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What is sale: Definition and 200 Discussions

  1. kcmckay

    Lots of Products and some materials for sale - Variety of New & Used

    Hi I am a former consultant looking to clean out my closet of overflow of some products and some other PC items as well.I will list below under New in Package, Open but basically new (opened for display/ maybe used in a demo or possibly never used just opened) & Used (Will have the quality of...
  2. C

    Selling Cheap Pampered Chef Products - New & Used for Sale!

    I've got a bunch of brand new unopened, some opened P.C products I'm looking to sell cheap
  3. T

    Leaving Business Sale! Stock, Bags, Luggage, Totes, Recipes, Etc.

    Hello! I stopped selling PC several years ago but am only just getting around to selling some of my supplies. Everything is 2012 or older. Prices do not include shipping. Zip code 98837. I accept Paypal.Black and White Paisley Luggage Set (all gently used – buy all 4 and I’ll ship them for...
  4. kcnancy

    Shop Affordable Logo Wear: Silver Stud Long Sleeve, Pink Cardigan, & More!

    Long sleeve Silver Stud logo size 2X - this top looks a little washed out in the pictures it is a nice solid black. $7.00 + shipping from 66214. Pink Cardigan, Size XL $10 + shipping from 66214. Black with pink stud logo size L. The color in the close up pic is a more accurate reflection of...
  5. C

    Do you have any Pampered Chef cookbooks for sale?

    12" Steamer, used a couple times- $65.00 Cookbooks- Seasons Best Collection (19), $1 each or $15 for all. Most are good used condition, some are like new. S/S 2000 F/W 2004 F/W & S/S 2005 F/W & S/S 2006 S/S 2008 F/W & S/S 2010 F/W & S/S 2011 2- F/W 2012 F/W & S/S 2013 F/W & S/S 2014 F/W &...
  6. chef_kimmo

    Discover Rare Gems: Pampered Chef Supplies & Business Items for Sale!

    I have not sold in a long time because it seems my other full time job took over and I didn't have time or energy to work PC on the side. It was good to me for a long time but I really should get rid the extra items I have. I would like an honest opinion before I spend a ton of time going...
  7. D

    Mini Whipper Sale - $5.25 + Postage - Email Debbie Bowman

    Does anyone have any of the mini whippers they would like to sell? I will pay the regular price of $5.25 plus postage for you to send them to me. Please email Debbie Bowman to [email protected] I will take all I can get. Thanks! Debbie
  8. pcthisandthat

    Discontinued Items for Sale!

    Discontinued items for sale! Price includes shipping. Photos available upon request. All items are brand new.1175 - Cook's Corer - $10 1585 - Decorator Bottle Set - $14 2823 - Outdoor Party Plates - $8 (3 sets available) 2274 - Family Size Quick Stir - $25 1512 - Rectangle Baking Pan - $20 1614...
  9. MicheleATX

    Want discounted business supplies? Message me your order and zip code!

    UPDATED - All gone! I have a few business supply items available at a discount. Message me what you want and your zipcode and I'll add in shipping and give you the total.SOLD: Fall/Winter Catalogs (opened & 1 missing) Qty 24 catalogs total left - $15.00SOLD Qty 1 Booking & Recruiting slides -...
  10. 1PamperedMommy

    (Sold) Going Out of Business Sale!!

    UPDATED AS OF 12/27/17**I'm selling the last of my stock @ 50% off retail price (plus shipping)! Let me know if you're interested in the following (see pic): Supplies: Table Runner (SOLD) Spice Turn About Bag (SOLD) Tool Turn About Bag USA thermal bag for Square Cool n Serve (SOLD) Party tote...
  11. Suzanne Johnson

    Business Supplies, Logo Items, Retired Products for Sale

  12. P

    Business Items for Sale!

    Hello! I'm finally eliminating my consultant items after hanging up my apron due to a competing full time job. Please let me know if you are interested!4 brown clipboards with metal clip Mailing labels - 6 per sheet (for mini catalog) Miscellaneous post card invites Plastic Business card holder...
  13. Ember Lewis

    Business Supplies, Awards, Hwc Items, for Sale

    Add shipping to all items... Table Runner $10 PasleyApron (never used) $10 Paisley fold up bag (never used) $5 HWC coupon book, towel, HWC cake and cupcake stencil, & HWC pins ( all items never used) $10 paisley picnic cooler bag (never used) $10 stickers, labels, & envelopes $5 Career club...
  14. M

    Sale: Cookbooks - Prices & Shipping Info

    i have the following cookbooks for sale: All New Soup, Stews and Chilis $5 Dinner in your deep covered baker $5 It's Good For You $8 All the best $8 Main dishes $8 Stoneware inspirations $8 Cooking for two or more $8 Delightful desserts $8 29 minutes to dinner volume 2 $8 29 minutes to dinner $8...
  15. K

    Discontinued No Longer Available New Items for Sale

    i also have current items if you'd like that list send a message. All items new unless stated Add actual shipping Pink classic scrapers $10 each x2 White large serving spatula $10.00 Forged carve knife $30.00 each x 2 Small bowl caddy black $8.00 Small bowl caddy silver $8.00 Orange classic...
  16. K

    Consultant Items for Sale Charms and Necklace

    $1,000 show checklist pack 30-50 with the grand planner brochure plus Ilene Meckley book "Yes you can have it all" 4 three ring binders Blank sales receipts and carbon copy address sheets for hosts 6 theme show $5.00 plus shipping
  17. F

    Charm Bracelet, Necklaces, Bracelet and Chef Earrings for Sale

    pair of chef hat earrings. $10 Logo bracelet and necklace - $10 each or $15 for both. charms, bracelet and necklace all for $40 Shipping is free. Private message me if interested.Thanks.
  18. B

    Shop BBQ Items for Sale - Get Great Deals on Grilling Accessories!

    All items are plus shipping:BBQ grill cleaning brush was $16.50 now $10 BBQ grill basket was $29.50 now $15 BBQ jumbo turner was $22 now $10 BBQ mitt was $19 now $10 BBQ roasting pan with can holder was $41.50 now $20 BBQ slotted spoon was $15.50 now $10 BBQ skewer set was $21.50 now $10 BBQ...
  19. E

    Closing Sale: All Items Must Go - Limited Time Offer!

    All items are gone. Thanks for looking.
  20. B

    Recently Retired Director - Lots for Sale

    Updated 7/2/16 I just retired after almost 14 years in the biz and I have a ton for sale. All items are plus shipping.PC Post cards. $10 for allI have several training CD's from different vendors and from PC. $0.50-$10Lots of aprons, many new in package purchased but not even opened, great for...
  21. S

    Lots for Sale Awesome Price

    Pampered Chef Banner, laptop bag, sling purse, recipe collection binder filled with pampered chef recipes, pineapple wedger, 8x8 pan, extra easy accent tips, stone heart mold, pampered chef bag filled with invitations, bridal invites and birthday cards. Three stoneware racks. Would like to have...
  22. ChefJWarren

    Shop Pampered Chef Ball Cap and Fleece - Black, Silver, and Blue - On Sale Now!

    Pampered Chef ball cap, black and silver $5 Pampered Chef blue fleece zip up $10
  23. P

    Consultant Totes and Aprons for Sale

    (1) Travel Satchel(1) Black Tablecloth(2) Black Aprons“Live Your Dreams” – Notebook & Pen(2) Briefcases(2) Totes(1) Stoneware Tote(2) Show to Go Totes Some items are new and others are gently used. Please contact me with the items you are interested in and I can give you more information...
  24. P

    Consultant Paperwork for Sale

    (12) packs “Come Taste the Fun” invitations(1) pack drawing slips(25) Spring/Summer 2013 Catalogs(1) Your Guide to a Successful Business Binder w/”Cooking in Action” and “Your Life Your Way” CDs(100) Pampered Partner Sales Receipts(1) packet Sales Receipts(3) Consultant Agreements(1) packet...
  25. P

    Seasons Best Collection for Sale

    Collection of Seasons Best cookbooks for sale - $.75/individual or $25 for the whole collection. Plus shipping from 20147.Please email with questions or if you need additional information.(2) Spring/Summer 2001(1) Fall/Winter 2003(3) Fall/Winter 2004(4) Spring/Summer 2005 (2 have consultant...
  26. toobze

    Hanging up My Apron and I Have Lots to Sell!!

    After nearly 9 great years with The Pampered Chef, the time has come for me to hang up the apron. I have quite a bit of inventory in the stockroom and I'd like to move as much as possible. All prices are negotiable and do not include shipping! If you have questions please don't hesitate to...
  27. ChefJWarren

    Bags, Aprons, Supplies for Sale

    I am retiring after 8 years and selling all my business supplies:Black and pink small polka dot bag $8 Black and white medium size bag with lots of pockets $10 Pink and brown "diaper" bag, lots of love and use $3 Large black and pink consultant bag $15 Paisley apron $10 White dots apron some...
  28. H

    Pampered Chef Shirts for Sale

    All prices do not include shippingGray PC Shirt - Size S - $8 Multicolor PC Shirt (only worn once) - Size M $10
  29. C

    New Bags for Sale - Quilted, Sling, & Knife Totes - Prices & Shipping Info

    I have the following new bags for sale: BIG quilted black w/white stripe accents bag with pockets inside and out - $12 Black/tan sling-type logo bag - $8 Knife tote - $10 Prices do not include shipping.
  30. C

    Looking for F/W 2015 Catalogs? Check These Out!

    I have 3 unopened packages of F/W 2015 catalogs for sale. These are packs of 25. I would like $10 for each package. Media Mail shipping is $6.25, if you buy 2 packages shipping is $9.75.I have an opened pack of about 20 with my label info on them that I would sell for $7 plus media mail...