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What is coming: Definition and 97 Discussions

  1. T

    Newbie, Not so New. Coming Back After 5 Years...

    Hey! I'm Toni from North Georgia. I'm so excited to be back after 'retiring' from PC in Sept 2009. I have missed my PC Career so very much. I went back to the corporate world (I'm still there), but I have decided to get my PC career back in order so I can be happy again. :sing: Woohoo! I...
  2. K

    Supposed to Do a Show This Coming Tuesday Night

    I was supposed to do a show this coming Tuesday night. The host texted me today, cancelling her show. We are trying to choose an alternate date, but it's not looking good. She is not available on the empty days I have left this month, and they couple of days she suggested I have one show...
  3. DebPC

    New Products Spoiler Thread Coming on Monday!

    As last time, it will be clearly marked. Don't open it- if you don't want info on the new products. Those that are so kind as to share info to those who can't make the announcement meetings- thanks in advance.Here is the thread http://www.chefsuccess.com/f8/spoiler-fall-2013-launch-product-80862/
  4. A

    Director Why are we moving to Chef Success and what changes can we expect?

    The time to return home to Chefsuccess.com has come. You may be asking yourself; why are we moving, what's in it for me and how will it all go down. We've explained everything below!Why are we moving?1. Chef Success now has an updated style and updated software with lots of great new features...
  5. babywings76

    Who Is Coming to the Baltimore Spring Launch?

    I'll be there with my director and other team members. Who else is coming? It's always nice to try to meet up with fellow cheffers! :D
  6. M

    I Am Coming Back to Pampered Chef

    I am back and a few questions for you all.hi all i aa so excite to be coming back to PC. got lots of shows lined up and 2 booths. has any one on here came back and done even better. also i hav a possible recruit. my new recruiter is gone for the weekend at a fundraiser but i submitted the...
  7. gailz2

    Upcoming Changes to Outlet Products | Fall Launch Updates

    I had emailed HO a few weeks ago and said it seemed like they don't change the products there very often anymore, and it is hard to tell your customers to check back every week, etc. They indicated there was to be a big change coming up with that--was there any word at Fall Launch about it? I...
  8. ChefShalon

    County and State Fair Booths Coming Up!

    I have booked my county and state fair this year! It is a very exciting oppurtinuty! For the county fair I have myself and my personal recruit doing it. For the state fair I have it opened to the entire team here. The state fair is an 11 day fair and its from 9am-10pm everyday, I had made it...
  9. F

    Director Incentives Calculator for 2012 Trip: Coming Soon!

    Here's the response I got this morning re: incentives calc. Thank you for contacting The Pampered Chef. The Incentive Trip Calculator for Irresistible Destinations 2012 should be available very soon. Sorry for the delay in having this posted on Consultant's Corner. Have a good day!
  10. J

    Director Cool & Serve Tray Not Coming up on My June Show?

    It's not showing up -- show is dated to start and close June 1, 2011. Guest's sauce specials show up but not the Cool & Serve -- anyone else have issues before I e-mail Tech Support?
  11. V

    Free MFP Giveaway: Enter to Win and Find Out the Winner Date Now!

    I hope...Sent in a show today...What are the chance's of a free MFP??? And if I do get one when will I know???
  12. chefheidi2003

    Anyone Coming to Baltimore Saturday Need Catalogs?

    I have a full pack of catalogs that I would like to get rid of if anyone needs them. I will be at Spring Launch in Baltimore so I can bring them there if anyone needs them. I will sell them for $8.
  13. M

    Nov/Dec Host/Guest Specials: Discover What's Coming Soon!

    When do we find out what November/December host/guest specials will be? I have some people asking about November... I am assuming soon, now that it is Sept?
  14. C

    Got Too Many Tomatoes? Try These Delicious Recipes for Storing Them!

    We made pasta sauce last night (7 pint size jars) and will probably make one more batch tonight. Any other great recipes for storing tomatoes? I was thinking salsa but not sure how long it would keep? Maybe pizza sauce? Please post your ideas as our garden has gone tomato crazy and I am...
  15. RMDave

    DCB Cookbook: Not Coming This Fall

    ... that the long awaited and promised DCB cookbook that we all hear is "on the way" won't be one of the new Fall products, huh? I'm just sayin'
  16. babywings76

    Hwc Apron Pockets Coming Unstitched

    Both of my pockets are coming apart. The stitching is just coming out and the tops of the sides are detached now. Do I call or can I do an online adjustment on the apron?
  17. chefheidi2003

    Comical Show Panic: Too Many Guests at My Boyfriend's Mom's Show!

    I have to share something funny. I am nervous about my show tonight because it is my boyfriend's mom, and we have been together 11 months. I get along very well with them, however, they have not seen me in the capacity of being a PC Consultant. That is just a bit of a background..but...
  18. E

    Expert Tips for a Successful Grand Opening Show | Be Prepared and Confident!

    I have my Grand Opening coming up, and I am beyond scared! I just hope i remember everything to say, and answer questions ok. There is so much to learn all at once sometimes I feel a bit frazzled! Any tips or suggestions to help my first show go smoothly?
  19. lockhartkitchen

    Make $50/hour with Flexible Hours: Learn about this Opportunity Now!

    A friend on Facebook posted that she really needed some income. I posted back a question to her: How would you like to know more about a job that can pay $50 an hour and you pick your own hours? I said they would need to email me for information. I have had two of her friends contact me...
  20. D

    Dreams Coming True: Husband's Job Offer After 10 Years of Struggle

    To try to make a long story short, my husband owns his own retail business, going on 10 years now. We have struggled practically from day one but with this being his dream he keeps plugging along. Every bill you can think of is behind and we are always right at shut off/reposession, etc. We...
  21. esavvymom

    Exciting News: PWS Update Coming Soon!

    From what I can see in the photo, I think I will really like what they are doing for the PWS! Can't wait to see it next week! (for those wondering what I'm talking about- it's in the Nov. CN. - page 11)https://www.pamperedchef.com/images/cc/us/pdf/nov09_cn.pdf
  22. ChefJoyJ

    What Do Apple Slices Look Like Coming From A/P/C/S?

    I do not have the A/P/C/S and have never seen it used. However, PC has tons of recipes using it. I would love to know, for reference sake, what the slices look like... Are they thin? Thick? Sliced length (like wedges) or width (like rings)? Help! :)
  23. ChefJoyJ

    When to Call and Invite/Check if Coming to Fall Kickoff?

    I know that mailed invites are nice, but it's the personal invites that get results. I mailed out a batch of invites to my fall kickoff, and have had no yes RSVPs :cry:, but I've gotten 2 nos and 1 maybe. I would like to call this week and say something like: "Hi! This is Joy Judy w/ The...
  24. esavvymom

    Is My Title Change Coming Next Month? Understanding Recruiting Overrides

    When would your title change occur? My 1st recruit has submitted $1025 in sales so far. It shows I have overrides for this month coming in my performance details, but lists me as a "Consultant". I'm guessing it will change next month to "Senior Consultant" then? Or does she have to qualify...
  25. D

    When's the Next Catalog Coming Out?

    Can someone let me know when the next catalog comes out? Thanks!
  26. pamperedbecky

    What's the Big Announcement Coming Today?

    I've heard there could be some type of announcement/promotion being announced today via email from the HO. Wonder what it is? It must have to do with this big March thing. I hope it's enough to give a hard kick in the ass!! I need it. :)
  27. chefkugler

    Fed Ex Driver Coming Late - PJs Optional!

    Anyone else have a Fed Ex driver that comes OH SO LATE?? My driver usually comes here late. Like up until 9 PM at the most. Well, I had a return that was being picked up here and he just showed up at 9:50 PM. " Hi Mr. Fed Ex, like my PJ's?" :rolleyes:
  28. C

    Grease Leaking from Stone in Oven - Possible Fire Hazard?

    I had a lady call me because her friend had been cooking bacon on the large bar pan in the oven and the second time she tried it the grease ran thr the stone to the bottom of the oven. This person it happened to was not my customer, but the lady who called me was and she is worried about using...
  29. C

    Sales Team Training Meeting Coming to Anaheim, Ca! - Anyone Going?

    I got this e-mail last week. Is anyone in the SoCal area going? It would be nice to meet other Cheffers. "You’ve read about it in Consultant News and in the PC NewsWire! I’m coming to Anaheim, CA to bring a special day of training to your area. You will learn strategies for improving...
  30. C

    Anyone Coming to London, on Training on Sat???

    Hello, just wondering if anyone is making the trek to London this Sat Feb 7? I can't stay for the pm, but am making the drive, then going to work... Anyone??? Who has been to the Jan/Feb regional meetings? Who were your presenters? What did you think? What have you USED in your business...