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What is spring: Definition and 200 Discussions

  1. M

    Spring 2024 Pampered Chef products

    What are your thoughts on the new Spring products? What is your favorite? Let's talk...
  2. B

    Spring Summer 21 Alphabetical List

    Hello! I am in need of the current season 2021 alphabetical product list. Not the one that starts September 1. If anyone can help me I would appreciate it. I may have posted this thread as a duplicate but I couldn’t find the first one. Thank you.
  3. O

    Discover 2020 Spring Products and Earn Rewards - Share Your Thoughts with AF!

    What are your thoughts on the new products? Can’t wait to see what was earned for the different levels. Does anyone know yet? So happy for the AF
  4. kcnancy

    Spring and Summer 2019 Catalogs

    7/17 - Cross posting this offer on Facebook. I am selling 3 un-opened packages of 2019 S&S Catalogs. $10 per package or all 3 for $25 + shipping. I will be shipping from 66214.
  5. kcnancy

    Interested in Buying Unopened Spring & Summer Catalogs?

    I have 1 unopened pack of Spring & Summer Catalogs. $5 a package + shipping.
  6. Kate Siciliano

    25 New in Package Spring 18 Catalogs

    I've unceremoniously left the biz, and just realized I've got new catalogs sitting here that I'm never going to open!$10 + Shipping and they are yours.
  7. Nichol

    Don't Miss Out on Sample Knives: Is Spring Bringing New Samples?

    I was wondering if the Sample products change with the season. I want the knives on sample right now but I want to see what new samples may come in for Spring before I make a decision to buy. But I don't want to miss out on the knives!
  8. O

    New Spring Kitchen Products: Trifle Bowl, Paring Knives & More

    So what new spring products would you like to see available? I'm hoping for a new trifle bowl, quick-kut paring knives, and more general kitchen tools. I'm almost positive there will be a new piece of cookware that all the level 1 people earned in December
  9. C

    What are your thoughts on the new Spring Launch 2017 products?

    I will be watching the spring launch on my own tonight and thought it might be fun to have a discussion on here about the new products. What are you hoping to see?
  10. kam

    March Specials & Spring Product Reveal Flyer

    I have attached the flyers updated with the March specials! I will revise them with the secret specials once released.NOTE: I updated the mini-catty flyer with the spring product reveal.Thanks!
  11. kam

    Discover the Latest Spring 2016 Additions at PC - See 23 New Products!

    I just went to the PC website to see the new products (this being March 1st and all) and noticed 23 new products? Is this all of them? I am thinking they may not have added them all on yet - even though it is in the afternoon of the 1st. If this is it, I think I am a little underwhelmed.Most are...
  12. kam

    New Spring Products: See the List Here!

    Is anyone able to post a list of the new Spring products? I have seen a few discussed - but haven't seen a list!Thanks!
  13. O

    Exciting Spring Products Reveal - Prep Bowls & Rockcrok Cookbook!

    Hi Everyone.....we have less than a month before the new Spring products are revealed. What new products are you hoping to see? I have had more than one request for prep bowl sets! A set that contained one of each size prep bowl. I would like a complete rockcrok cookbook.
  14. P

    Needing Spring Mini Catalogs! Help!

    Does anyone have any extra Spring/Summer 2015 Mini Catalogs I can buy from them?? My director just quit and now I do not have a local upline to call on (my upline is someone in Chicago -not sure who..otherwise I would contact them) AND to make matters worse... I recently had a hostess not pay...
  15. DebPC

    What Spring Samples Did or Are You Ordering?

    I was on vacation so I'm late to the game. I missed my kick off meeting and didn't earn any samples for free. Looking at a Silicone Cover, Lg. Cool and Serve Insert Tray and Mini Skinny Scraper.
  16. raebates

    Who's Attending Darla Oelmann's Spring Kickoff in Columbus, OH?

    I'm planning to attend Darla's Spring Kickoff in Columbus, OH, on February 7. I'll be driving in the day before so I can be fresh and focused for the meeting. Is there anyone else who is planning to arrive the night before and would like to share a room?If you're willing to put up with me for a...
  17. esavvymom

    What's the scoop on PC's Spring Launch this year?

    I know that as soon as I post this, the info will come out, but I was wondering if anyone had any knowledge of PCs plans for spring launch this year (2015)? I know it's been end of January/early February for years...so kind of odd to not hear anything.I'm suspecting it will be "director led"...
  18. R

    New Stones in Spring Summer 2015 Line??

    everyone log in to CC and then go here: http://www.pamperedchef.com/cc/thanksgiving-ideas watch the video Dough for it. There are a few pies in a WHITE Stone for pies! I watched this twice...is it a retired product or a soon to be new that was missed when making the video?
  19. Admin Greg

    Spring Coil Whisk: Discuss Tips, Complaints, Praise & More

    Please discuss the Spring Coil Whisk. Tips, complaints, praise, reviews, ideas, thoughts...
  20. L

    Spring and Summer 2014 Wish List With Pictures

    does anyone have anything made up of product wish list with pictures? my very first show is a bridal shower and im trying to make cards for her registery thanks ;)
  21. B

    Tried the Strawberry Cheesecake Bombe Yet?

    Has anyone tried any of the new recipes?
  22. chefjeanine

    Weather and the "Spring" Event.

    We now know some accommodations will be made but perhaps we can get things changed for the future. I know that I'm not the only one concerned about trying to get to Feast tomorrow. Probably will NOT attend. My friend called and spoke with someone in Career Solutions. They encouraged her to...
  23. P

    Products for Their Spring Bingo

    I was contacted by an organization to get products for their spring Bingo to benefit a girls softball team getting New Uniforms. Their total budget was $600.They are doing a joint 31 & PC Bingo. Budget for the Pc items being around $300. They wanted 10 items priced @$25-$40 for 10 regular games...
  24. Admin Greg

    *Spoiler* Spring 2014 Feast Product Discussion *Spoiler*

    WARNING: This thread contains discussion and media about the Spring 2014 New products. If you prefer to be surprised while attending your Feast, please go back now and don't open any files under the Files section as new pics might be there!Dear Cheffers you may use this thread to discuss all...
  25. DebPC

    Best Sellers New Spring Products

    Now that the our new spring line has been out for a bit, what are your best sellers? Any surprises?
  26. DebPC

    Welcome Spring: 8 Degrees in Wisconsin!

    Today's the first day of spring! A balmy 8 degrees in southeast Wisconsin!
  27. M

    Spring Product DVD: Where is it in my Changeover Box?

    Not sure where to post this....did we get the dvd with the spring products, recipe preparations, etc. in our changeover box? I thought I got one, but it's not with my paperwork. Wasn't sure if I should keep looking. Thanks.
  28. M

    Spring Open House Creative Invite

    Just curious if anyone has a Spring Open house invite template they could email me ... [email protected] I really need to get an Open House scheduled for late March/Early April ...would like to start looking at the invites ya'll been using! Thanks!!!
  29. Dina Atnip

    Discontinued Products Spring 2013

    hi all since all the great changes in cf I can't find the flyer someone made with the discontinued products please help thanks in advance