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What is world: Definition and 45 Discussions

  1. dingie70

    Ready to Dive Back into Pampered Chef? Let's Do It!

    Long time customer , two time consultant , bad timing on my part....ready for it this time around ,,,,, NO TRYING . ..JUST DOING
  2. byrd1956

    What sauces are considered out of this world?

    A guest for a party has posted on the fb party page she is wishing for the new blue micro-cookers. She says she hears some of the new sauces are out of this world. So would she be talking about a sauce recipe?? or which of our sauces would you say are out of this world? I would love to be...
  3. DebPC

    Explore the Fascinating World of Nature

  4. Sheila

    Director I Hear It's a Small World! Lol

    I hear it's a small world! LOL
  5. winklermom

    What's Your Favorite Resort Hotel in Disney World?

    We haven't been to Disney World since our honeymoon almost 23 years ago! Our children have never been. We are considering this as an option for our family vacation this year and I'm looking to do an all-inclusive package. What's your favorite resort within Disney and what are some things that...
  6. A

    Sea World Trip: How Far from Disney and What to Do?

    we're thinking about going to Sea World on 1 of the extra days that we're there.....I've never been so I'm wondering for anyone who's gone or lives down there.....what do you suggest? 1 park or 2??? **do you know how far it is from Disney? TIA! Anne
  7. I

    Looking for Patches From Around the World

    I posted this on CS, but since I know some of you aren't over there I thought I'd post here too! My sister works on Langley Air Force base in Hampton, VA and 3 of their families lost everything this past weekend in a fire. One of the men never wanted to tell his kids when he got deployed that...
  8. iteachurkid

    Looking for Patches From Around the World

    Hey everyone! My sister works on Langley Air Force base in Hampton, VA and 3 of their families lost everything this past weekend in a fire. One of the men never wanted to tell his kids when he got deployed that "daddy has to go fight in a war" so he always told them "daddy has to go make a...
  9. meabrat

    Get Ready to Join the Consultant World: Tips & Info!

    I am very excited I just signed up on line. I cant wait to get my kit. So I have been surfing the web for info ( how i found this site). From What I read the Consultant pays full price when we submit the order and in return we get a commission check twice a month is this right? I have...
  10. finley1991

    Exploring Disney World without Leaving Home

    Sorry I won't be joining you in Disney this summer :( I found this blog... some of you going might find it interesting. She reviews places at Disney World and also in and around Orlando. http://www.disneyfoodblog.com/
  11. lockhartkitchen

    Joining the Real World: My Facebook Journey

    I'm officially in the "real world" as my friends tell me. I finally joined Facebook, reluctantly. I don't like how I'm overweight, so there was no way I was going to put my face on, so I've avoided it. I put the kids on. I have two friends now!
  12. K

    What in the World Do I Do With This Lady?

    Okay, so I had a home office lead back in September for a lady that wanted to sign up as a consultant. After talking with her, she decided that she wanted to host a show first, so we booked one for 10-3. Then she had to cancel because it was her nephew's birthday (she didn't know this in...
  13. Jules711

    Where Should I Stay for My First Disney World Trip? Need Expert Suggestions!

    Please help! I'm planning a Disney World trip in the next couple of months (1st timer). I need good suggestions on where to stay. I would prefer to have a suite with 2 bedrooms and another bed in the living area (this is the hard part). It's only 4 people, but that would just make me relax...
  14. lockhartkitchen

    Roloff Farm- Little People, Big World

    Our friends took our family and their kids to the Roloff Pumpkin Farm this weekend. They are the stars of TLC's Little People, Big World. It was a lot of fun. My 10 year old daughter got her picture with Jeremy, who rode in our tractor with us. We took the tour, which stopped in the "town"...
  15. yvonnem87

    Weight Watchers/Slimming World Bookings

    Hi guys! I'm from london and I am finding it really hard to get bookings over here. I had a brainwave this afternoon and would like to approach local groups like weight watchers or slimming world over here. There are about 20 local groups like this close to me but I don't know what to say...
  16. J

    Staying Positive in an Unpositive World

    Ok, now that I've practically slept all of the past 2 days. I'm feeling better, but still sad about this town. Thanks to all who offered hope and suggestions that I most likely was overly tired due to my Mother in law's passing last Sunday and dealing with it all week. I have made some...
  17. J

    Can Traditional Bridal Shops Compete with Online Sales in Today's Market?

    I would like to offer another point of view on selling in today's market. Warning! it's an article! Until about six months ago, I owned a Bridal shop that I'd had for a long time. The vendors or designers that I got my wedding gowns, bridesmaids, prom etc. had 'strict' rules about selling...
  18. J

    Exciting Disney Trip: Father's Day Ideas & Sea World Deals

    We will be flying to Disney in a couple of weeks for my DDs first trip to see the big mouse. We are very excited as you may guess. Does anyone know if Sea World has any discount coupons? I see their website offers adults get in the price for kids but that is still $60ish per person. Is it...
  19. ButterflyVioletta

    Have you seen Pampered Chef in your local stores? Share your experience!

    I'm a former consultant who is now back...I grudgingly had to give it up when I became a single parent and had trouble getting out to do shows, but now I'm remarried with a Brady Bunch family and a brand new (four month old) son. I need to seriously get up to speed and I have been poking around...
  20. pampchefrhondab

    Cheapest Way to Get Disney World Tickets for 1 Day Visit

    Anyone know the cheapest way to get Disney World tickets? We only want to go for 1 day w/no hotel. I'm guessing we can't get any discounts but thought someone here might know:)!
  21. susanr613

    Possibly the Most Insecure Guy in the World

    I had a third date tonight with someone who verbally just shot himself in both feet and probably every other appendage. During our first date, I did notice that he talked about himself a lot and didn't seem too interested in what I had to say. OK I'll give him a second chance. Second date...
  22. princessmeshelle

    Personal It Is Not the End of the World Right?

    i'm looking at going inactive this month. i don't have a way of pulling somthing together before the end of the month. in the begining of february i have 2 shows back to back that will help me start off my spring. when i joined, i joined to get out of the house, have some fun and if i made a...
  23. redsoxgirl

    Welcome to the World, Baby Girl!

    Hi everyone!! It's been so long since I've been on!! My daughter decided she was done baking and came a month early. She showed up on December 1st at 9:27pm weighing in at 5 lbs 14 oz and measuring 19.25" Other than being little and having a touch of jaundice, she was (and still is)...
  24. C

    Discover the Magical World of "It's a Small World" with Deb Jennings

    Deb Jennings, was that you singing "It's a Small World" on the video at Conference on Saturday?
  25. merego

    Where in the World Is Our Favorite Kitchen Diva??

    Kacy... Dor and I are wondering where you are.??? Let us know that you are ok!!
  26. MaryLou

    Pampered Chef Made Thetulsa World Today...

    http://www.tulsaworld.com/lifestyle/article.aspx?subjectID=39&articleID=20080618_39_D3_pncase291020 I'd love to have my phone number in the article.:D
  27. NooraK

    Who is Markus? Learn about our newest addition!

    Just wanted to let you guys know, Markus was born at 4:44 AM on May 28th. He weighed 7 lbs 7 oz & was 20.5 inches long. We came home yesterday, and are slowly settling into a routine.
  28. janetupnorth

    Where in the World Is Leah from Mommyhugz1978?

    Leah? Her user is mommyhugz1978 if I remember right... I was just thinking that I haven't seen her around in ages... Anyone know?