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What is dessert: Definition and 200 Discussions

  1. karenpatrickpc

    Pampered Chef Dessert Plates for Sale-$15

    Brand new, never used, in box PC Dessert Plates set of 4. -SOLD
  2. C

    Best Large Bar Pan Dessert for Demo

    I have my first PC party this Wednesday. I want to demo the large bar pan with a dessert. I want to know what you recommend for a dessert using the LBP that can be eaten reasonably soon after prep. It must be scrumptious too
  3. M

    What are HWC Daisy Dessert Plates?

    HWC Daisy Dessert Plates HWC Daisy Dessert Plates - in box, used a handful of times.Will be packaged in original box, and securely packaged inside a second box to ship. List Date: 9/1/2014 For more info, click here to view the original listing: HWC Daisy Dessert Plates...
  4. B

    Cooking Disappointment: 2014 Calendars Limited to Dessert Recipes

    Is anyone else disappointed that the 2014 calendars only have sweet recipes? The calendar looks lovely, but I wish they had a mix of recipes like they have in previous ones instead of just dessert type recipes. I have always had a calendar hanging at my desk at work and many of my co-workers...
  5. K

    What Are Some Unique International Dessert Recipes for All Nations Sunday?

    In a few weeks our church will be celebrating All Nations Sunday. We will be serving to guests and visitors after the service, maybe even the whole church. I've been asked to make something for the service. So far the countries/nationalities that we have are: South America Dominican...
  6. K

    Summertime Spaghetti + Dessert Ideas for Cool & Serve Tray

    I have a cooking show next weekend and I am making Summertime Spaghetti. I would like to make a dessert on the cool and serve tray. Does anyone know of any great recipes? I have tried the snickers dip before so I would like something really great. Thank you!!
  7. K

    Simple Vegan and Gluten Free Dessert Recipe?

    I have a friend who is having a show this month who is vegan and gluten free. I've got the show recipe set but I usually offer to make a dessert if my hosts have 12 or more confirmed guests. I always do the lava cake in the dcb or the peach pie in the rcb but neither of these will work for vegan...
  8. DebPC

    Easter Dessert: Has Anyone Tried It?

    I'm making this for Easter dessert. Has anyone made this?
  9. PCCHeather0506

    Looking for a Quick Mexican Themed Dessert Idea?

    I'm doing a Mexican theme show tomorrow and my hostess wants to add a dessert...anyone know of anything I could do that would be QUICK?? I'm contemplating maybe the mexican chocolate cake...if she helps me prep it before and i can just throw it together??
  10. L

    Dessert Recipe to Impress My Work

    Hi, my work is doing a Valentines Day Dessert Bake off & I want to do something that will impress everyone using one of our recipes. I don't have the Deep Covered Baker yet, (ordered last night so it may get here by VDay) but any suggestions?
  11. E

    Dessert Ideas for a RCB Party Featuring a DCB

    I want to use my RCB at a party this week for a quick and easy dessert. This won't be the main show recipe. My host already has a DCB, as do many of the guests who plan to attend. I want to highlight the RCB, but don't really want to make a cake. Any ideas?
  12. gailz2

    2 Sets of Dessert Plates From December Needed

    My host is on a diet and would love 2 more sets of the dessert plates offered in December--it is the perfect size she says for her family to eat dinner on (large family). Please let me know today if you have one or two sets available to send right away and what your cost is. Thank you!
  13. K

    Iso: Holiday Dot Dessert Plates

    I'm not sure when these came out but I have a customer searching for a set of these plates. (I think the plate was clear and square?) Thanks for the help!
  14. B

    Need 4 dessert plates? Check out this host special!

    I'm looking for a set of 4 dessert plates for a customer - the ones currently on host special. She got one set for hosting a show but has a family of 5 so would like another set. Please let me know price + shipping to 14903. You can also email details to [email protected] or PM me. Thanks!
  15. Bren706

    Dessert Recipe for Show Suggestions

    I have a few hosts this month that want a dessert recipe demo. I usually do appetizers or dinner in a dash type recipes, and haven't done anny desserts in a while. One host chose the Warm Nutty Caramel Brownies. What are some dessert recipes that you have been doing at shows lately? I need...
  16. pcsharon1

    Looking a Dessert Recipe..........

    I have a repeat host who wants to do a dessert demo - with no nuts, no added salt and no dairy. Non-dairy items are okay. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance!
  17. M

    Banana Dessert in the Ceramic Skillet

    Can someone help me? I have seen a photo of a banana dessert, made in the ceramic skillet, looks like an 'upside down cake' Does anyone know where the recipe for this is? Where have I missed it along the way? thanks!
  18. S

    Dessert Recipes for the Deep Covered Baker?

    I'm doing a Wedding Shower and the DCB is on the couple's Wish List. What other recipes besides the Rocky Road Brownie recipe would be good to make? Thanks! Suzy in Texas
  19. M

    What is the perfect dessert recipe to impress guests at a PC show?

    I am hosting my own PC show at my 2nd home, which is about 100 miles from here (it's complicated) I have invited about a dozen of my favorite people whom I don't see very often, that have never been to one of my PC shows. I am only a few months being a consultant. What is your favorite dessert...
  20. babywings76

    Need Dessert Idea for My Book Club Tonight

    So it's my turn to host our Book Club. We read a book called "The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie." I'm trying to decide what I want to make for dessert. I thought maybe I should make some sort of pie. But I really don't like pie. I'm not a big cooked fruit lover and I don't like a lot...
  21. babywings76

    Dessert Ideas for Easter Sunday?

    I'm in charge of dessert this Sunday. I'm trying to decide what to make. My mom has to work that day, so she won't be there to make her famous Carrot Cake that we usually have. I'm undecided if I'll make it in her place (we all have the recipe and have all made them at one point or another...
  22. N

    Non-Meat Party: Dessert Ideas for a Friday Night!

    I'm doing a party in a couple of weeks on a Friday. Most of the group will be Catholic so I'm doing a non-meat party. We discussed doing the the Itty Bitty Bevs drink for sure and I'm thinking about making a salsa with the manual processor. Does anyone have any dessert ideas that would go...
  23. K

    Quick & Easy Cakes for DCB Hosts!

    I have been making the molten chocolate lava cake in the microwave in the DCB since it came out! And although most of my hosts still want it at their shows, I would love to be able to offer something different to those hosts who have had it many times. I also always bring the cake mix and...
  24. C

    Mini Muffin Tin - Strawberry Dessert??

    Hello! One of my customers contacted me. She is searching for a PC recipe. It is made in the mini muffin tin. Features chocolate cake as the base, some kind of cream cheese filling, with a whipped cream/strawberry topping. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Do you know where the recipe is...
  25. O

    Need Nut-Free Dessert Ideas for Allergic Kids?

    Does anyone know of a fun dessert to make for kids that has to be non-nut, and not made in a facility with nuts. I'm thinking of a fruit dessert pizza made with sugar cookies dough. Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  26. J

    What's a Simple, Nut-Free Dessert Recipe I Can Make with Limited Resources?

    I have a noon show tomorrow, and the host wants me to prepare something sweet as a second recipe. Unfortunately, I don't have a Rice Cooker for the lava cake, a Trifle Bowl for the trifle desserts, a Deluxe Mini Muffin pan for Smores Cups or any of the like, and I'll be using the DCB for the...
  27. wadesgirl

    Gluten-Free Thanksgiving Desserts: Ideas for a 18-Year-Old Celiac

    I'm in charge of making desserts for Thanksgiving. My 18 year old niece was recently diagnosed as gluten free and is still struggling with what to eat especially when having family dinners and going out to eat. I want to make sure there are a couple gluten free dessert items for her. But I...
  28. doughmama

    Demo Recipe Ideas Needed - No Meat, No Dairy and Not Dessert

    I have a party in December and my host has religious restrictions. I am looking for a good demo recipe that shows a lot of products but does not use meat, or dairy and I don't want a dessert since we are already doing a cookie swap idea. Anyone? Thanks!
  29. babywings76

    offTopic: Dessert for 4Yr Old B-Day

    My youngest turns 4 on Sunday. We're having a low-key birthday party for her that night. The next Saturday we are having the big family b-day party (celebrating all 4 kids at the same time since their b-days are all 2 weeks from each other). But for Sunday, we are inviting another family that...
  30. K

    inNeed of a Fast and Easy Dessert

    I am in need of a fast and easy dessert option for a show tomorrow. I dont have any of the tools to make the lava cake or I would make that. Can someone help me please