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What is yard: Definition and 34 Discussions

  1. M

    Help School Pta Yard Sale - Table (Less Than 2 Weeks Away)

    I need some help. My son's PTA is doing a Yard Sale/booth event Oct 5. I am trying to decide the best business route to take with my booth. The past 2 yard sales, I have displayed and raffled items and tried taking orders. I didn't have the extra money to purchase 'cash n carry' type items and...
  2. C

    Has Anyone Ever Done a Booth at a Yard Sale?

    I am setting up a table at a yard sale fundraiser in June from 7 am til 2 pm. Does anyone have some display ideas? I'm thinking of filling the Cool 'n Serve with veggies, fruit & dips; possibly making salsa in the MFP; I will defintely have the DCB; June special totes and signage. Any other...
  3. kisrae

    Welcome to the Neighborhood! [My] New Yard Sale.

    I was hoping someone could share a flyer announcing that I'm new to the neighborhood. I wanted to pass out something at a yard sale and maybe even to my neighbors. I have a great client base but thats over 100 miles away now. Any help would be great. Thanks!

    Having a Yard Sale This Weekend... What Should I Put Out?

    I just purchsed a new house in a brand new (for me) small town. I've been here since March so it's time to have a yard sale. So Saturday is the day. I want to put out a table or info to draw people in to book a show. My van has a decal so the neighbors know I'm a consultant. I've even gotten...
  5. C

    Maximizing Success at a Neighborhood Yard Sale - Tips and Tricks

    We'll be participating in the Neighborhood yard sale April 23 & 24. Was planning on setting up a PC table too. Any Ideas on how to make the most of it? Have you done this and what was successful or not for you? Thanks for your comments, you all have the best ideas!
  6. babywings76

    Vista Print Banner and Yard Sign

    I took a picture of these to share since a few people were curious about the quality. I'm sorry about the look of the banner. I had it rolled up and so it's still has the bumps in it. I took a picture of the corner of it, so you can see how on mine some barcode thing got printed on it...
  7. N

    Booth at a Community "Yard" Sale

    I have signed up to do a booth at a community yard sale at our local minor league baseball park. The cost was only $25 so I couldn't pass it up. I went to this event last year and there were consultants from a couple of other direct sales companies there. Here are my questions.....What...
  8. J

    Question on "Online Yard Sale" Sales

    I have a quick question that I am not sure how to put. I have my company listed on a "yard sale" website. I know now that I wasn't supposed to, but it was 3 months old and I am still fairly new to this. I was contacted by HO and I took the ad off immediately. I had forgotten that is was...
  9. M

    Yard Sale Success: Get Leads & Ideas for New Vendors!

    I'm going to be setting up a table at a yard sale that gets tons of traffic next weekend (the 19th-20th of June) and need some ideas on how to get some leads!I was thinking of giving something away and using door prize slips for people to enter a drawing. I was going to do something like a...
  10. hmolah

    Is the Pampered Chef Yard Flag Suitable for High-End Condo Communities?

    I wasn't sure where to post about this, but has anyone or does anyone own the PC yard flag from Merrill? It is the garden flag that hangs from the metal pole? I'm just wondering as I've recently ordered it, and while it hasn't arrived yet, I'm already second-guessing my purchase. We live in a...
  11. B

    Cherokee Co. N. Georgia Pampered Chef Yard Sign - $20, Local Pickup Ideal

    I have for sale a really sturdy PC Yard Sign that I had custom made. I am not sure about shipping charges, but if you are interested I can find out. I would like to get $20 for this sign as it is really nice and I paid $45 for it. Local pick up would be ideal due to the weight and size... I...
  12. N

    Booth at Relay for Life Yard Sale

    I just followed up with a team captain for a Relay For Life team. I approached them about a fundraiser with PC and they loved the idea. They were going to have a yard sale to raise money as well. They thought it would be great if I set up a table/booth at their yard sale. I thought maybe I could...
  13. pampchef.angel

    How Can You Effectively Market Your Business at a Neighborhood Yard Sale?

    I live in a neighborhood that is on a one mile circle...picture it like a lollipop, the entering street is the stick and the homes are around the candy :) Anyway, we are having a huge neighborhood yard sale tomorrow and I feel that it could be a wonderful opportunity to expose my business...
  14. C

    Hearty Main Dish for a Yard Party: Latin-Influenced Ideas

    I have a host coming up that would like a fast, hearty main dish with minimal cooking. I suggested the Satay Pasta Salad, but he doesn't like Thai food, and said it's not popular in their neighborhood. He said they're all black and Latino, and would like the food to be hearty, and maybe a little...
  15. Intrepid_Chef

    Inferior Cooking Materials Yard Sale

    As many of you know, I have a lot of stuff coming to my doorstep tomorrow ... including a set of cookware. I REALLY need to unload some of my old stuff, and I don't want to pitch or give to Freecycle unless I have to. Of course, my REAL purpose will be to let people know I found a better...
  16. T

    Looking for Merrill's Yard Flag with Black Rod Iron Holder?

    I am looking for a yard flag that Merrill carried as a reward for a consultant. It had a black rod iron holder that looked as if you put it in your flower bed and the flage was about 12 x 12... guessing. If you have one and would to get rid of it, please let me know. Thanks.
  17. OhmyDLM

    Goodies/Refreshments for Yard Sale

    Does anyone have any good suggestions for something cheap and EASY that I could make for a refreshment stand at a yard sale? I have a sale planned this weekend and we are to have extremely hot weather for this area. I thought I could make up some goodies and have them in individual baggies...
  18. S

    Yard Sale Pampered Chef Booth: Have You Tried It? Ideas Welcome!

    I am having a yard sale this weekend and a friend of mine asked if I will be setting up a PC booth...I never even thought of that. I think I am going to set up a small card table with some PC info - you never know who you will meet and it's FREE! Has anyone else done anything like this or have...
  19. KellARooni

    Scam Alert: Yard Sale Pampered Chef Consultant offering Recruiting Deals

    I was out yard saling this morning and happened to run into a PC consultant. MY DBF and I were looking at the items she had and he mentions to me "Isn't this the stuff you are thinking about selling"...She was all over me like syrup on hotcakes when she heard that! She tried to explain to me...
  20. A

    Can we sell discounted products at our yard sale for the PTSA fundraiser?

    I have a yard sale coming up for our local Highschool, the cost of the table/booth goes to the PTSA for there after-prom party. I was wondering if we are allowed to sell products at a discount or if they have to be priced for what they are in the catalog? I have a couple things that are in our...
  21. pattidailey

    Where Can I Buy Affordable Yard Signs for Advertising?

    Have a question for you all.... While I was out of town for a few days in the city I noticed all the yard advertising signs all over the place.....so I got to thinking why not make a few for my PC biz?? Does anyone know of a place where those yard signs can be purchased and personalized? I have...
  22. PurpleAngel

    Can Yard Signs Increase Bookings for Pampered Chef Consultants?

    I was looking out on the Merrill website and saw they have yard signs and sidewalk flags with the PC logo... Does anyone have either one of these...do they generate any more bookings/orders?:confused:
  23. Intrepid_Chef

    How Can I Have a Really Good Yard Sale?

    I've heard a lot of people say they had a yard sale to raise money for National Conference. I've also seen people on Clean Sweep make HUNDREDS of dollars selling their junk. Every yard sale I've ever had has been a flop and barely paid for my time, let alone the ad. Has anyone done this...
  24. cwinter474

    Do You Have a Sign in Your Yard? Pampered Chef Ideas & Suggestions

    Just wondering, does anyone have a sign in their yard saying that they sell PC, or maybe a take one now catalog box in their yard. My Avon lady has a sign in her yard, simply says "AVON" and her phone number. Says she gets alot of drive by sells and calls. I'm wondering do you have a...
  25. M

    Remember Yard Sale Part 1 ? This Is the Sequel -- Tons of New Stuff!

    Okay -- I am stepping my business back a big step to go back to school in January. So everything must go! Everything is at least 50% off what I paid -- most significantly under that! It includes marketing materials, logo wear and more! Since I have items still in the catalog, you'll...
  26. M

    Looking for great deals at our moving yard sale?

    We are moving and I am cleaning out my office! PC training tools: (Belinda Ellsworth, Julie Weitz, Eileen Meckley) Clothing/Accessories: (Shirts/sweatshits, purses, etc.) Paperwork (ordered waaayyy too much for fall!) Products: (current products -- NIB) Email me at [email protected]...
  27. B

    Help a Teenager Out: Reasonable Pay for Yard Work?

    What would be a reasonable amount to offer a teenager to pull weeds and do other simple yard work? Due to health issues (and a dh that can't see the need to do more than mow the lawn out there - lol) I am getting overgrown here and I need help! It is getting so bad that I am embarrassed to...
  28. C

    Are You Ready for the World's Longest Yard Sale?

    Hi all! I am just curious as to whether anyone else is going to the World's Longest Yard Sale this weekend (August 2 - 5)? My friends and I are going. This is the second time for me, but some of them are on their seventh trip. I plan on looking for a pair of Pampered Chef Onion Goggles. I...
  29. M

    Yard Sale Success: What Has Worked for You?

    I am having a yard sale next weekend and was just wondering. Has anyone tried putting out a table, etc to help get bookings/sales? Can you tell me what worked for you? Thanks!
  30. ivykeep

    How Can I Successfully Set Up My Booth at the Community Yard Sale?

    I booked a booth at a community yard sale (huge event at the Community College and advertised in the Baltimore Sun) -- my slot is RIGHT next to the main entrance so almost everyone will walk by. Last year they had something like 5000+ people come through. Members of the community buy yard sale...