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What is kam: Definition and 51 Discussions

  1. chefjeanine

    What Are the Specials for May on These Flyers?

    Kathleen,Here are the specials for May. Thanks for working on the flyers!
  2. chefjeanine

    April 2020 Host & Guest Specials

    Kathleen,Sorry I'm so late with posting this.Thanks for all your efforts in making me and others look great!Jeanine
  3. chefjeanine

    February 2020 Specials for Kathleen: Discounts, Deals, and More!

    Kathleen,Here are the February files.
  4. chefjeanine

    What are the current specials at your online store?

    Kathleen,Here are the latest specials
  5. dannyzmom

    March 2018 Kam Kam Specials: Save on Delicious Dishes!

    Kam here are the specials for March 2018
  6. dannyzmom

    Discover November Specials at KAM: Check Out the Latest Flyers!

    Here are the November specials KAM! :)
  7. dannyzmom

    Kam - Here Are the Feb 2017 Host and Guest Specials

    Thank you for working your magic each month <3
  8. dannyzmom

    Kam - Here Are the Nov 2016 Guest & Host Specials

    They were just posted the other day so here they are :) Thanks, as always, for all that you do!
  9. dannyzmom

    Kam - Here Are the Feb 2016 Guest & Host Specials

    Kam - here are the host & guest specials flyers for Feb
  10. dannyzmom

    Kam - Here Are the December Specials

    Kam, Here are the Dec 2015 guest and host specials for your flyers - thanks so much! :)
  11. dannyzmom

    Kam - Here Are the November Specials

    Here are the guest & host specials Kam so you can make your awesome flyers! xoxo Thanks, as always!
  12. dannyzmom

    Kam! Here Are the August Specials

  13. babywings76

    Kam, September Guest Special Only?

    Hey Kam, I have a favor to ask...not sure if you are able to do this or will see it in time. I have a host doing a catalog show and she wants me to send her the guest special, but for it to be a list of all the items that are included in the Sept. guest special, and maybe 2 to a page, or 4 even...
  14. dannyzmom

    Kam - Jan Host/Guest Fillable? Has It Been Posted Yet?

    For whatever reason I always tend to miss when the host/guest fillable gets posted and it's always the one I need the most and use the most. Has it been posted and I just overlooked it again?
  15. N

    Effortlessly Print Host and Guest on One Page: Adobe Tips from Kam

    I know you emailed me once before about how to print the host and guest on one page in Adobe (in the print menu), but I forgot...can you tell me again how to save it and and print it so that I have them both on one page, or if the host special is two pages, how to print them both on one page in...
  16. cookingwithlove

    KAM: Addicting Fun for Everyone!

    Anyone make one up yet? I guess I mean KAM ;)! You have my whole team addicted to them.
  17. dannyzmom

    Kam - Has June Host/Guest Fillable Been Posted Yet?

    I have dug around but can't find it - thanks!
  18. N

    Kam or Someone Please Remind Me How

    to print the host and guest specials up on one page? i remember how to shrink them to 50% (2 to a page)...but then I forget...can you help me remember? Thanks!
  19. ChefCKHall

    April Host Letter: Join the Bandwagon with Kam!

    Yes, I have been jumping on your lovely host letter bandwagon that you make for Carolyn! Have you done one for April yet? May I humbly request?? LOVE, CK
  20. dannyzmom

    Hey Kam! March Is up Can You Update the Flyers?

    March specials are announced - the CN just came up today. Kam, when you have a sec, can you update the host letter & host/guest fillable for March and the three-column one you do? Thank you SO SO SO SO SO SO much!! And why hasn't HO put you on payroll yet...
  21. dannyzmom

    Kam? Do You Have the Dec/Jan/Feb Flyer Done Yet?

    I looked thru the files and didn't see it but I may have missed it... Thanks in advance!
  22. C

    Thanks to Kam & Everyone: Jan. Host Letter Appreciation

    Was there a Jan. host letter made? Kam does SUCH a great job. I really appreciate her and everyone else who works hard to make these great tools for us here. :D
  23. dannyzmom

    Kam, Can You Please Update Feb's Host Letter?

    Hey Kam! Not sure if yo can do it from a scanned version of the flyer but since they mailed out feb's specials in the Marketing Guide and I am hoping to score some Feb bookings this weekend...if you are able, could you update this letter for me? Thanks so much! xox
  24. dannyzmom

    Can You Help with Host Materials for Jan & Feb 2011?

    Can you do the host/guest flyers and the host letters for Jan & Feb when you have a sec? Believe it or not I am already booking both months! My 2011 is FULL. I've attached last year's host letters.
  25. dannyzmom

    Kam? Is There a Dec Host/Guest Flyer

    Hey Kam! I am putting together host packets for my Dec shows and can't recall if you've already posted a Dec Host/Guest flyer or not - I have searched and can't find one? Help please? :)
  26. dannyzmom

    Hey Kam - Dec Host Letter Please?

    Hey Kam!! Thanks for getting the Oct Nov Dec Fillable up so quickly - you rock!! Can you update the host letter for me please?
  27. dannyzmom

    Kam - Can You Update This Dec Host Letter Please?

    Hey Kam - can you update last year's Dec host letter to reflect this year's specials? Thanks so much, as always, for all that you do!
  28. S

    Kam, Did You Do Oct Host/Gues Fillable File?

    I searched and searched and can't find an Oct Host and Guest special flyer. Have you arlready created one? Thanks so much for your amazing flyers Kam!
  29. dannyzmom

    Have You Seen the Nov Host/Guest Flyer Yet?

    Have you had a chance to make the Nov Host/ Guest flyer?