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What is lots: Definition and 100 Discussions

  1. B

    Recently Retired Director - Lots for Sale

    Updated 7/2/16 I just retired after almost 14 years in the biz and I have a ton for sale. All items are plus shipping. PC Post cards. $10 for all I have several training CD's from different vendors and from PC. $0.50-$10 Lots of aprons, many new in package purchased but not even opened, great...
  2. S

    Lots for Sale Awesome Price

    Pampered Chef Banner, laptop bag, sling purse, recipe collection binder filled with pampered chef recipes, pineapple wedger, 8x8 pan, extra easy accent tips, stone heart mold, pampered chef bag filled with invitations, bridal invites and birthday cards. Three stoneware racks. Would like to have...
  3. toobze

    Hanging up My Apron and I Have Lots to Sell!!

    After nearly 9 great years with The Pampered Chef, the time has come for me to hang up the apron. I have quite a bit of inventory in the stockroom and I'd like to move as much as possible. All prices are negotiable and do not include shipping! If you have questions please don't hesitate to ask...
  4. C

    Going Out of Business- Lots of Things for Sale

    I have many, many things to sell. If I don't have something listed that you are looking for, just ask, I might have it. Shipping will be added to all listed prices. 3 unopened pkgs of F/W 2015 catalogs, 25 per pack- $15.00-SOLD 24 F/W 2015 catalogs, not in shrink wrap, have my info sticker on...
  5. C

    Retiring From Pampered Chef Have Lots to Sell!!

    I am retiring and have lots to get rid of!! All prices are negotiable and do not include shipping! If you have questions please don't hesitate to ask. Help Whip Cancer Dots Coffee and More Mug and Plate-used - $20 Heart Dish (retired) - $5 (2) Small Square bowls (tiles design – retired)...
  6. C

    Lots of Pc Shirts for Sale!!

    I have a lot of Pampered Chef Shirts size small to extra large. Tshirts, long sleeve t's, nice shirts, denim shirts. Prices sizes and pictures in comments to thread.
  7. K

    Lots for Sale and Lots More

    Discontinued items below email for complete list. Prices plus shipping charges Tiles runner $7 Pasta fork $6 Blue snowflake scraper x 2 red X1 $10 Small bamboo snowflake green spoon $3 Can opener blue x 9 $15 Cord wraps x2 $5 Appetizer plate stand $13 Chef tools ladle x5 $6 Bevs to go bag...
  8. M

    Lots for Sale--Reduced

    Getting out of the business. Contact me for shipping, most will be shipped flat rate. Price Reduced--$20+shipping for everything. Updated 3/31 Catalogs-$10 -46 Fall/Winter 2014 -18 Spring/Summer 2014 Other-$10 -Men’s Aprons-Long -Men’s Consultant Tote Bags-Both Sizes -Tote Bag
  9. C

    Lots of Pampered Chef Miscellaneous for Sale!!

    Ten years in the business and I'm cleaning out closets and cleaning off shelves, this is what I have left to sell. Help Whip Cancer 3 in 1 bowl: $20 Simple Additions Sm Square Bowls: (3) $5 each Long Rectangular Platter Woven Selection: $15 Appetizer Plate Caddy: $10 Drink Rimmer Set: $10 Help...
  10. D

    Former Consultant ... Selling Lots of Things

    I just recently got out of Psmpered Chef after 12 years. I have lots of items to sell including soft brief case bag, turn about bag, older style simple additions bag, and stoneware bag. I also have post card invites, lots & lots of different stickers etc. would sell all together for $50. If...
  11. C

    Retired Consultant With Lots to Sell

    I was in Pampered Chef for over 11 years and retired from it a couple of years ago. I still have lot of logo wear and bags I would like to sell. The list is below. Please contact me for further details or pictures. 5 aprons - various styles - $5 each or all for $20 1 pair black yoga pants...
  12. D

    Sold Going Out of Business... Lots of Supplies Available

    Here are some more items I have available: 18 NEW Spring/Summer 2014 Catalogs 6 unopened packs of PC Wedding Shower Invitations + 75 additional invites and 65 additional envelopes 3 Hostess With the Mostess Journals (for Hostess Gifts) Stampin' Up set: Thank You For Your Business; For a...
  13. scottcooks

    Lots of Info on Bamboo. Did You Know...

    Pampered Chef's bamboo is beautiful, durable, strong and incredibly "green". While they do need to be handwashed only, taking care of them helps take care of us and our planet, too! Facts about Bamboo: Strength and Durability Thanks to its unique composition, bamboo is naturally...
  14. J

    Retirement Sale! Lots of Supplies +++

    Retirement Sale! Updated list! UPDATED 3/23/2013 6:30 pm Here is an updated list of the items I have for sale. My husband has retired from farming and just finished his plane and it's time to start traveling. All prices are plus shipping (most economical way). I accept PayPal. Please email...
  15. kcmckay

    Going Out of Business Sale! Lots of Supplies!!

    I've decided to hang up my apron at least temporarily and give a new venture a whirl. Therefore I have lots to offer up as I'm cleaning out my office. This is what I've got for now. There may be more to come as I continue to clean out my office etc. I will try to ship whatever I can in priority...
  16. C

    Hanging up My Apron- Box Lots Avail Incl. Lapboards

    UPDATED: Hanging up my Apron- Box Lots Avail incl. Lapboards I am selling my supplies; there are a few items that are individually priced but for the most part, I have several “lot” boxes that come packed full in a Medium Flat Rate box ($11.35) (unless otherwise noted). These are very, very...
  17. chefsteph07

    Lots of Things Need to Go

    Please let me know if you are interested in the following items: Need these to go asap if possible. All prices are PLUS shipping. NEW in package Set of 2 Fondue Accessory Forks $5 ea Paisley Apron $20 New Consultant Apron $20 Dots Apron (white w/ Dots on bottom) $20 Old Silver Carafe...
  18. T

    Lots for Sale Consultant Items, Retired and Current

    Please PM or e-mail for a list of current items Actually shipping charges will be added Consultant Items NEW Patriotic Apron New in package Large Envelope $10 No Longer Available Items Oval Cutting Board $10.00 x6 Reversible Tiles Table Runner $7.00 Small Bowls Colored (4) $25.00...
  19. iteachurkid

    Lots of Items for Sale

    **SEVERAL PRICES REDUCED** - See below! I am majorly downsizing my business and have a lot of consultant items to sell that I have collected over the last 6 years. All items are used unless noted. Paypal only. I will do my best to use flat rate boxes or an envelope if it is cheaper. If...
  20. C

    Fs: Lots of Products, Current and Retired

    I have lots of stuff, both current and retired, that I need to clear out at a discount. Need to majorly downsize my office! LOL E-mail me your e-mail address to [email protected] and I can send you my list. Thanks!
  21. T

    Garage Sale Over Lots for Sale Discontinued and Current Items

    Actually shipping charges will be added pm for current list Consultant Items NEW Large Envelope $10 size MEDIUM COLLARD tan Pampered Chef shirt used $5.00 Across the body or Over the shoulder black bag never used but not in plastic $15.00 No Longer Available Items Old style cookie...
  22. The_Kitchen_Guy

    Lots of Evidence to Sift Through

    KKCO News is reporting that there is a great deal of evidence in Paige's case. http://www.nbc11news.com/mobi?storyid=143604836
  23. M

    New Consultant, Lots of Questions, Ball of Nerves

    Hi Everyone! I am a new consultant in Idaho. I am 34 years old, two kids. Full time college student. I have been part of the unemployment statistic for the last year and decided since no one would hire me, I would hire myself. I am terrified and I have a million questions. I am totally...
  24. I

    Director Lots of Items for Sale

    I thought I would post this over here for those of you not on Chef Success. If you have any questions, just let me know! I'm still selling, just not quite as much as I used to be and decided that someone else might be able to use some of the items that are taking up space in my office I...
  25. iteachurkid

    Lots of Items for Sale

    I'm still selling, just not quite as much as I used to be and decided that someone else might be able to use some of the items that are taking up space in my office :) I tried to group things together and give as much detail as possible. The price is for all that I have of an item unless...
  26. C

    Fs: Lots of Hwc Items

    Got too much overstock I need to clear out...just in time to promote your October's Making Strides breast cancer campaign! Just realized there was a new flyer, so I've discounted the items to less than what they will be. Here's what I have. Prices are discounted from retail...shipping extra...
  27. T

    Lots for Sale. I Have a Huge List

    OK so I finally had time to make a list everything is half off the catalog price if it is still in the catalog. (you will have to e-mail or PM me for a list because I can't post the items that are current) Here is the list of items that are no longer available through the catalog...
  28. P

    Director Training Lots of New Consultants at Once

    I'm planning to add 12 to my personal team this month....how on earth do you all train lots of people at once? I was thinking conference calls but I like the one-on-one time with each person so I can get to know them....and I feel like someone might be less inclined to ask questions if they feel...
  29. B

    Lots of Direct Sales Companies at One Show

    I'm doing a show on Sunday afternoon and there will be 6 other direct selling companies at it (Mary Kay, Jewelry, etc). I'll be doing my cooking demo at 5, but it is an open house from 5-7. I worry that I really won't have people's attention at 5 because they will be wandering around looking at...
  30. T

    Lots of Items for Sales

    Here is the list I will be adding as I clean and find more. I have many of the brand new items I must sell because I have no room to store PM for current list Chocolate Bliss invites unopened .50 How Sweet It Is Cookie Show invites x5 unopened .50 each Wahoo recruiting club key chain with...