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What is join: Definition and 99 Discussions

  1. Niki Kate

    Following up With Facebook Contacts

    What do you send as a quick: Thank you for attending; isn't our hostess great? And you should really host/join my team? for people who attend virtual/facebook parties?Everything people send for letters is LONG. I don't want a LONG thing - just a quick one off that I can send, that won't bore...
  2. A

    Old Join Us, Booking Slide, Your Life Your Way & Discover Us Brochures/DVDs

    Old "Join Us" "Booking Slide" "Your Life, Your Way" and "Discover Us" Brochures/DVDs I have and old booking slide, old discover us (50 count) and join us (5 count) and your life your way (5 count) with my labels on them if anyone could use them/re-purpose them Id hate to just throw them away...
  3. DebPC

    Live The Dream: Join Pampered Chef Today!

    An oldie but a goodie. DREAM JOB Once upon a time an ambitious woman entered a successful kitchen store with a reputation for selling quality merchandise. She walked up to the owner and said; ... “Sir, I am very impressed with your establishment and I would like to come and work for...
  4. nikked

    Join My S.h.a.r.e. Group (Not Pampered Chef Related)

    I've started a new Facebook page, specifically for families with special needs to S.H.A.R.E. about their lives. Please join, please share. Would love to have a national group growing (dare I say it... someday INTERnational?) SHARE: S(hare) (H)elp A(sk) R(espond) E(ncourage)...
  5. T

    Join the 2 Week Sales Club and Help Struggling Consultants!

    What if we tried to do a 2 week sales club. Those that are signed up we would choose a consultant every 2 weeks. With in that two weeks everyone that is signed up would order from that consultant. This can help that consultant with struggling sales as well. You would be committed to buying...
  6. DebPC

    Director Greg and Anna: Engaged and Ready to Join the Family!

    Hi All- Just wanted to share our wonderful news! Greg and his girfriend Anna just got engaged. We are thrilled and look forward to her joining our family. Happy Times!
  7. ShelbyMichalek

    Let's Get Fit Together: Join the 30-day Shred Challenge!

    I don't know if this would be weird or not but I'm wondering how many people would like to do this with me and share their daily progresses and updates? Whether you like JM or not, she's a great trainer and really works you into shape. I'm combining the DVD with healthy recipes and I'm hoping to...
  8. pchefjaime

    Couponing Community: Join & Share Secrets & Deals!

    I just created a group on here for couponers. I hope some will join and we can learn/trade any secrets and great deals!!!:)
  9. A

    Be Pampered! Join Us at Eastern PA Vendor Shows

    HELP NEEDED! Looking for Consultan​ts for 2 Vendor Show Opportunit​ies in Eastern PA :thumbup: ------------------------------------------------------------ Hello All, Hope this POST finds you well and Pampered!:o I have 2 GREAT vendor show opportunities that I would like to share...
  10. dannyzmom

    Director Searching for Lost Join Us Brochure Labels and Guide

    I can't recall if it was here or on CS that someone posted a set of labels she uses on her Join Us brochure as well as a guide as to where to put those labels....I printed it all and i *thought* I save it to my hard drive but can't find the files now...anyone have it or know what I am talking about?
  11. mountainmama74

    I Created Labels to Make Using the Join Us Booklet Even Easier!

    I just put them all in my book and now I can just have the same thing my prospect does while we're talking! I hope this helps!
  12. B

    Is my boyfriend joining my TPC team?

    I'm loving this! I was SO excited when I returned from NC! I told my boyfriend that he should go with me next year just to see the excitement, the recognition, the support and of course the networking with successful consultants from across the nation! :chef: He just announced to me that he...
  13. finley1991

    Director Join the HWC Booking Blitz Wed at 7pm EST!

    Hi ladies! I'm going to offer a HWC Booking Blitz to my team Wed night at 7pm EST. Please let me know if you and/or anyone on your team would like to join in and I'll add you to the evite! The more the merrier!!! :)
  14. A

    Personal Join Me in Fighting Rheumatoid Arthritis on 5/14 at the Detroit Zoo

    Happy Friday, all! I’m doing the Arthritis Walk in May (Saturday 5/14) at the Detroit Zoo. For the last 6 years, I've been fighting Rheumatoid Arthritis. Sometimes, it wins the little daily battles. But I'm not about to let it take over my life. With the support of all the many...
  15. J

    Suyb- Class U R Welcome to Join

    Starting April 7th 1pm CST (will continue bi-weekly) I am hosting a Step Up Your Business conference call and would like to open it up to anyone else who would like to join or tell there team about. Email me at [email protected] for the details. Julie
  16. colegrovet

    Take the Plunge! Join Me on the 29th!

    I've been talked into taking the plunge.. Anyone interested in joining me? or sponsoring me is welcome. we plunge on the 29th.. link for sponsorship is below.. http://plunge15.kintera.org/faf/donorReg/donorPledge.asp?ievent=424868&supId=282407845 Pictures will be posted afterwards..
  17. ChipLines

    Join Us for an Exclusive Training with Cora Fisher!

    We hold monthly meetings - one as a morning in Laceyville, PA and one as an evening in Mountain Top, PA. If you are without a local team meeting - we'd love to have you join us. BACK to BUSINESS January 5 - Locations and Times: 9:30am Marks Valley View Restaurant, Route 6, Just west of...
  18. dme.grant

    Join Us: Info for the Gentleman at the Fair

    I met a gentleman at a fair this past weekend who is interested in the business. He's on workers comp right now, and is looking for something to keep him busy. By the time he stopped by I was out of my Join Us flyers, so he asked me to email him some information. I wanted to send him something...
  19. C

    Join an Online Bookclub - Reading is More Fun with Friends!

    I know we are all extremely busy these days, but I was wondering if anyone had an interest in joining an online bookclub. I enjoy reading and find it is more fun and motivating when you have someone else to talk to about the books. If interested please contact me and we can decide on the book...
  20. M

    Persuading a Teacher to Join Your Biz: Tips & Ideas

    I have a party on friday and I aske dmy host ifshe would be interested in the biz. she is not sure becuse she is a full time teacher. any ideas for me to say to her about joining and being a teacher? how meany f you are teachers and do this biz full time part time or others. she was sorta...
  21. baychef

    Director Come Join the Fun: My Cluster Invitation!

    Wanted to share my invitation to my entire cluster (local people alone are 44).I bought a hoola hoop, a shiney pin wheel, 8 crazy plastic glasses with straws (74 cent a piece) and tiny highlighters in many bright colors. I am going to try to grab some helium balloons if I can (I am in a very...
  22. Sheila

    Join the Sticker Exchange Club!

    I had a friend asking me to send stickers to a little girl & I agreed, no problem, right? Well, I thought she just wanted stickers from Japan. Nope, it was a sticker exchange thing & I'm supposed to find 6 families to continue on with the game. :eek: So, if you have little ones & want to...
  23. J

    Join Us at the Hyatt at McCormick Place - Non-Smoking Room Available!

    My friend and I have a room at the Hyatt at McCornmick place...stayed here last year and loved it. We have room for 2 more people...nonsmoking please! email me at [email protected] if interested...thanks
  24. meabrat

    Get Ready to Join the Consultant World: Tips & Info!

    I am very excited I just signed up on line. I cant wait to get my kit. So I have been surfing the web for info ( how i found this site). From What I read the Consultant pays full price when we submit the order and in return we get a commission check twice a month is this right? I have...
  25. J

    Join Jenn for Grand Opening of Her Cheffing Adventure!

    Hello all~ Just helping out a fellow cheffer for her Grand opening. Will you please take a look and give me some input! Thanks Jenn
  26. B

    Be Motivated: Join My Weekly Phone Challenge!

    I am trying to be more motivated using the phone starting this week. :eek: Does anyone else who is less motivated want to get in on this and help keep us motivated we can post our results weekly. I am working on it half an hour 3 days a week. My goals of this is customer care calls, more...
  27. DebPC

    Opinions on a Secure Way to Join?

    Hi All, Seems the old password "Throughout" which everyone had to look up in the Director Policies to be accepted isn't working too well anymore- due to changes. Any suggestions? I want to preserve this sight for Directors and up and Team Leaders working towards repromoting. Since I am in the...
  28. K

    Ready to Join a Pampered Chef Team in Beaverton, Aloha & Hillsboro OR

    Hi, I am looking to sign up under someone in Beaverton, Aloha or Hillsboro Oregon area. I am going inactive so that I can sign up under someone else. I am looking for a good, compatable fit for me and a great, fun team to join. I am experienced doing Pampered Chef and am looking for a new...
  29. C

    Fall Kick Off: Join Us This Weekend!

    hello everyone i am doing a fall kick off this weekend and wanted to make up a flyer to send out any ideas on what to put on it to say?
  30. muffetts

    Join the Renee-gades Victory Tour for the 2010 Weekend to End Women's Cancers!

    Anyone care to join me, and my team (Renee-gades Victory Tour) for the 2010 Weekend to End Breast Cancer (now Women's Cancers)? The more the merrier - make your parties have purpose! Go to Weekend to End Breast Cancer: Page Not Found and look up our team. The team password to join is...