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  1. chef4u2


    Is anyone still making the mini-catty's? I used to prefer using these when I did live parties and now that I have a live party coming up, eeek! I was looking to see if there was one in here. :) Or are there other flyers that you are using these days that you like better?? TIA for any help!
  2. P

    Help - I need a bridal show flyer

    Hey Gals It would just so happen that my Pampered Bride flyers have not arrived yet and I'm in serious need of a flyer for Pampered Bride. I have a host who is trying to sell the idea to some people she works with. I've tried explaining it to the host, but she's not getting it. I'm worried...
  3. I

    Need SPANISH flyer about the business

    Does anyone have a spanish flyer that offers the business in simple terms about income opportunity (the earn $300-500 a month) or apron in 5 sizes one that you can share please? Susan :)
  4. Cindycooks

    Good Flyer???

    What do you think? My daughter is an RN and her pediatric office is doing a fundraiser sorta thing on Saturday afternoon with donations going to the Red Cross. They are having a car seat safety clinic, kids fingerprinting, face painting and raffle for free car seat & booster seat. They are...
  5. D

    Round Up From the Heart Flyer

    Does anyone have a flyer describing the Round Up from the Heart program? I thought this would be a wonderful thing to put into my catalog show packets, to try and encourage others to give to those in need. Thanks so much. :)
  6. K

    Cookware flyer?

    I was just reading on some other posts about having a cookware flyer in your booking binders. Is this a flyer you made up or one you can get through PC? I checked on the last supply order form and didn't see it listed there. Can anyone post a copy of this? Thanks!
  7. C

    Hurricane Matching Flyer

    Got this from my director in an email...thought I should share. Have a great day, Sandy
  8. C

    Mystery Host Flyer for Fall

    I just made this my first flier. Tall me what you think. :)
  9. S

    Catalog show flyer

    Hello everyone, last week i got a flyer off this site that had the shipping prices on the botton and you could include it in your catalog show packet can anyone help me out Michelle
  10. P

    Mini brochure Flyer insert

    I created these two flyers to use in the mini brochure going out to past guests who ordered the 9x13 rectangle baker and the Family Size skillet. I needed to limit to these two groups otherwise I would have been sending out way more than I could follow up on. Use 'em, alter 'em, edit 'em to...
  11. C

    ISO "Gifts Under $25-30" flyer

    Does anyone have a "Gifts Under...." flyer? I'd hate to recreate the wheel. If I don't hear anything, I'll create one and post when I'm done. Thanks, Sandy
  12. C

    Hey crafty flyer creaters!

    I need a crafty invitation/flyer for my up-coming "Desprate Housewives" party. I have absolutely NO computer skills, so I need some help making something "eye-catching". I know that the people here in Chefsuccess know how to make my dream of an awsome invite come true! Thanks in advance! :)
  13. K

    Booking flyer for show

    I cannot take complete credit for this flyer, I combined a few I found here, I think! It is a great flyer to include in my folder for my Kitchen shows. I hope you enjoy! I have put it as a .pdf file so everyone can see it but I did take my contact info of the back so you can stamp it if you...
  14. N

    Neighborhood Flyer

    I Was Wondering If Anyone Has Ever Put A Flyer On There Neighbor's Door Saying That They Are A Pc Consultant And That If They Are Intersted In Booking A Show To Earn Free Productto Call Or Stop By? And If You Have Had Good Sucess! And What Did Your Flyer Say! Thanks In Advance!
  15. S

    Need Canadian Fundraiser Flyer - Help!

    I am urgently working to get a fundraising packet out to my daughter's school. I really want to get it in the hands of the Principal by monday, and I don't have a recent flyer, I just reactivated and know that if I wait to order them, they'll choose to do a different fundraiser. If any...
  16. C

    Need help with flyer for roaster!!!

    I have an idea to offer a discount on Roaster at my own (consultant) September show. I want to add the picture on page 40 on new catalog (bottom yellow aquare box) to my flyer. I am having touble getting the box only. Does anyone have this picture on disk that they can post. I am trying to...
  17. T

    Flyer to include in fundraising packet

    Hi Everyone! This is my first post to this website so I do hope it works. I've been lurking around on this website for weeks now and absolutely love it. Thanks everyone for all your help. I was trying to drum up so new fundraising business and I was wondering if anyome had a flyer/letter that...
  18. S

    "Grand Opening" flyer?

    Hi everyone! for my first show I want to do a "grand opening" of my business kitchen show. Has anyone tried this? Does anyone have a flyer or invite I could see? My creative juices are definatley NOT flowing! I may just take a break and work on my business cards and labels and come back...
  19. Q

    $1000 show flyer for host

    Hi- I thought I have seen a flyer posted here for a $1000 show to put in our host packets. I looked all over and can't find one. I would like to give my Host ideas on what they can do to reach that amount. If anyone has anything I would be greatful to see it. Thanks Nicole
  20. 8

    Sept. Flyer

    Hi! I am trying to put together a flyer for Sept. I would like to have an open house for the first time. With the stones been on sale I thought it would be a great time. Does anyone have one made or any ideas. I thought with it being so close to christmas it would be a good time for...
  21. N

    Looking For A Show Flyer

    Hi! I Hope Everyone Is Doing Great! I Have A Few Shows Book For Sept. And My Host Are Asking For A Flyer Stating The Date And Time Of There Show Instead Of Handing The Invite Cards To There Neighbor And Co-works! Any One Have A Flyer Like That! The Host Rather Give Out Flyers In Stead Of The...
  22. M

    Fall Flyer

    This is a flyer I created to highlight all of the host and guest specials available during the months that will be my Super Starters!! I am using it inside my show folders so that each guest gets to have a copy. Hopefully it will encourage some bookings!! This is my first flyer attempt... I...
  23. DZmom

    Retired Products Flyer

    :D Hey just thought y'all might like to use this too!! Printed on front and back of the page!
  24. P

    I would like to put up a flyer in my neighborhood that I just moved

    I would like to put up a flyer in my neighborhood that I just moved into about me being a new Pampered Chef consultant in the area. I don't know a lot of people in the area and thought that it would be a nice way to get some business. Does anyone have a flyer made up or any ideas they can share...
  25. C

    Need help woth 2 areas-website promoting and flyer idea for promoting gift register

    I am a new consultant. I have already done my website. One hostess as gotten 3 orders from it in 2 days and loves it. My question is how to ya'll promote your website. I have add a link in my email signauture and made the following label to put at bottom on pastcard invitations. "Online...
  26. C

    Open House Flyer

    I'm having tons of trouble coming up with an open house flyer. :confused: I need to get these sent out. Any ideas? Any open house ideas? Thought I'd have it from 10-3 serve brunch, light lunch, then ice cream creations. I've got a list of over 200 people to invite. I'm really excited about it...
  27. N

    Flyer for Neighbors

    I am wondering if anyone has any great ideas for a flyer/brochure to put together to hand out to my neighbors to let them know I am a PC Consultant. We have an Avon lady in our neighborhood who is always dropping things at my door and I occassionally order from her...so, maybe it could work for...
  28. S

    Friends & Family Sale - Flyer needed

    Hello, Does anyone have any flyers to advertise a Friends & Family Sale?
  29. W

    Flyer for neighborhood PChef party

    Hi, I've really enjoyed this site and was hoping to get some suggestions on a flyer I'm working on for my upcoming neighborhood Pchef party- (This will almost be my restart to the biz and my new area since I just moved here) Any suggestions would be appeciated- Whitney
  30. S

    Looking for flyer

    Does anyone have a Ladies Night Out flyer/invite that they could post or email to me - [email protected] Thanks, Angela