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Lots of Products and some materials for sale - Variety of New & Used

$8- Pampered Chef Recipe Book (Gently Used) - $8- Pampered Chef Recipe Cards - (Gently Used) - $4- Pampered Chef Cookbook - (Gently Used) - $10- Cookie Scoop - (Gently Used) - $3- Kitchen Scale - (Gently Used) - $7- Stainless Steel Spatula - (Gently Used) - $6- Silicone Baking Mat - (Gently Used) - $8- Cookie Sheet - (Gently Used) - $4- Kitchen Towels - (Gently Used) - $3- Glass Jar Opener - (Gently Used) - $2
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Hi I am a former consultant looking to clean out my closet of overflow of some products and some other PC items as well.I will list below under New in Package, Open but basically new (opened for display/ maybe used in a demo or possibly never used just opened) & Used (Will have the quality of like new, gently used etc next to those items) And under items will be mostly bags and such and any useable materials I have still that someone may want.I will have prices next to each item, but will accept reasonable offers especially on a multitude of items for a package deal. I don't intend to list at ridiculous prices, as I'm mostly just trying to clear some space in my house, but don't want to just give it away either. Shipping we will figure out as needed.If interested in the items, I'd prefer emailing me at [email protected] or even better through Facebook messenger as I am on that more than my email actually. Here is my facebook link https://www.facebook.com/katie.s.mckay. Also feel free to email or message me for photos of anything. This will already be a ridiculously long post so adding photos is a lot. Also note some of these may be discontinued or the older style of things. It's been awhile since I've been active.New in Package Items:
- Quicksicle Maker - $30
-Quicksicle Accessory Set - $12
- Toaster Tongs - $2 - 4 total available - all for $5
- Large Serving Spatula - $5
- Professional Shears - $12
- Microwave Chip Maker Set - $6
- Cheese Knife - $8
- Tie-it Pack - $3
- Fluted Chocolate Mold - $6
- Halloween Cookie Cutters - $4
- Candy Thermometer - $10
- Tool Turn about (2171 - box seems small to be the older one, but when I look it up that's what I find, don't want to open the box unless someone interested asks me to) - $12
- Stainless Steel 10" Saute Pan - $80
- Pizza Cutter with crust cutter - $10
- Adjustable Measuring Spoon Set - $4
- Biscuit Cutter Set - $4
- Citrus Peeler (Orange looks to be an old style) - $0.50 - 15 available - 5 for $1.00 Practically New but not in full package:
- Toy Story 4 - Pancake Set (Never Used, have product info for Hamm & Molds, Only display use - Excellent Condition) - $12
- Pancake Molds & Stencils (Woody, Buzz & Alien)
- Hamm Shaped Spatula
- Forky Rubber Spatula
- Large Round Baker (Full package but opened but never used or removed, Gray stone glaze appears to be discontinued) - $18
- Kids Covered Baker Set - Opened but not used - $25
- mini Deep Covered Baker - included
- Recipe Cardsv- Included
- Coated pairing Knife - Missing
- Spoon - Missing
- Large Serving Bowl - Glazed Stoneware - (Never used partial box looks like part of a set of 2) - $15
- Microwave Pasta Cooker (Package opened still have full box, never used) - $10
- Wine Aerator (Open package, maybe used once or twice possibly just for display) - $7
- Mini Pie Pan & Dough Cutters (Maybe used once or twice, mostly display use, excellent condition) - $10
- Gray & Pink Mix & Chop (Maybe used a couple times mostly display, excellent condition, breast cancer pink product) - $8
- Newer two piece tool turn about, middle part is removable (Used as display for shows very good condition) - $15
Used Items:
- Grill Tongs - $4
- Grill Spatula - $4
- Large Chef Tongs (Used well but good condition) - $8
- Potato Masher - (Great condition - Display only never actually used) - $9
- Scoop & Serve Spatula - (Great condition - Display only never actually used) - $6
- Microwave Popcorn Maker - (Decent Condition - Used maybe 10 total times) - $8
- Pizza Cutter old style no crust attachment and no cover - $4
- Cheese Knife - (Gently Used very good condition) - $5
- Garlic Press - Old Style - No Cleaning Tool (Used good condition) - $4
- Egg Separator (Good condition, I believe long ago discontinued) - $3
- Mini Serving Spatula (Used but great condition) - $3
- Bakers Roller (Good condition) - $8
- Ice Cream Scoop (Excellent condition barely used mostly display) - $7
- Family Size Quick Stir Pitcher (Used a few times good condition) - 8Miscellaneous Items:
- Grey Duffel Bag says Pampered Chef on it, matches a bookbag (Sorry not selling that as I use it still) - Not sure if I've ever used still looks new - $10
- T-shirts with Pampered Chef written backwards for camera for FB lives/zoom shows - Both XL Blue and Purplish Maroon colors one of each - Worn maybe once - $5 each
- Catalog display tote bag - Gently used - $5
- Black product carry bag old logo discover the chef in you written all over it (Good Condition) - $5
- Black & White Product Carry Bag, newer logo with Spoon in White part of bag (Good condition) - $5 - 2 available
- Black Discover Chef in You Tool Turn About carry bag - $5
- 17 Gray with PC logo in blue show folders with business card holder for catalog and order forms etc. - $12
- 7 Packs of Post Card party invites - $5
- About a 1/3 of a roll of stickers with PC spoon logo various colors - $0.50
- Nearly full pad of Thanks for Joining Us information slips - $0.25That's all I have currently I'll edit as things are sold and if I find any other products I don't use or have room for. Happy Shopping
Im interested in several things grey & pink chopper and tie it pack
grill tongs...
Thanks if available.
Hi, I am interested in several of the new in package items.
Do you still have items available?

Related to Lots of Products and some materials for sale - Variety of New & Used

1. What types of products are available for purchase?

At Pampered Chef, we offer a wide variety of kitchen tools, cookware, bakeware, and kitchen accessories. Our products are designed to make cooking and baking easier and more enjoyable for all skill levels.

2. Are the products new or used?

We offer a mix of both new and used products for sale. Our used products are in excellent condition and have been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before being made available for purchase.

3. Can I find popular Pampered Chef products for sale?

Yes, we have many popular Pampered Chef products available for purchase, such as our iconic stoneware, high-quality knives, and versatile kitchen gadgets. We also regularly add new products to our inventory.

4. Are there any sales or discounts available for these products?

We often have sales and promotions on our products, so be sure to check our website or contact your local Pampered Chef consultant for more information. Additionally, our used products are priced lower than the new ones, providing a great opportunity to save money on high-quality kitchen tools.

5. Can I return or exchange a product if I am not satisfied?

Yes, we have a satisfaction guarantee for all of our products. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return or exchange it within 30 days of purchase. Please refer to our return policy for more details.

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