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What is deals: Definition and 82 Discussions

  1. DebPC

    Discover Minneapolis: Sizzle's Guide to Great Deals & Activities!

    Just got the email that Sizzle is in Minneapolis! Love that town- my daughter lives there and writes a daily blog on great deals on great things to do. It's a great choice!
  2. R

    Saving Money ... Use Coupons and Price Match for the Best Deals!!

    Oh, and one last thing .. go grocery shopping on your own .. I have found that when I take my kids or my husband .. the bill gets bigger!!
  3. M

    Brand New Kitchen Items - Unused - Great Deals!

    I am currently debating on wether to hang up my apron or not. In the meantime I have a few Items in stock that I will not need or use. They are all brand new still packaged. Salad/berry spinner- $40 Large cutting board with juice wells-$25 cutting board (item 1012) -$12 Classic batter...
  4. babywings76

    Mini Kit: What Comes With It & Re-Signing Deals

    Can someone remind me what all comes with the mini kit (aside from the products)? If someone signs by the end of this month, will they get 1/2 S/S and 1/2 F/W catalogs? Can they use the kit credit coupon towards the purchase of a mini kit? Also, I've been asked this a lot...
  5. wadesgirl

    Shopping for Market Tote: Find Great Deals with No Shipping!

    My niece forgot to order the market tote on her show last month. I'm looking for one (preferably new) but at a good price. I feel bad because she should have got it at her discount and without paying shipping otherwise I would just put an individual order in.
  6. P

    Director September Travel: Finding the Best Hotel Deals

    ok, so I have been debating about going in September. But, now I have a bunch of people on the brink of TL and D promotions so I am going. in the past which hotels have been used?
  7. J

    Shop Home Decor & Kitchenware: Great Deals!

    New items 8 inch unglazed mini baker $10 Taupe Glazed Mini Baker $15 White Glazed Mini Baker $15 Set of 4 Cranberry Petite Squares $7 Set of 2 Striped Small Square Simple Additions Bowls $15 Set of 4 Colored Simple Additions Small Square Simple Additions Bowls $20 Dots Martini Glasses...
  8. P

    Director Anyone Do "Deals" at Their Shows?

    what are you doing for spring. Have done a $99 deal witht he baker, baker cookbook, 2 rubs and a SB for a while and want to freshen it up
  9. P

    Director Cheap Recognition Ribbons: Finding the Deals You Need

    There was a website I found that sold great recognition ribbons like the ones we could get on Merrill....but cheaper. Does anyone know what I'm talking about?
  10. pchefjaime

    Couponing Community: Join & Share Secrets & Deals!

    I just created a group on here for couponers. I hope some will join and we can learn/trade any secrets and great deals!!!:)
  11. T

    Save 40%: Unbelievable Deals on Necessities!

    OMG! I wish my recruiter had told me about this. I can get 40% off on things i need!!! This is amazing. I wasted my money the past two orders!
  12. wadesgirl

    Shop Pampered Chef: Best Deals & Offers on Products!

    Please PM me, do not post here I may not see it right away. If you want to see any pictures let me know. Prices do not include shipping. Unless someone wants to explain how to accept PayPal payments where I can get the money without having to pay any charges I will only accept checks or money...
  13. chef131doreen

    Great Deals on Pampered Chef Gear - 80% Catalog Under $20!

    Hi I have some Team members getting people that say that PC is very expensive, I know seen a flyer in the past that says something like 80 % of the catalog is under 20.00 does anyone have that ???? Thanks
  14. O

    Amazing Deals on Southwest Airfare to Chicago and Cleveland!

    Hi I just checked Southwest's website and their airfare's to Chicago really went down. I am going to call and see if I can change and save even more!!! Fares to and from Cleveland Oh are $74.00!!! Amazing!!:eek:
  15. NooraK

    Get Free Uploads & 100 Postcards at Vistaprint for Your HWC Celebration!

    I have an email that says uploads are free, and I can get 100 postcards for free. I've uploaded the HWC postcard Joy designed, but now I can't get it to do the 100 postcards in that design. Does anyone know how to combine these two deals? I wanted to use them as invitations to a HWC...
  16. Dutchess

    Pampered Chef - Email Me For Sales & Shipping Deals!

    to anything that has Pampered Chef on it and want to advertise my business in every way possible. If you are selling anything please email me about it. I love the flat rate boxes to save on shipping!! :balloon::balloon::balloon::balloon::balloon:
  17. W

    Looking for Used Lapboards - Great Deals Await!

    Looking to purchase some lapboards to use at shows for catalogs and orderforms. Just starting out so hoping to find a deal on some used ones that aren't being used anymore :) Don't care if thery are all the same color or not. Thanks!
  18. wadesgirl

    Getting the Best Deals on Merrill's 20% Off Sale

    I was checking out some of the items on Merrill's 20% off sale. Some of the products featured on the page do not allow you to put in the special code. Anyone know of any other way to get their promo code to work? I really didn't want to have to call them but I will if I have to!
  19. melindag

    Super Bowl Sale Roundup: See Who's Offering Deals!

    who all is running a super bowl sale? Please share what you are doing!
  20. L

    Find a Monthly Outlet Newsletter: Get the Latest Deals Here!

    Does anyone have a outlet newsletter they send to their customers? One showing all the items featured that month. I use to but the person I buy my monthly newsletters from no longer do and out email. Please help!!
  21. chef-kina

    HWC Products Prices: Find the Best Deals Here!

    Does anyone have a list with the HWC products prices? I have a set of the cups/plates and customer wants to buy them but I honestly don't remember how much they cost me and on ebay they are overpriced, I think. Thanks!
  22. rbvernon

    Shop My Home - Get Great Deals on Unwanted Items!

    I need to get rid of a couple of items. I'm tired of seeing them on my self. Does not include shipping. Send me an email ( [email protected] ) for a list of items!!! This is all for now; but I will go though my stuff to see what I no longer want. Will add to the list later.
  23. lacychef

    Time to Clean Out My Storage Closet" - Shop Great Deals Now!

    Time to clean out my storage closet, & hopefully make some extra cash for conference:) All items are new in package unless otherwise noted. All items are retired, and are approximately 40-50% off retail, at least. (out of OLD books, so I'm guessing on a few) Please EMAIL ME, since I don't check...
  24. J

    Exciting Disney Trip: Father's Day Ideas & Sea World Deals

    We will be flying to Disney in a couple of weeks for my DDs first trip to see the big mouse. We are very excited as you may guess. Does anyone know if Sea World has any discount coupons? I see their website offers adults get in the price for kids but that is still $60ish per person. Is it...
  25. L

    Earth Day Sale: Find a Flyer/Email for Bamboo Deals!

    I know someone asked this before, but I can't find the thread. Is anyone doing an "Earth Day" sale? I'm looking for a flyer/email (I'm computer challenged) for a one day sale, featuring the Bamboo. Can anyone help me out?
  26. WLMcCoy

    Unbeatable Deals: Share & Save with Friends!

    My friends & I are big money-savers, coupon clippers, & sample snatchers. They are always sending me coupons/websites to get free samples. I love getting good deals, & you can't beat free. When I find great deal, I love to pass it on so everyone can take advantage.. So I am dedicating this...
  27. C

    What are the current airfare deals for flights to Florida on Airtran?

    Hi all! I just booked my conference trip at Airtran. Last year those who were flying on Sunday paid about $250.00; I just bought my ticket for $157.20! I am so excited. Rates will not be cheaper than that. Of course, with Airtran if the rate goes down, you get a credit.
  28. S

    Organizing Your Stoneware: Tips, Photos, & Deals!

    I noticed this under the product reviews. It says something about keeping your stoneware organized. Does someone have more info and maybe a pic? And if I decide I need one, anyone offerign one for sale?
  29. ChefJWarren

    Great Deals on Denim & Patriotic Aprons!

    I have 2 denim and 1 patriotic apron I would like to sell. Denims are used, but in like new condition. Patriotic still in package. Denim $8 for both Patriotic $7 Plus shipping.
  30. scottcooks

    White Sale & New Year Deals at My Website!

    Am hoping :sing: to nudge some January 1st-8th sales with the following email I BCC'ed to my customers... ---------------------+-------------------------+----------------------- Thank You for your business over the past year! Please know that my wife, I and the kids are wishing you the...