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What is crowd: Definition and 40 Discussions

  1. kreaser

    Planning Italian-Themed Party Menu for Large Crowd

    Hi all..I am having a show on the 17th and the host wants it Italian themed. I would like to use the rockcroc for something. She may have a large crowd there..up in the 20's I'm certain. I will probably make a main item and some sort of dessert. Any suggestions while keeping it semi simple and...
  2. D

    Bridal Shower Recipies for a Crowd

    HELP!!! I'm doing a bridal shower next weekend and need some help with fixing for a crow. There is going to be anywher from 30 to 50 people there. It is to start at 11:00 with me demoning stuff. What would be something springy and feed a crowd? All help will be greatly apperciated. Thanks...
  3. T

    Maximizing Sales: Tips for Engaging Large Crowds at Events

    I always get large groups of people at my shows, but then my highest show has been only $850, where there were about 15 people in attendance. Most of the time I have groups of over 12 guests, but only one or two have a big order and the rest is just $20-30... when I look at what they are...
  4. P

    Lap Pads for Large Crowd: Solutions for Hosting Events with 30+ Guests

    I have a show on Sunday with a potential for more than 30 guests. I usually hand out lap pads to each guest at a certain point during my show, but I don't have 30! Just curious if anyone has something else that would work?
  5. J

    Director Feeding 20 at a Crowd with Chicken & Basil Wraps

    Wow, my host for tomorrow just told me about 20 people are confirmed to come! We're making the new chicken and basil wraps. How am I going to do that for 20!!!??? I heard a suggestion somewhere (here?) to use smaller wraps, and still cut them in half - so it goes farther... maybe I make...
  6. Shelly Flanagan

    Easy Recipe for Feeding a Big Crowd - Perfect for Hosting Events!

    Helllppp! I have a host who does a show every six months. Her smallest show was $750ish. She always has a big crowd and they do come to EAT. She makes extra food, but I want a recipe that is easy to do but will be enough for a bigger crowd to enjoy. Any suggestions????? TIA!
  7. T

    Molten Lava Cake for a Large Crowd

    I have a host who is expecting 30+ people to her show on Wed. She requested the molten Lava Cake. I have only ever made it for about 15 people and that usually finished it. Can I make it twice in the same DCB (without cleaning in between)? Or does anyone have a suggestion on how to make it...
  8. Sheila

    Director DCS Meetup at Sheraton Centre Toronto - Join Us for Fun and Networking!

    I guess we are all staying in the same hotel? Sheraton Centre Toronto (Group Hotel) Toronto, Ontario http://Sheraton.com/centretoronto We need to do a DCS meetup, right??? :D Who? What? When? Where???
  9. S

    Got any ideas for a chocolate-themed mixer at an Open House kitchen shower?

    I'm doing an Open House format kitchen shower for my church. Its going to be chocolate and wine. We are going to fold up the basic tables every church has and put them away and try to set it up more lounge-like, and we want people to socialize and move around. Any ideas for a mixer-type...
  10. J

    What Game Ideas Work Well for Large Groups?

    I'm just checking in to see if anyone has a game idea for a large group... Last yr I had a homemade for the holidays show and had 27 people show up!!! It was so much fun, I played a game w/ purses... I called a letter and the first person to pull something from their purse that started with...
  11. Aurora

    Best Recipes for Dinner Guests/Large Crowd?

    We're having two different sets of friends over for dinner this weekend, and I wanted to use them as test subjects! :D What great, crowd-pleaser, feeds-a-bunch, good for kids recipes should I make?
  12. gailz2

    Need a Healthy Dessert--Weight Watchers Crowd

    I have a show coming up and many of the ladies are on Weight Watchers so the host wants a "healthy" dessert. Any suggestions?? :confused:
  13. wadesgirl

    Couple's Bridal Shower for a Party Crowd

    I have a bridal shower next month that is a couple's party on a Saturday night. I know there is going to be plenty of booze involved. I would like to come up with something fun for them to do. I thought about a recipe race (what would be a good recipe) or something blind-folded using the...
  14. S

    Recipe Suggestion for a Big Crowd

    My host on Friday night is expecting 20 guests and wants to be sure there is enough food to feed everyone. Any suggestions, or recipes that can be easily doubled? Thanks, Suzy in Texas
  15. gailz2

    Diabetic Crowd Demo Suggestions: From Desserts to Main Dishes

    Have you done any demos for a diabetic crowd? What are suggestions for demos? I'd like to do a dessert, but perhaps it will just have to be an appetizer or main dish.:chef::chef:
  16. susanr613

    What to Demo/Cook for a Picnic/Large Crowd

    I have been invited to a very large picnic by a member of the Jain (Hindu) community. My demo will be one "act" in a lineup of games and such. There will be at least 100 people there - my host is inviting 500 families. :eek: I do not want to invest a lot of my $$ in this (ingredients) as this...
  17. PChefPEI

    Do kids today really have it easy compared to decades ago?

    I just had to share this with you guys, 'cause when I read it, I nearly peed my pants! ROFLOL!!! :D :p --------------- If you are 30 or older you will think this is hilarious!!!! When I was a kid, adults used to bore me to tears with their tedious diatribes about how hard things were...
  18. brendaivette

    Help! Need Recipes for Large Crowd

    Help!!! Need recipes..................Host has 60-70 invites..........I'm assuming 30-40 will show up........................any suggestions.................:confused:
  19. M

    After-Work Party--Huge Crowd...

    Hey Everyone- I've got a party coming up later this month. My host wants to set it up so friends and coworkers can drop by after work to hang out, have a drink, and shop. She wants to do appetizers. She gave me her guest list and it is 72 people! I know that not all of them will come, but, even...
  20. jenniferp417

    Simple Recipes for a Mixed Crowd

    I have a show on Wednesday. Still no clue on recipe, and the host has rather left it up to me. He's received confirmation from 40 people. It's a week night, so maybe they won't all come, but his girlfriend (my coworker), said that when he throws a party, everyone comes. I told him I'd do...
  21. smilesarepriceless

    Great Recipe for Smaller Crowd?

    anyone recommend a recipe that is better, for a smaller crowd... Sat i am doing a cooking show for my immediate family ( sister, mother, sister n law, brother, aunt).. :)I have made the colossal chopped salad, the chicken bbq pizza, and the strawberry amaretto pastries so far... thanks...
  22. S

    Vent About Crowd Control at Shows: How to Improve Sales?

    I know this has probably been discussed a million times, but I just need to vent! My shows are decent...of course I would like higher sales... BUT - my main issue is crowd control!! I had a show last night with 16 people. It was INSANE. A few people listened from time to time, but...
  23. pcheftammy

    Best Game Ideas for Large Crowds: Fun Activities for 20-25 Guests

    I have a show on Saturday with 20-25 guests attending. What game is great to play for such a large crowd?
  24. ParishKitchen

    What Are Some Delicious Recipe Ideas for Big Shows?

    I know this topic has been visited before, but could I trouble you all again for some recipe ideas for large shows? I have one upcoming show for which the host requested an extra pack of invitations and commented, "if it's not a big show, it's not worth having." So, any and all suggestions...
  25. S

    How to Increase Sales With Large Loud Crowd

    I am stuck in a rut with this one family that keeps having shows. I am grateful for the shows, and it has actually kept me active these last couple months, but they are a real pain. They always have atleast 10 people there, which for me is a large group, but they pay absolutely no attention to...
  26. Bexamo

    Mexican Maindish for a Crowd - Ideas?

    I have a pot luck supper Wednesday. There will be 150 - 200 people, and I have to bring a Mexican cuisine main dish. I thought about the Tamale Round-About, but it doesn't serve that many. Any ideas?? (Naturally, the ulterior motive AS ALWAYS is to drum up business while I'm at it...)
  27. yummy4tummy

    Kitchen Show Success: $700 in Sales + New Consultant - My Story!

    I did my first kitchen show in a long time. Had 2 people there (other than host and mother). She ended up with a $700 show plus mom wants to sign up as a consultant! Can I get a WOO HOO? My first recruit and I am sure that it's pretty solid. I guess it was time, only took me a year to get a...
  28. gilliandanielle

    How Do You Handle Crowd Control?

    I had a horrible show last night- everyone was out of control. There were 20 guests that were all talking at the same time! I tried the usual things to get people to calm down (asking the main talker for assistance-she refused!, telling them things were going to be on the "test") and nothing...
  29. L

    Need Brunch Ideas....for a Crowd

    My hostess has confirmed 21 attending and the show is a week away. I had planned to demo the Bountiful Brunch Pizza and Petite Cinnamon rolls. However, with this many expected to attend I'm needing some ideas of things that I can make ahead to assure there is enough food. Any...
  30. J

    Easy Non-Chocolate Dessert Ideas for a Crowd

    does anyone have a suggestion for an easy non-chocolate dessert? i am having a hard time finding something light and either fruity or lemony that can be served to a lot of people in the form of bars perhaps.thanks for any ideas!! jen