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What is night: Definition and 200 Discussions

  1. C

    New Recipe Night: A Fun Cooking Party Experience!

    I am going to try a once monthly "New Recipe Night" at my house. It'll give me a chance to practice recipes for upcoming shows, and it'll get people in to see product and how much fun it can be to have a cooking party. Has anyone tried this and gotten good results?
  2. K

    Supposed to Do a Show This Coming Tuesday Night

    I was supposed to do a show this coming Tuesday night. The host texted me today, cancelling her show. We are trying to choose an alternate date, but it's not looking good. She is not available on the empty days I have left this month, and they couple of days she suggested I have one show...
  3. MrsNetNut404

    Vent/Rant About My Show Last Night

    Where do I begin? I was so looking forward to doing this show, but it was such a disappointment! My host sent out 44 evites, and she got 8 yes, and two maybes. We were both happy with the results, but when the party actually took place, it, well, to say it didn't go as planned is an...
  4. winklermom

    Girls' Night Out W/ Multiple Vendors

    We have several ladies in our church who work for DS companies. I have thought about possibly doing a Girls' Night Out and having each of us set up in the dining hall of the church. We would have Thirty One and Perfectly Posh, as well as my PC business represented. Has anyone ever tried...
  5. P

    Director Vent... Quote of the Day From My Meeting Last Night

    "Jenni has never had an original idea" I was talking about all of the ideas for fall themes shows, booking ideas etc. I pass a LOT of stuff along to my team, feeling that more is better... let them weed through and pick what they want to use. I tell them what I do but want them to have...
  6. nikked

    "No Buy Night" Invitation, Anyone

    I know it's a new concept, but I'm hoping someone, somewhere has a no buy night invitation that I can tweak...It's so much easier for me than starting from scratch! TIA! :)
  7. N

    Non-Meat Party: Dessert Ideas for a Friday Night!

    I'm doing a party in a couple of weeks on a Friday. Most of the group will be Catholic so I'm doing a non-meat party. We discussed doing the the Itty Bitty Bevs drink for sure and I'm thinking about making a salsa with the manual processor. Does anyone have any dessert ideas that would go...
  8. D

    Director Tips for Hosting a Successful Recipe Night: Invitation Tips and More

    OK -- I'm ready to give Recipe Night a try. We had one scheduled for last Saturday but had to cancel due to low attendance. I want to try it again for February. Do you use the invitation on CC or something else? What tips can you give for RN -- anything having to do with it? TIA, Sandi
  9. pampered1224

    I Sent This Out Last Night After Viewing the ...

    Video we got from HO. So far no accepts but hey, it is worth a try. Also, I did this as an attachment with the e-mail message of I NEED TWO PARTIES IN DECEMBER! Plus it is Friday and many people won't think about it until this weekend. Yes, I did add to the host special but I can afford too. You...
  10. Kjurich

    I Made My First Call Last Night

    Ok so I bite the bullet last night and made my first phone call. . . .but of course I had to leave a message. . . but I did it and I am going to do some tonight too. .. .
  11. Kjurich

    Submitted to Show Last Night - How Long for Pampered Chef Dollars & 50% Refund?

    I submitted to show last night which should qualify me!!!!:love: Does anyone know how long it will take for that to show so me to get my PC dollars and my 50% refund for my kit credit. I want to use that to order some extra supplies and stuff. Also how will it take for my "outlet" to open on...
  12. C

    Last Night I Held My 3Rd Show, It Was Technically My First Out and

    Last night I held my 3rd show, it was technically my first out and about show because my first one my mom did for me and my second was my grand opening...well...the girl didn't send out the invites, only posted on FB. 5 people showed up (one left before we started cooking without ordering grrr)...
  13. M

    I Made This Last Night With Some Modifications, and as I Did It, I

    I made this last night with some modifications, and as I did it, I noticed how many tools I used, and thought it could make a good demo since cooking time is 25 minutes total (20 minutes to start and 5 minutes after brushing with egg wash)...I also think you could do this on stoneware versus an...
  14. C

    Divorce Party: A Night of Unexpected Fun!

    I was asked to do a divorce party for someone. I guess it doesn't matter what the occasion is. Can't wait to hear the conversations from those ladies.
  15. K

    How many guests are attending our first Recipe Night?

    OK- We have our first Team Recipe night tonight! We are so excited! We have 21 confirmed guests!!!!! Can you believe it! We thought we would have like 5! Super uber excited! cannot wait to tell you all how it goes tomorrow :)
  16. frozenchef

    Where can I find the Recruiting Blitz script for our upcoming event?

    So someone else on here graciously posted the invites to the Recipe Night mentioned during Part Two of the Director Training from Conference, but I thought someone had mentioned they were also supposed to post the Recruiting Blitz script on Consultant's Corner. I'd rather not have to scan mine...
  17. J

    Director Join Us for a Recipe Night Celebration!

    They said it would be posted yesterday -- anyone know where?
  18. K

    Join Us for a Delicious Recipe Night - Invitation Download Available!

    Does anyone have the recipe night invite that was supposed to be on the website? We are having one next week and I cannot find it anywhere and need to get invitations out!!! Just wondering. If you can download, would you mind posting it for me? Thank you!!!! :)
  19. Jennie4PC

    Last Night's Amazing Show: Stocking Up a Kitchen with Pampered Chef

    I had a show last night that I was so wishing was done and closed in June. I has met these ladies a while back at a show and I ran into them again at the taste of home. Well the DD wanted to book a show and her mom said her house would be finished in June and she would help her DD out. (she had...
  20. Sheila

    Director Apparently One of My Ex-Coworkers Had a Passion Party Last Night. I

    Apparently one of my ex-coworkers had a Passion Party last night. I don't know when I was invited, but it had to have been in the last couple of days. I didn't even see the invitation and I was just going through invites about 4-5 days ago & doing RSVP's to all the new ones. Anyway, the...
  21. MissChef

    Need a Place to Stay Saturday Night? Let's Connect!

    Is anyone staying over on Saturday night? I need a place to stay an extra night!
  22. P

    Girl's Night Out: Pizza on the Grill!

    I need some help coming up with a good flyer/invitation for a girl's night out party. Can someone help me wieth that? We're going to be doing pizza on the grill.
  23. M

    Can I Make S'more Cups the Night Before?

    I'd like to make the s'more cups, but need them for Saturday late morning. Would I be able to make them the night before, do you think? I know, I know, I COULD get up early and make them, but.... I don't wanna! :-)
  24. NooraK

    Since Tech Support Was Open Last Night...

    ...would it have killed them to tell someone to "flip the switch" and put the May CN online at midnight before they left? :D
  25. doughmama

    Baskin Robbins 31 Cent Scoop Night

    Today, April 27th is 31 cent scoop night from 5 - 10 pm. Baskin-Robbins is honoring America's firefighters by donating $100,000 to the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation. :)
  26. O

    Good Morning!The Newsletter Went Out Last Night From Consultant's

    Good morning! The newsletter went out last night from Consultant's Corner. I am on some of your subscriber lists....somehow - go figure!! Anyway - last month, I shared this with our team and now I am going to share it with you all. PLease look at the newsletter, the week before it is sent and...
  27. Hunter Mom

    Easy as Pie: Catalog Show Success with a Night Worker

    I just entered a catalog show. This person has placed outside orders off of three hosts in a year. Each time, she's said she wants to be a host, but never could get a date firmed up. She works nights, so is hard to reach and does most contact through email. I tried, gave up. She...
  28. J

    Got a Home Office Lead Last Night...

    from a girl that wanted information on the business. This was my first home office lead like that (the other 2 were someone that was local that also owned a DS company that wants to have "networking meetings" and the other was a girl from out of the country whose H would be here for work and...
  29. P

    Mom's Wild Night with the Kids: Unplugging and Throwing Out!

    Last night , my kids and I were sitting in the living room and I said to them, "I never want to live in a vegetative state, dependent on some machine and fluids from a bottle. If that ever happens, just pull the plug." They got up, unplugged the computer and threw out my wine. They're...
  30. L

    Doing a Large Ladies' Night Fundraiser Tomorrow...

    What's the best way you would do it...take cash and carry or just showcase our spring products and go for bookings? It was $25 and they are sort of wanting vendors to even donate a portion of sales if possible. Lately I've been lucky to even sell a potato peeler at past events...:cry: I've...