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  1. MicheleATX

    Closing Business Sale

    UPDATED - All gone! I have a few business supply items available at a discount. Message me what you want and your zipcode and I'll add in shipping and give you the total. SOLD: Fall/Winter Catalogs (opened & 1 missing) Qty 24 catalogs total left - $15.00 SOLD Qty 1 Booking & Recruiting...
  2. toobze

    Hanging up My Apron and I Have Lots to Sell!!

    After nearly 9 great years with The Pampered Chef, the time has come for me to hang up the apron. I have quite a bit of inventory in the stockroom and I'd like to move as much as possible. All prices are negotiable and do not include shipping! If you have questions please don't hesitate to ask...
  3. J

    Random Items for Sale

    I am selling a few items I don't need... Let me know if you're interested! - Nourish Bowl - $10.00 - Old large consultant tote (black, larger than current tote) - $15.00 - Snowman Dotted Divided Platter - $15.00 - Snowman Round Appetizer Plates & 4 holiday bamboo spoons (2 petite, 2 small) -...
  4. W

    Putting Items on Sale Thru Your Website (Spinoff)

    Saw this suggested in the thread looking for ideas on getting another $115 in sales and loved the idea. I am assuming they put in their orders as individual orders? If they go through the checkout process, how do you give the extra discount before it goes to Pampered Chef? Thanks for...
  5. K

    Yard Sale

    I'm setting up a booth at a yard thing on October 15th. It's kind of a different situation so I'm not real sure what to do. It is a yard sale benefit for a domestic violence charity. It's going to be a regular yard sale, but they are also selling tables to set up booths which I am going to...
  6. M

    Another Stoneware Sale Question..

    Does my host get the stoneware half price or does she have to qualify by having so much in sales?? Thanks! Anne
  7. S

    Holiday Sale Questions

    A fellow consultant and I are going to be holding a Holiday Sale in November at one of the local community centres. We are looking for some ideas, and have a couple of questions for any of you who have held a sale in the past. We are questioning the following: 1) Do people get upset when...
  8. K

    Garage Sale Leads

    I just had to share - we had a garage sale this weekend. We will be moving in about a year (yea!) so we are starting to sort out what we don't use now. Anyway, I had a PC table set up...no products out though because I didn't want any ridiculous offers!! I had some catalogs from last season...
  9. 8

    Is Anyone Looking to Sale Any of the Retired Itmes. I Have Only Been

    Is Anyone Looking To Sale Any Of The Retired Itmes. I Have Only Been In Pampered Chef For A While. I Would Like To Build Up My Collections.
  10. F

    Stoneware Guest Sale

    I have a question: I have a guest who wishes to purchase the lid (stoneware), but I can't find the discounted (20%) lid on the PP. Is the lid not on sale or what??!! I am pretty confused, I thought the only items not for sale are the plate and the heart stones. :confused:
  11. Jennie4PC

    Yard Sale

    My mom is having a yard sale on Sat so i want to try to sell some PC products from the catolog but I am unsure of how to go about selling the products, the ones who have done this do the just walk around and let the people know you are selling PC or do you sit at the table with a big sign saying...
  12. C

    Products/Business Supplies for Sale

    10 Turquoise The Secret to a Successful Show is Attendance postcards (Nancy's) $1 20 Recipe for a Successful Show postcards (Town and Country) $1.75 *SOLD Small black zipped pouch w/red PC logo (Great for collecting $ and checks at shows) $4 *SOLD 1 Citrus colored towel (from set of 2)...
  13. C

    Aprons and More for Sale

    HI there, I'm cleaning in my office a bit today in preparation for my upcoming move. I have several aprons & one tablecloth I am looking to sell. I'd like $10 for each apron plus shipping and insurance. Round Up from the Heart Apron 2002 Blue Round Up from the Heart Apron 2003 Blue Round...
  14. H

    Tpc Ring for Sale

    I have a TPC ring for sale. Please make offer. I believe it is a size 6. Please email me direct at [email protected]
  15. C

    Pampered Bride/Groom Aprons 4 Sale

    Pampered Bride/Groom Aprons 4 Sale I have two brand new (out of the bag) with use and care instructions Pampered Bride and Groom Aprons for sale if anyone is interested. I ordered these for my sister and new husband for their bridal shower this weekend and they cancelled on me at the VERY...
  16. S

    Friends & Family Sale - Flyer Needed

    Hello, Does anyone have any flyers to advertise a Friends & Family Sale?
  17. R

    Pampered Chef Consultant Items for Sale

    I have the ShowCase tote for sale. I have had it for a while and just don't use it. You can buy it new for $100.00. Let me know if you are interested. I would sell it for $50.00 plus shipping cost. I also have a Burg. colored Stoneware Tote. I am selling it for $5.00. I also have 50...
  18. M

    Garage Sale Bookings?

    I am going to try this out at my garage sale tomorrow... In my Pampered Chef binder, I have the upcoming specials in sheet protectors and then clipped to the binder a flyer that says: Pampered Chef Cooking Show. Sign up here to host a Cooking Show in your home with your very own Pampered...
  19. D

    Cake Tester/Bake Sale Idea for You....

    If your school is having a bake sale type thing, here is an idea you can use!! Take the Cake Tester and put Gummy Worms and other such things on it (like a skewer)...and you have a candy shish-kabob!! Not only are you the hero of the class moms...because you had this brilliant idea...
  20. L

    Pc Paperwork & Used Products for Sale 1/2 Price

    Here's what I have left as far as paperwork goes: survey drawing slips, Pampered Bride & Fundraiser sample packets, 14 Pampered Bride flyers, 5 paring knives, 3 packs gift certificate order forms, misc. office supplies, Bride-doll cake insert, Pampered Chef change purse, Super Starter Success...
  21. DebPC

    Special Sale Promo!

    Friday Night Phone Sale- April 26th! Pick up or get out your Pampered Chef® catalog to participate in my famous Friday phone sale. HERE'S HOW IT WORKS-- AND WHY ITS FAMOUS! I sit by the phone all day, and you call in your orders. There will be HOURLY SPECIALS, RANDOM FREEBIES, and SHOPPING...