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  1. C

    Buying ISO 2003 Spring and Summer Wreath Heart Molds

    Does anyone have one they want to part with? Thanks, Sandy
  2. PampMomof3

    Asian Spring Rolls

    Does anyone have the Asian Spring Rolls that's in the "It's Good For You" Cookbook? I am going to make it for dinner tonight and I need the recipe please! Thank you! Kristi
  3. M

    I NEED a Spring Pampered Chef Cookie Mold

    I tried and tried to get a consultant from around here to get one for me and unfortunately it was never done. I missed the spring mold. :( Please, if anyone can help me, I am begging. I need two of them. My friend paints them and then we can hang them on the wall and we are getting quite...
  4. rachelpc

    Spring and summer molds

    Hi there, I have a customer who wants the spring and summer molds. Is this even possible? I thought they were discontinued.