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What is diabetic: Definition and 22 Discussions

  1. chefsteph07

    Diabetic-Friendly Cooking Demo Ideas for Mid-October Show

    I have a show in mid October, the host just asked me if I could make the demo a diabetic friendly one...has anyone done this type of show before or know what recipes would be good? I was thinking fajitas...with a wheat tortilla, but any other ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  2. frozenchef

    Diabetic Recipes - Helping a Customer Find Their Lost Favorites

    Looking for diabetic recipes for a customer - thought I saw some on here at some point, but can't find them now... :(
  3. Jennie4PC

    Rant Overcoming Frustration as a Parent of a Type 1 Diabetic Child

    I so have to get this off my chest. My DD is 7 yrs old and was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in June. I am so tired of people. 1 perseon asked me what I did for her to get it. Umm nothing. and in that same sentence she told me there are herbs for her to take so she will be "cured" of diabetes...
  4. S

    Diabetic-Friendly Desserts for 10 Guests

    I have a host who just found out today that she is diabetic. She changed her main from the deep dish cheeseburger pizza to the asian chicken salad. But I had told her that I would do a dessert for 10 guests RSVPing. I was going to do the 12 minute chocolate cake, now in the fluted stoneware pan...
  5. V

    What are some diabetic friendly recipes to make in a DCB?

    I just bought my grandmother the DCB and I was wondering if anyone had any diabetic friendly recipes. All information is appreciated :chef:
  6. B

    Diabetic Friendly & Lactose/Whey Free

    My latest host would like a recipe that is diabetic friendly AND lactose/whey free...I am TOTALLY stumped!! Anyone have ideas how to address ALL of these?:eek:
  7. gailz2

    Diabetic Crowd Demo Suggestions: From Desserts to Main Dishes

    Have you done any demos for a diabetic crowd? What are suggestions for demos? I'd like to do a dessert, but perhaps it will just have to be an appetizer or main dish.:chef::chef:
  8. D

    Delicious Diabetic Desserts: Recipes and Tips for a Healthy Sweet Tooth

    Hello- Does anyone have any diabetic desserts that they've done at a show, or modified an existing PC recipe for diabetics? Thanks!
  9. P

    Quick" Diabetic Recipe for Tomorrow's Show

    Looking for a "quick" demo diabetic recipe for tomorrow nights show. I am doing the Pineapple Upside Down cake but the host would like a "quick" diabetic recipe also. Any ideas?
  10. babywings76

    My In-Laws Are Coming...what's Great for a Diabetic

    My father-in-law is diabetic and has very strange eating habits. He pretty much rationalizes what he eats and then makes up for it with his insulin. He goes overboard sometimes, like eating a half gallon of ice cream with his dinner. :eek: But anyway, I thought I should try to offer...
  11. jbdowd0798

    What are some delicious recipes for diabetics?

    Hello All, Being the good consultant that I am (For today at least) I made OOB, and CCC. So I had one customer ask for recipes that Diabetics can really enjoy without all the carbs, etc. I couldn't think off the top of my head but told her I'd get back to her with a few. I know alot of the...
  12. lockhartkitchen

    Diabetic Son: Our Journey with Type 1 Diabetes | Please Keep Us in Your Prayers

    Please keep us in your prayers. Friday my 13 year old son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. We are driving to Dornbecher's now for him to be hospitalized in the ICU so they can get him started on insulin. His sugars have been more than 500 with a completely no sugar and carb weekend. I...
  13. lockhartkitchen

    Sugar-Free Pumpkin Pie Recipe for Type 1 Diabetic Child

    My 13 year son was just diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Does anyone have a good tasting sugar free pumpkin pie recipe and ideas for Thanksgiving foods?
  14. lockhartkitchen

    Diabetic Recipes That a Teen Will Like

    My 13 year old son was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes today. Our lives are drastically changing. He will be incilin dependent. This weekend he can have no carbs or sugars. Protein based meals until he's tested again Monday for the amount of incilin he will need. We are having to drastically...
  15. B

    Delicious Diabetic Recipes: Perfect for Show Displays and Everyday Meals

    I have a consultant who just learned she is diabetic. It has shaken her up a bit. She would like to offer recipes at shows that are diabetic friendly...plus find some for herself as well. I looked in the files but didn't see anything specific to diabetic recipes. Can anyone help with ideas...
  16. brendaivette

    Delicious Diabetic-Friendly Recipes for a 4pm Show

    I have a show on the 21st and the host is diabetic, any ideas for recipes......it's a 4pm show
  17. L

    Diabetic Dessert Recipe Ideas for Tomorrow's Show?

    Hello, my host for TOMORROWS show, now wants to have something her mom to try out, & she's diabetic. I was thinking of just making the AWESOME WW Cake that I LOVE that consists of ONLY a can of diet whatever (I like it w/ cherry coke, or dr. pepper berries n cream) and then cake mix only...
  18. pixel-_

    I Need a Dessert Recipe for a Diabetic

    I have a show coming up for a woman that is borderline diabetic. She loves desserts, but can not have the sugar. I really need to make this into a good show and would like to offer her a dessert. I have done some searching for any PC recipe but can not come up with one. Does anyone have any...
  19. M

    Turkey Cranberry Wreath - Diabetic Friendly?

    I was planning on making a Chocolate Pecan tart for my show on Monday, but my host has two diabetics coming. She thought that the wreath would be a better choice. Should I do anything different, or is the recipe good as is? Thanks!
  20. L

    Quick Diabetic Recipes for a Pampered Chef Show: Tips & Cookbook Suggestions

    I'm not sure if I am posting this in the right place, but I have a show coming up in two weeks and the host has a mother who is a diabetic. She isn't necessarily wanting me to do a recipe during the show, but I was hoping to find a Pampered Chef recipe for her to prepare ahead of time. My...
  21. P

    Diabetic-Friendly Recipes for Emily's Host

    What should I make if my host has Diabetes? Any suggestions?? Thanks in advace Emily
  22. dianevill

    Diabetic-Friendly Dessert Recipes Needed!

    I have an August host who has requested that I prepare two dessert recipes. Normally, not a problem (I LOVE desserts!), but she wants two diabetic recipes. :eek: Do any of you know of any PC dessert recipes designed for diabetics, or have any of you successfully modified any recipes for...