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What is dinner: Definition and 200 Discussions

  1. D

    Iso Dinner Plates 3066 (Retired)

    please let me know if you have any new or used in good condition
  2. W

    Can 29 Minutes to Dinner Volume 3 Simplify Your Meal Prep?

    29 Minutes to Dinner Volume 3 Looks new *I will combine shipping if you purchase multiple items from meGet the hot new addition to this popular series. Each of these 56 quick, easy and smart main-dish solutions is designed to be on the table in 29 minutes or less. Includes time saving tips...
  3. D

    Looking for Dots Dinner Plates? I Have Some for Sale!

    Anyone have dots dinner plates. I got the entire collection at the sidewalk sale..... but they didn't send plates! Frustrating. Please help
  4. meganmcg

    Hashbrown Recipe From New 29 Minutes to Dinner?

    Someone mentioned this recipe in a post about a brunch show. I must have left this book at someones house recently. Anyone have the recipe to share? THanks!
  5. Admin Greg

    Can a Creamy Cauliflower Soup Be Made in Just 29 Minutes?

    Please discuss the 29 Minutes to Dinner Vol 3. Tips, complaints, praise, reviews, ideas, thoughts...
  6. DebPC

    Delicious and Healthy Fish Fry Dinner Ideas for Friday Night

    For me, it will be dinner out for a Fish Fry. A staple on Friday nights here in Wisconsin. However I have mine steamed or baked- much healthier.
  7. esavvymom

    Iso- Dots Dinner Plates (Need 4)

    I have a customer who is in search of some Dots Dinner Plates. She is looking for 3, but knew they came in a set of 2- so would take two sets, preferably new in box. If you have them to sell, let me know how much. Thanks!
  8. 1PamperedMommy

    Healthy Dinner Ideas for a Low-Carb, No-Sugar Party

    I booked a March show and the host says she doesn't eat carbs or processed sugar (for health reasons). Any ideas for recipes I can do, that other guests will still enjoy? All of my recipes are DEFINITELY not in that category, lol!
  9. babywings76

    Check Out Our Holiday Dinner Ideas - Shop on Your Own PWS!

    This is really cool! But I wish it was on each of our PWS's! I wonder what I can say in the status update to let people know not to order or anything on that site, but instead hop over to mine. https://www.pamperedchef.com/11_holiday_dinner.jsp
  10. 1PamperedMommy

    Quick & Tasty Dinner Ideas for a Busy Family!

    This summer, I had SO MUCH TIME to experiment with new recipes and cook dinner for my family, and it was great! But now that I'm back to work full time, I find myself cooking less and less. I have two young (picky) children and one selective (picky) husband to feed, and I'm out of ideas! I've...
  11. L

    Monthly Dinner Club Success - Want to Join in on the Fun?

    Just wanted to update after the first dinner club meeting. I had asked for advise/suggestions in the summer. I did get 12/13 people to sign up and they have all picked a month. I held it last night and didn't have to hound much as far as those unable to attend to give me their order. with 12...
  12. kcjodih

    Looking for Simple Dinner Ideas

    that will feed a crowd. We are heading to PEI in a few weeks to meet up with some friends. We have all rented RVs and are counting the days. This is something we used to do every other year but haven't been able to the last few. Apparently the other families have started a tradition where...
  13. L

    Monthly Dinner Parties at Consultant Home

    Ive been asked by a few of my customers to start a monthly dinner party. the idea is each month you feature a product, charge a flat rate and each month a different attendee gets the host benefits. Does anyone already do this? if so is it successful? any tips you can give me? thanks in advance
  14. M

    Need Some Ideas for Places to Go After Dinner - Any Place to Go

    Need some ideas for places to go after dinner - any place to go dancing, or piano bar? Not sure if anyone in my group will want to go out in the evening - but if so, it would be nice to know where others have gone and enjoyed themselves at
  15. M

    Looking for Pampered Chef Dinner Roll Mix?

    One of my consultants is looking for the Pampered Chef dinner roll mix. Does anyone have boxes they want to sell?
  16. P

    Easter Dinner Trifle Ideas: Beyond Chocolate & Spice Cake

    Anybody know of a spring-y trifle that I could whip together for Easter dinner? :confused: I'm not necessarily looking for chocolate, and anything based off a spice cake or gingerbread says fall/winter to me. I had thought about the Strawberry-Coconut Tres Leches trifle, but our...
  17. K

    Gala Dinner Dress Code for Toronto: Tips and Suggestions

    What's the dress code? It doesn't say on the itinerary. Any ideas?
  18. P

    Easter Sunday Dinner Ideas: Delicious Recipes for a Family Feast

    What is everyone's plan for the holiday? If you are cooking, what are you making? I am cooking for family....all 17 of us! Ham Cheesy Potatoes Devilled Eggs Veggies & Dip Home made hawaiian bread Dessert I am looking for a good vegetable or salad recipe. Any ideas?
  19. G

    Delicious Valentines Dinner Recipes: Asparagus Risotto & Chocolate Mousse Pie

    Hi folks! So yesterday for Valentines I decided to make my sweetie dinner (I usually am not the cook in the house). Totally excited by the products that arrived Saturday AND the fact that this girl is a perpetual Weight Watcher, I chose two recipes from the new healthy cookbook. I made the...
  20. Hunter Mom

    Weekday Dinner Done: Orange Chicken Recipe Search

    Does anyone know where I can find a copy of the chicken recipe on the back of the catalog? Orange Chicken I think. It's from one of the Weekday Dinner Done recipe collections I know.
  21. kcjodih

    Have Sirloin Beef Meatballs, Need Dinner Idea

    I'm not really feeling like spaghetti or a tomato sauce base meal but want to do something with these meatballs to use them up since they've been in the freezer for awhile. Any ideas?
  22. M

    Bon Appetit Gluten/Dairy Free Dinner Menu

    Figured I'd post it here...I know many of you do GF cooking and saw this listed in my magazine, with a web link. A Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free Dinner Party Everyone Will Love: BA Daily: Blogs : bonappetit.com
  23. Aurora

    Best Recipes for Dinner Guests/Large Crowd?

    We're having two different sets of friends over for dinner this weekend, and I wanted to use them as test subjects! :D What great, crowd-pleaser, feeds-a-bunch, good for kids recipes should I make?
  24. The Pickler

    Dinner to Go Recipe Card Collection

    Has anyone tried any of these yet? Yesterday, I did all of week 1 just to try them. Wow...way cool! The Thai Chicken is really good although could use more seasoning than the recipe calls for. I changed the Moroccan Beef Stew to Greek Lamb Stew and used the Greek Rub. The BBQ...
  25. E

    Need Recipe Ingredients for Dinner Tonight

    If anyone has the More Weekday Dinners Done cards, could they please list the ingredients for me? I need to go grocery shopping and left my list at home. TIA -- Erin
  26. I

    Help - Pork Ribs in Dcb for Dinner

    Has anyone cooked pork ribs in the DCB and using store bought barbecue sauce? If so, how long did you cook it in the microwave and how much sauce did you add?
  27. AJPratt

    Going to Friend's for Dinner, Not Sure What to Bring...

    My family and I are going to an acquaintance's for dinner. I don't know him very well, but I work with him and we really hit it off. I have met his wife and kids and they, too, are just great people. Please forgive my ignorance, but they are Indian (Hindu) and I am not sure what to take with...
  28. leftymac

    29 Minutes to Dinner, Both Volumes

    What recipes have you made out of these and what do you like? Yesterday, I made the Beef Satay Fried Rice (vol 2 p. 81) and I have to say I wasn't impressed. It wasn't horrible, it just didn't have much flavor to me. Tonight, I made the Paprika Chicken & Egg Noodles (vol 1 p. 11) and I was...
  29. G

    Disney - What to Wear to the Doris Dinner?

    Just wondering what you all are wearing to the birthday dinner? Casual..like capris...or a casual dress?
  30. K

    Party Snack Ideas: What to Bring After Dinner?

    We are attending a party on Sunday, which will probably start at 2:00. We probably won't be able to show up until 7:00. It was suggested we could bring some chips or something...i don't know about you all, but I never show up with just chips :) Anyone have suggestions on a snack I could take...