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What is flyer: Definition and 200 Discussions

  1. chef4u2

    Mini-Catty's for Live Parties: Tips & Advice

    Is anyone still making the mini-catty's? I used to prefer using these when I did live parties and now that I have a live party coming up, eeek! I was looking to see if there was one in here. :) Or are there other flyers that you are using these days that you like better??TIA for any help!
  2. Paula B

    Need an AprMayJun2018 Flyer? Look No Further!

    Looking for an AprMayJun2018 flyer. Thanks
  3. Julie Henne

    Get Ready for the New Year with Our Jan-Feb-March Flyer | Join Our Group Today!

    Could someone post a flyer for Jan, Feb. , March all in one? Im not seeing one & am new to the group. TIA!!
  4. ChefRiGuy

    What Should Be Included in a Real Estate Agent's New Homeowner Welcome Packet?

    I have looked through thread after thread (maybe I am missing it) But I am looking for some examples or ideas for a flyer that a successful realtor friend of mine can put into her new homeowner welcome packets. I am thinking it would include my contact info, some sort of coupon, a recipe...
  5. Rochelle

    Need a 2017 Real Estate Flyer for Closing Gifts?

    I'm looking for a flyer I can give to real estate agents to encourage them to order their closing gifts from me. Does someone have this with new 2017 products?
  6. C

    Has Anyone Created the 3 Month Host/Guest Special Flyer Yet?

    Has anyone made the 3 month at a glance host/guest special flyer yet with April, May and June? If so could you please share. Thanks!
  7. K

    May 2017 Help Whip Cancer Items. Flyer?

    I can not find a flyer for May 2017 Help whip cancer items. Does anyone have one?
  8. kam

    May Specials & Mini-Catty Flyer

    Here are the flyers updated with the May specials.Update: I just added the mini-catty flyer.
  9. kam

    March Specials & Spring Product Reveal Flyer

    I have attached the flyers updated with the March specials! I will revise them with the secret specials once released.NOTE: I updated the mini-catty flyer with the spring product reveal.Thanks!
  10. byrd1956

    Where to Find Life Tastes Great Flyer Online

    Has anyone found the Life Tastes Great flyer on the website? I would like to use parts for pics. Hoping to be able to see the back online.
  11. K

    Urgent Discontinued Items: Create a Flyer!

    anyone make a flyer with the discontinued items.
  12. C

    Discover Fresh Summer Products with Our Trifold Flyer | Get Your Copy Now!

    Would someone kindly consider emailing me a copy of trifold flyer for the Salad in a Jar products. I only need one copy and have to order 25 to get one! Wish they would give the option on the website to print one but they didn't. Thanks in advance. My email is [email protected].
  13. byrd1956

    Recipes for Kitchen Spritzer: A Flyer

    Does anyone have a flyer of recipes for the kitchen spritzer?
  14. pcgogetter

    Retiring Products Flyer: Discover the Latest Must-Haves

    Anyone have a flyer for the latest retiring products?
  15. KatieLu

    Welcome to the Neighborhood Flyer for Dec.

    I'm using this as an insert that will go in with the Holiday gift bundles flyer. It is editable to fit your needs.
  16. S

    Get Ready for the Holidays with Our 2015 Flyer - Limited Time Offer!

    Good afternoon,I'm looking for something that maybe someone has already done with the new holiday flyer. I haven't gotten mine yet and am handing out things tonight for Halloween and would like to include a copy of the new holiday flyer. All the help would be greatly appreciated.Thank you
  17. babywings76

    Updated Well Stocked Kitchen Flyer?

    Does anyone have an updated flyer? Or something else to help a bride make her wish list?
  18. byrd1956

    Is the Neighborhood Flyer Updated and Ready to Use?

    I found this on here and updated it. Can anyone look at it to see if I need to do anymore tweaking?
  19. byrd1956

    Does Anyone Have a Flyer for This?

    I am looking for an introduction flyer to put in bags at an event. There are too many bags to put the mini catalogs in and I would rather pass them out at my booth.
  20. baychef

    Flyer With Items That Are Not in the Catalog

    Hi there, Probably not much request for this but the items that are not pictured in the catalog are marked on the catalog index, but don't believe many customers will comb through it to see what is not in the catalog. It's not fancy but it is Microsoft Word and hopefully you can make it your own.