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What is neighborhood: Definition and 47 Discussions

  1. KatieLu

    Welcome to the Neighborhood Flyer for Dec.

    I'm using this as an insert that will go in with the Holiday gift bundles flyer. It is editable to fit your needs.
  2. byrd1956

    Is the Neighborhood Flyer Updated and Ready to Use?

    I found this on here and updated it. Can anyone look at it to see if I need to do anymore tweaking?
  3. N

    Neighborhood Flyers ... Mass Mailing Vs. Door 2 Door

    This September will be 3 years that I've moved into my first house. I of course thought everyone in the area will welcome me into the neighborhood but no one did but one. Here I am trying to make this work and today was the day where I was going to walk my dog around and hand out some...
  4. V

    Feedback on a Neighborhood No Orders Expected Show

    Before I through the towel in on my PC business, I would like to approach my neighbors. Someone suggested that I invite them to a "No Orders Expected" show. Has anyone had success with a "No Orders Expected" Show? I realize PC products sell themselves. Or, should I say it's an neighborhood...
  5. V

    Have you tried hosting a Neighborhood Catalog Party?

    I was wondering if anyone has distributed catalogs to their neighbors asking them if they would like to take part in a Neighborhood Catalog Party. I am having a difficult time booking parties and I though if I walk around the neighborhood distributing catalogs, I might get a better response...
  6. T

    Advertising in Your Neighborhood

    I was wondering if it's appropriate to let people in my neighborhood know that I am a PC consultant by putting mini-catalogs in their mailboxes with some info about booking a show, etc. Has anyone done this ? What else can I do? Thanks!
  7. EmilyStraw

    Throwing a Successful Neighborhood Party: Tips and Ideas

    I am thinking of having a neighborhood party in April. I want to make it a Mystery Host party and invite everyone in my neighborhood. What kind of party do you think it should be? I have done pretty well with the three cheese garden pizza and the strawberry amaretto pastries. Should I just stick...
  8. E

    Pampered Chef in Your Neighborhood Flyer?

    Does anyone have a flyer that lets people know there is a consultant in their neighborhood? Or do you have one that says welcome to the neighborhood?
  9. kisrae

    Welcome to the Neighborhood! [My] New Yard Sale.

    I was hoping someone could share a flyer announcing that I'm new to the neighborhood. I wanted to pass out something at a yard sale and maybe even to my neighbors. I have a great client base but thats over 100 miles away now. Any help would be great. Thanks!
  10. K

    Need a Neighborhood Flyer for a New Resident?

    I am meeting with one of my consultants today who is moving out of state. Does anyone have a flyer she can use to pass out to her new neighbors? Thanks!
  11. HealthNut

    Side Dish Needed for Neighborhood Party

    So tomorrow night is our neighborhood block party / get to know each other. Unfortunately I don't have any products to actually use, just yet - because my party is on Saturday and I'm signing up to be a consultant then - so my kit should be here a week 1/2 from then (I think)... Anyways - I...
  12. C

    Maximizing Success at a Neighborhood Yard Sale - Tips and Tricks

    We'll be participating in the Neighborhood yard sale April 23 & 24. Was planning on setting up a PC table too. Any Ideas on how to make the most of it? Have you done this and what was successful or not for you? Thanks for your comments, you all have the best ideas!
  13. C

    What Should I Include in My Neighborhood Flyer for Show Bookings?

    I would like to go around to my neighbors and surrounding homes to ask for possible show bookings. Does anyone have any ideas about what I should bring. Do I just bring a mini catalog or a regular catalog? Does anyone have a flyer I could use to explain to the neighbors who I am and what I am...
  14. L

    Where Can I Find a 'Welcome to the Neighborhood' Letter Template?

    Does anyone already have a letter or can direct me here on where to find a welcome to the neighborhood. I have new neighbors and would like to bring them a little something with an introduction letter. lorna
  15. P

    Neighborhood Flyer for March/April 2009?

    Does anyone have a neighborhood flyer for March/April 09 special? I want to let my apartment complex know I am here for them. :D Thank you, Melinda
  16. J

    Neighborhood Open House-- Good Idea????

    HI this is my 1st post, so let me know if I'm supposed to do anything differently! lol I need a boost to really get my business going & growing. I am doing a "group open house" with a friend you sells Tastefully Simply in mid-March, so that's a good opportunity. But here is what I'd like...
  17. B

    Just Moved/ New Neighborhood... Show?

    Okay, this will be lengthy, sorry... So I have recently moved about an hour and a half from where I was living/building my business, so my drives are LONG to get to shows, and I want to start building a customer base near my new home. My neighborhood is brand new, not completely built, and at...
  18. C

    When to Have the Best Show Attendance: Advice for Neighborhood Shows

    When are the best days for you to do your shows? I have been doing a lot on weekends, but then had a couple in the middle of the week, and had the best show attendance I've ever had!!! I am looking to do a neighborhood show at my house, and would like advice on which day to do it on. Which day...
  19. M

    Hosting a Show in a New Neighborhood: Tips for Consultants

    do you hit up your neighbors to do shows? I just moved here two months ago and we live on a long street. I was thinking of trying to do up a flyer or something letting them know I am a consultant. How do you get it to them though? Do you go door to door?
  20. texaschef

    Are Neighborhood Networks Worth It??

    I just got a solicitation for joining a Neighborhood Network in my city-for $115 a month. Is that too pricey? I have been doing this since Jan 08 so I don't have TONS of money.... The company gathers info for different businesses and make welcome bags for new residents of high price...
  21. A

    Meet Your New Consultant: A Letter to My Neighbors in [Neighborhood Name]"

    I'd like to send out a letter to all my neighbors so they know that they have a new consultant in the area. My question is...how do I get all the addresses? Do I need to go around and get them myself, or is there something at the post office that can help me?
  22. A

    Handing Out Catalogs in the Neighborhood?

    Hi, I am fairly new consultant, with only a few shows under my belt and I am really looking for a way to get my business going. I am going to put more effort into out of the box calls, to see if I can get some booking that way. Currenly I only have one show booked, but not until the end of...
  23. tabnat80

    Neighborhood Pampered Chef Party Advice Needed

    I live in a quant little subdivision. There are maybe 30 house in our neighborhood. Some of us know each other and some of us don't. I was thinking about hosting a pampered chef party at my house next month to come and meet your neighbors. Has anyone done this or have any advice. I've been...
  24. P

    Spread the Word: Find a Local Consultant with Our Neighborhood Flyer!

    Hi! Does anyone have a flyer to hand out to neighbors informing them that there is a consultant in the area? Thanks!
  25. C

    Cara's Pampered Chef Business: Need Fliers for Advertising in Neighborhood

    I am new to the PC business and want to advertise in my neighborhood any one have any fliers that they have made and i could borrow thanks cara
  26. P

    Anyone Ever Plan a Neighborhood Reunion?

    One of my old neighbors recently passed away and at the wake I ran into everyone from our old neighborhood, We were thinking of planning something for when one of our close friends was home from Montana. Well guess what she is here and I have yet to do anything. She is here until August 18...
  27. J

    Fruity Trifle Bowl Recipe for Neighborhood Party

    ok i have searched and searched and have looked at 100 triffle recipes but im not really finding what i am looking for. i am having a neighborhood party and want to make fruit in triffle bowl. I have never even made fruit salad so that is why i am having a problem. i was thinking of just...
  28. TerraOB83

    What Should I Put in a Welcome to the Neighborhood Gift Basket?

    Just a few days ago a couple moved into the neighborhood and I was thinking of making them a small gift basket as kinda like a "Welcome to the neighborhood" but Im not sure what to put into it. TIA Terra
  29. J

    Planning a Neighborhood Scene It Party!

    hi everyone, i had an arbone consultant that lives in my neighborhood call and ask if i want to do a neighborhood party together. i was planning on doing a neighborhood bunco party in march but instead i am going to do a party with her. so i was trying to think of something that might get...
  30. PampMomof3

    What Should I Showcase at a Very Rich Neighborhood Show?

    Hey! I have a show today at 11 am at a VERY RICH neighborhood and I'm going to be making the Clubhouse Chicken Squares and Turtle Fudge Skillet Cake. Well, I know that a lot of these women don't cook (I guess I shouldn't say that, they could) so I plan on showing off Simple Addi+ions, cookware...