the end of the link and change them to ss and boom.........there it is!!
  22. W

    Seeking Spring/Summer 2012 Supply Order Form

    Has anyone seen the new supply order form for Spring/Summer 2012? I was inactive in January, so I didn't know if maybe that's why I can't see it. If anyone has it, would you share it please.
  23. C

    Supply Order Question: Payment & Delivery Process Explained

    OK, i did a supply order and just got the products on Friday, however they never debited my account...i don't have PCDollars yet, i haven't reached 1250...do they send out before they withdrawal usually?
  24. C

    Easy Read Measuring Cup Supply: What's Available?

    Is there a place to see what is on the supply order (pictures and/or descriptions)? I am curious about the easy read measuring cups.... TIA!
  25. K

    Startup Business: Budgeting for Pantry Supplies

    Does anyone have one? I am starting up my business at the middle-to-end of September (waiting until shows are set up so I can meet my goals in the first 30 days) but I will need to immediately place a supply order for some pantry products, etc. I want to budget now. Does anyone have the most...
  26. ShellBeach

    Pizza Crust Back on Supply Order! Woo Hoo!

    Like many of you, I was disappointed when the Pizza Crust Mix was discontinued. Then, they came out with the Pizza Crust Mix with Rosemary, but only as part of an expensive gift set with a pizza stone. It looked like consultants could only get one sample of it from the Sample Order. Just...
  27. babywings76

    F/W Paperwork Supply Order Products

    I just looked at the new F/W season supply order products. Does anyone know what the difference is between: KW14 Cooking Show Postcard Invitation/40* (PWS users) 1.25 KW52 Cooking Show Postcard Invitation/40* 1.25
  28. F

    Does Ordering New Supply Items Count as Our Monthly Lower Shipping Rate?

    Does ordering the new supply orde items count as our one supply order for the lower shipping rate for the month?
  29. minjoe_bri

    Supply Ordering from Pantry: Bulk Rubs & Packaging Info

    Can anyone tell me when you make a supply order from the pantry section, how the Bulk packs of the rubs come packaged? Also, some things on the supply order form say 1 pack free per supply order... Do we need to put in the number or does it come automatically? Thank you.
  30. P

    Director Quikut Knives on Supply - How Many?

    Anyone know how many knives come in the supply packet for $6.00? thanks.