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What is retired: Definition and 200 Discussions

  1. K

    Large Quantities of Retired 'Pampered Chef Beaded Spreader - 2811'

    Hi, Several years ago I inherited large quantities of 'Pampered Chef Beaded Spreader - 2811' They were originally purchased for resale and I never really did anything with them and they've been sitting in the storage. They are Brand New and in their original packaging with little recipe...
  2. E

    Iso Pampered Chef Retired Cloth Oven Mitts (Cranberry)

    I'm looking for the retired Pampered Chef Cloth Oven Mitts (pair in Cranberry) #1329.
  3. A

    Iso Retired Curved Peeling Knife

    I'm looking for the curved blade peeling knife. The ones I've seen are green color-coated. Prefer NIB, but would consider other offers, depending on condition. LMK what you've got....
  4. Denise K

    Variety of Retired Items Available

    I have the following items I am selling. The number in parenthesis before each item, designate how many of each are available. The prices shown are the retail first, and what I am selling them for after. I also have a number of PC Totes available. Inquire as to what you are looking for and I...
  5. L

    Looking for a long-handled pastry blender from 2006 cookbook?

    Hello, I am Linda I love to cook and bake. I recently bought an older cookbook 2006 which had a long handled pastry blender. I would sure like to have one for my self. If anyone could help me out that has one they would sell I sure would appreciate that. Linda
  6. Julie F

    Retired Dots Glasses: Looking for More!

    I'm looking for the retired Dots Glasses. I have a customer who would like more. Thanks!
  7. A

    Looking for an Old Style Oil Bottle Lid?

    Hello all,I'm looking for an old style, drip less oil bottle replacement lid as seen here. If you have one, please message me on this site. Thank you!
  8. Suzanne Johnson

    Retired Products, Aprons, Totes, Logo Tops, Etc.

    I have a lot of items still available (nothing that came after about 2006 and no tablecloths). I have photos of everything on the Facebook group ISO/Buy/Sell Pampered Chef Products-Not an official site (https://www.facebook.com/groups/404648589876813/) and because I have so much I created 10...
  9. rfoster1

    Iso Retired Easy Cake Decorator

    I have a customer looking for this item if anyone has one for sell please let me know
  10. Teresa Wright

    Retired Products: Pricing Antique Pampered Chefs and More

    I am looking for images of retired products. The older the product the better! I have found many PC items but I don't know how to price them.
  11. kwright67

    Shop Retired ISO Products: Wired Thermometer, Mango Slicer & Stone Muffin Pan

    ISO of the following for customers: Wired thermometer NIB Mango slicer NIP Stone Muffin Pan NIB
  12. K

    Interested in Dots Martini Glasses? Contact me for photos and pricing!

    I have 2 sets of Dots Martini Glasses, new in boxes (8 glasses total) for sale. Beautiful for New Year's Eve! Asking $20 each set obo. Thank you(Trying to figure out how to upload pictures!) In the meantime, maybe reply with your email or in a message if interested and I will send that way...
  13. pmprdprettyinsnj

    Where can I find retired Apple Corers?

    I am trying to find a couple of retired Apple Corers for a couple of customers that are looking. Thanks for any help
  14. B

    Looking for Retired Saute Tongs - Anybody Got a Pair?

    I have a customer searching high and low for the saute tongs that were retired. Thought I would take the chance to someone having a pair or two laying around :)
  15. D

    Iso Dinner Plates 3066 (Retired)

    please let me know if you have any new or used in good condition
  16. Corey

    Looking for Simple Additions White Platter #2022

    My new puppy jumped up and dragged my table cloth to the ground and this platter that I love was on it and smashed into a bunch of pieces (puppy is ok!) along with some hot sauces that were on it. Anyways, I'm looking to replace this. Does anyone have one? If so, how much?I've attached a...
  17. C

    Retired Trifle Bowl - $25 + Shipping

    Retired Trifle Bowl - $25 plus shipping.
  18. C

    Where Can I Find Retired Micro Scrapers in Cranberry Color?

    I am looking for one or two new Micro Scrapers. They are the long skinny ones in the Cranberry color.
  19. Jules711

    *Updated With Picture* Retired Products

    I've finally added a picture of most listed as well as a few other items. I can get you better pics or info if you see something you want. I didn't picture all of the pink stuff, but can if interested.I have several current and retired products on hand. I am listing a few of the retired...
  20. Suzanne Johnson

    Business Supplies, Logo Items, Retired Products for Sale

  21. C

    Is this Retired Stoneware Muffin Pan a must-have for your kitchen?

    I'm selling a very gently used (maybe 1-2 times) Stoneware Muffin Pan. It is the 12 muffin size. Asking $15 + shipping.
  22. C

    Looking for a Gently Used, Retired Small Batter Bowl with Lid?

    I have a very gently used Small Batter Bowl/w lid - old style. Asking $6 + shipping
  23. M

    Sale: Cookbooks - Prices & Shipping Info

    i have the following cookbooks for sale: All New Soup, Stews and Chilis $5 Dinner in your deep covered baker $5 It's Good For You $8 All the best $8 Main dishes $8 Stoneware inspirations $8 Cooking for two or more $8 Delightful desserts $8 29 minutes to dinner volume 2 $8 29 minutes to dinner $8...
  24. H

    Shop the Best Selection of SA Dots Pasta Bowls - Iso Certified

    Looking for dots pasta bowls especially, but almost any of the SA Dots collection, really.
  25. B

    Recently Retired Director - Lots for Sale

    Updated 7/2/16 I just retired after almost 14 years in the biz and I have a ton for sale. All items are plus shipping.PC Post cards. $10 for allI have several training CD's from different vendors and from PC. $0.50-$10Lots of aprons, many new in package purchased but not even opened, great for...
  26. C

    Need Saute Tongs for Your Kitchen? Shipping to 81506

    I have a customer that would like two or three new Saute Tongs. Shipping would be to 81506. Thanks
  27. C

    What is the best wine opener for a retired wine lover?

    I'm looking for a new wine opener w/foil cutter. The one I need is the first one we had that fits down over the bottle and you turn the top - not the second one with the thing you put on the top and turn/spin it to get the cork out. Hope that makes sense. Shipping will be to 81506. Thanks
  28. M

    Where Can I Find Retired Chef's Tools Turner, Pasta Fork, and Ladle?

    I am in search of retired:Chef's Tools Turner Chef's Tools Pasta Fork Chef's Tools Ladle (New or used)Thanks for looking....
  29. M

    Looking for Replacement Platters? Anyone Have Iso Retired Sa Platters?

    I just broke my white round platter and white rectangular platter with handles (the box they were in fell off the table) and I'm heart broken! I use them ALL the time! Anyone have them, new or used i don't care!
  30. A

    inSearch of Retired Jumbo Bbq Turner, Item 2703

    If you have one, please post price and shipping to 76036