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  1. T

    Guest Specials

    Has anyone figured out how we can take advantage of the Guest Special for October? I am placing a personal order of $75.00 (out of pocket after my discounts) and have been unable to add the Jar Opener to my order (G106). I remember reading a couple of weeks ago someone else was having this...
  2. P

    Help with Past Host Specials

    I hope someone can help me with this. I have a friend who had a show with my Director in April. A neighbor of hers decided to become a consultant and the Director gave her the the other show that was booked from that party. It was to have been in July, but.... No one ever had that show. Now...
  3. P

    Question about host specials

    I have a question, I know that a past host gets the host specials at any shows booked at her party for 6 months, but what if the party was not booked from her party and is still within the 6 month time period is she/he still able to receive that discount. Thanks for the help, I'm kind of new to...
  4. D

    Question about September Specials

    I am confused about the Guest special for September. I have been really talk up this promotion, and then I just got to thinking. When the guests purchase the "Special", do those sales go towards the "Guest Sales". I'm hoping that it benefits the Host as much as the Guest. Can someone please...
  5. L

    Hostess Specials

    Since I just signed my contract to be a consultant on Saturday morning, I wanted to be sure that I had my facts straight prior to sending out a flyer. I do believe I have this correct, but want to make sure..... Client hosts a party in September and gets the hostess special. They have...
  6. D

    Sept-Nov specials

    I thought I would share a flyer I made. It's my first and a little plain but hopefully I will get better. :) I just like the idea of having three months on one flyer so ppl can choose which months special they like best and book for that month.
  7. C

    September Specials

    There was a great flyer out there titled "Do You Love a Bargain" - and it helps current hosts to get bookings for the next three upcoming months by touting their ability to purchase the upcoming Host Bonuses at their friends shows -- problem is, does ANYONE have the details on the Sept host...
  8. janel kelly

    Septembers specials

    I was told what Septembers host and guest special is, but am not sure how true it is. Can I post it to ask or is that something I have to wait after conferences to ask?
  9. C

    Question about monthly specials

    I had a show the end of June and intended to close it for June so I could get the charm and the 50$ in freebies but my flaky host wouldn't answer her phone last night so I didn't get to close it. Anyway seems as though she really wanted the July specials and not the June specials. She wants to...
  10. K

    Recruiting Specials?

    HI Everyone! I have 2 women who want to sign up with PC...one wants to sign up next month, the other not until July/August. When I signed up in February, there was a sign up special for free cookware if I met my SSM1. I was able to meet the requirments and thought it was great! I was...
  11. D

    Monthly host specials

    Hi...I was wondering if anyone could help me! I am just starting PC and I was wondering if I was able to buy the host specials, if the show I am doing was booked from my own show. See, I had my own show in April and I decided to start PC. The bookings that I got from my own show, came to me for...